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History of World Literature
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Pages • 2
World Literature started as early as years before Christ’s death. The earliest forms of world literature were oral and passed on by word of mouth. As time passed, forms of writing were developed and were pictographic. Writing was not invented for writing down literature but it was invented for more administrative and political purposes. The first literary work was a heroic narrative named Gilgamesh. This work nearly vanished from history when it was not translated to the alphabets than followed.…...
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Dance Elements
Words • 1970
Pages • 8
Literal meaning of the word kathak is related to katha, the art of story-telling, “Katha Kahe So Kathaka Kahave”, which means “one who tells a story is a story-teller”. According to M. Monier Williams, Katha denotes conversation, story, speech, tale or fable. Katha also means to ‘ sing in praise’, ‘to say or inform something’. Thus, kathakars were originally a caste of story-tellers who were attached to temples in certain parts of Northern India. These kathakars used to go around…...
Tyranny in Fred Strebeig’s The Wheels of Freedom
Words • 848
Pages • 4
The concept of governmental tyranny is often difficult to grasp to those living in more democratic nations, and media output and literature become key in growing to understand it’s implications. Serving to heighten this political perspective is “The Wheels of Freedom: Bicycles in China” by Fred Strebeigh, which describes China’s bicycle ban in 1989 and subsequent protests in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. The bicycle provided significant growth and freedom within Chinese culture, and Strebeigh endeavors to communicate this to readers. Illustrating…...
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History of Wayang
Words • 2588
Pages • 11
When the term is used to refer to kinds of puppet theatre, sometimes the puppet itself is referred to as wayang. There is no evidence that wayang existed before Hinduism came to southeast Asia sometime in the first century CE. However, there very well may have been indigenous storytelling traditions that had a profound impact on the development of the traditional puppet theatre. The first record of a wayang performance is from an inscription dated 930 CE, which says "si…...
The Role of Gods in Ramayana
Words • 1802
Pages • 8
Introduction Discussion that serves as preface for the entire content and discussion of the paper Gods as providers  Laid out the proofs wherein the god-characters in the story Ramayana acted as providers for the human beings, particularly blessing King Dasaratha with a gift from the gods. III. Gods and their role in political intervention  This part discusses the role of the gods in the story as central characters that exercised political intervention in the realm of the human beings. Gods…...
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Role of Women in Hinduism
Words • 2152
Pages • 9
The purpose of the research paper is to examine the role of women in Hinduism and how it impact their lives .This paper will look at how narratives from sacred texts influences women’s role in society in the past and in the present. The role of women in Hinduism is often disputed, and positions range from equal status with men to restrictive. Hinduism is based on numerous texts, some of which date back to 2000 BCE or earlier. They are…...
Indian Civilization
Words • 1113
Pages • 5
Civilization is the greatest achievement in the history of human beings. While defining the term civilization, Philip Atkinson says, “Civilization is a community that dominates all other communities by violence. ”[1] The things which are essential to make a civilization are cities, governments, armies, and communal achievements like subjugations and inventions. The civilization started from the formation of the cities. And most of the ancient civilization flourished in the bank of rivers. E. g. Egyptian Civilization which was flourished in…...
History of Alwar
Words • 485
Pages • 2
The state of Alwar is located in the northeast part of Rajasthan. It is considered the oldest kingdom in Rajasthan. The history of Alwar is steeped into mythology and folklore. In ancient India it was a part of the Matsya Kingdom, which the Kauravas embarked on the cattle-rustling mission, which resulted in the famous war of Kurukshetra with the Pandavas. The history of Alwar dates back to 1500 BC when it was formed a part of the Matsya territory of…...
A Character Karna in the Mahabharata
Words • 2051
Pages • 9
Karna is one of the central characters in the epic Mahabharata, from ancient India. He was the King of Anga. Karna was one of the greatest warriors whose martial exploits are recorded in the Mahabharata, an admiration expressed by Krishna and Bhishma within the body of this work. Karna was the son of Surya and Kunti. He was born to Kunti before her marriage with Pandu. Karna was the closest friend of Duryodhana and fought on his behalf against the…...
The Ramayana: A Story of Abduction
Words • 2107
Pages • 9
In Morphology of the Folktale, Vladimir Propp proposes thirty-one functions that make up all Russian fairytales. Propp’s Formalist approach to analyzing folktales can be extended beyond stories of the Russian tradition and even beyond fairytales. Proppian analysis of the Hindu epic, The Ramayana, reveals that the story is driven forth by function eight whereby “the villain causes harm or injury to a member of family” (31). Because Rāvana’s abduction of Sita was not one of the eight legal forms of…...
MahabharataMy Favourite Book Ramayana
Krishna and Ang Mahabharata
Words • 1521
Pages • 7
Bahagi ng Mahabharata ang Bhagavad Gita (o Bhagavadgita), isang diyalogo o pag-uusap sa pagitan nina Krishna atArjuna. The Mahabharata or is one of the two major Sanskrit impressives of ancient India, the other being the Ramayana. [2] Besides its legendary story of the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pandava princes, the Mahabharata containsphilosophical and devotional product, such as a discussion of the 4 "goals of life" or purusharthas (12.161 ). Among the principal works and…...
Bhagavad GitaMahabharata
Indian Literature
Words • 2068
Pages • 9
INTRODUCTION Indian Literature, literature in the languages of India, as well as those of Pakistan. For information on the literature written in the classicial language,Sanskrit,.The Indian literary tradition is primarily one of verse and is also essentially oral. The earliest works were composed to be sung or recited and were so transmitted for many generations before being written down. As a result, the earliest records of a text may be later by several centuries than the conjectured date of its…...
Indian Heritage The Bhagavad Gita
Words • 2501
Pages • 11
is perhaps the most famous, and definitely the most widely-read, ethical text of ancient India. As an episode in India's great epic, the Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita now ranks as one of the three principal texts that define and capture the essence of Hinduism; the other two being the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras. Though this work contains much theology, its kernel is ethical and its teaching is set in the context of an ethical problem. The teaching of The…...
Bhagavad GitaIndiaIndian HeritageMahabharata
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