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What is Leadership? It can be directorship, governorship, governance, administration, captaincy, control, ascendancy, supremacy, rule, command, power, dominion, influence? As you can see leadership can mean so many things to different people. When I think of a leader I think of someone who has passion, courage and just general all-around respect from their peers. There are several types of leadership styles there are narcissistic leaders, quiet leaders, primal leadership, and right brain/left brain leaders just to name a few. 

Adolf Hitler: The Unconsidered Leader
Words • 1040
Pages • 5
It is a generally accepted assumption that no good can come from evil, however, such provincial thinking can lead to large oversights that can withhold us from learning new insights. One example of this occurrence is Hitler. He was a terrible, despicable, abominable man, and left a horrible scar upon this world. He was not, by any means, a good person. But after clearing that up, his accomplishments are often overlooked, such as the amazing artist, or the loving husband…...
HitlerLeaderLeadershipNazi Germany
Strength, Humility, and Service as a Leadership Qualities
Words • 477
Pages • 2
The concept of leadership is broad, with many abstract needs and requirements, all of which are constantly sought out by both current and up-and-coming leaders. I believe a great leader displays strength, humility, and service. These aspects not only unite people, but also spur them to make an impact. Strong leadership begins with competence, which brings credibility. Competent leadership possesses the know-how and the drive to inspire people to follow on their own accord. Strength in leadership also entails an…...
George Washington was a Good Leader
Words • 880
Pages • 4
American author John C. Maxwell once stated, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Since the beginning of time, nations across the world have needed a leader to organize and motivate their following. Whether this leader is a king or a president, they all must keep their citizens satisfied with the decisions that they make. Because of this idea, stories about the blissful reign of a good king, or the substandard reign…...
George WashingtonGreat LeaderLeaderLeadership
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Was Fidel Castro a Horrible Leader
Words • 810
Pages • 4
Fidel Castro was born by the name of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz and would grow up to change the nation of Cuba in not so good of ways. Fidel was born to his father, Ángel Castro y Argiz and his mother, Lina Ruz González. Fidel attended Catholic schools along with his six other siblings, where he got into politics and would soon become his career. As life began to go on after graduation, Fidel began to practice law and then…...
Fidel CastroLeaderLeadershipRevolution
The Political Philosophy and Personality Cult in North Korea
Words • 1894
Pages • 8
How did the Kim cult of personality come to dominate North Korea? In the 1940-50’s, despite Kim’s failure to unify Korea, he remained in power in North Korea. Due to the 3 years war, Korea was in a state of economic instability. Kim proposed the first 5-years plan as an effort to establish a command economy and as a large reconstruction effort. After consolidating power, Kim utilized propaganda to its fullest extent to maintain his public image. It is important…...
LeaderNorth KoreaPolitical Philosophy
The Leaders During Progressive Movement
Words • 717
Pages • 3
After watching this week’s screencast and videos on the Progressive Movement, I learned interesting and new information about what factors led The Progressive Movement and when it took place. Also, I learned who the leaders were during that time and what their ideas were for the Progressive Movement. What really stood out to me after watching the videos and screencast were the changes in the United States that occurred due to the efforts of the progressives. After watching the screencast…...
Great LeaderLeaderLeadershipProgressive Era
Government Leaders Character Traits
Words • 535
Pages • 3
There are many traits that I think a government leader should possess. Some of those are: a relationship with Christ, willingness to work hard, honesty, self-discipline, and the desire to do what is right. These are essential for a good leader. If a government leader is missing any of these especially the relationship with Christ, there really is no need for them to be in office governing. A relationship with Christ is the most important trait a government leader should…...
Leadership: Charismatic and Transformational Leader
Words • 2365
Pages • 10
Abstract Leadership is implemented in the medical, military, business, industries and many other fields to reach their vision. The leaders should change their style or improve their tactics to bring the change in an organization. The leader should adopt some new leadership style to guide the followers and to handle the situation in the organization. This research paper discusses the application of transformational leadership and charismatic leadership can solve the issue between the leaders and followers who have a huge…...
Change-Oriented Leadership: Transformational and Charismatic Leaders
Words • 1145
Pages • 5
A person in charge has its different personal history, characters, and feedbacks, pertaining both to their positive and negative actions. Some leaders accomplish positive actions, but other performs harassed and act as being inconsiderate. While others are well-motivated and promote a good character as a leader. With this, the development and the progress of the team have a positive effect on the relation between the leader and the followers. These are the characteristics of different leadership behavior and attitude. According…...
Tracing Chrisitian Leaders
Words • 1382
Pages • 6
Christianity has remained one of the strongest and well known religions for ages dating back to Jesus’s birth. Christianity is the religion established on Jesus Christ the person, his teachings and story. Numerous people partake in and follow Christianity, however there have been individuals who lived their whole lives faithfully and expressed their religions values and beliefs through Christ like actions. St (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta, St Oscar Romero and Martin Luther King Jr. All offered their lives to Christianity…...
Famous Leaders Comparison 
Words • 717
Pages • 3
There are millions of leaders around the world but not of them have a global impact on society. Cesar Chavez impacted the lives of millions of farmworkers across the United States. Also fought for undocumented and colored people to for equal rights. Hitler influenced a nation to believe an a singular perfect race and got them to kill thousands of people. Harriet Tubman sacrificed her life every time she helped slave escape out of the south and into the north.…...
Who is a Leader: Examples of Good Leaders in History?
Words • 1694
Pages • 7
The question, “who is a leader and what makes a leader?” is as old time itself. The theory that leadership is inborn and not made has been a long lasting debate amongst intellects of diverse field of study. Since the beginning of time, humans have always looked up to a higher power, a leader for guidance. According to Oxford dictionary, “a leader is a person who guides or direct a group.” A leader is an influenced relationship among leaders and…...
Great Democratic Leaders
Words • 3201
Pages • 13
The difference between a good leader and a great leader, is that a good leader works towards protecting the existing set of circumstances by minimizing risk to see little growth. While great leaders, have a powerful ability to call people to action to change the current conditions, even if it comes with the risk of suffering. Two of the most prominent examples of great leaders in ancient history are Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. They exemplified an attitude of…...
10 Famous Leaders
Words • 796
Pages • 4
Prophet Muhammad For Muslims he was one of the best leaders of all time, Muhammad led to the spread of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Because of his contribution to expanding Islam it has become one of the largest and the quickest growing religions on earth today. He led his followers to several migrations and successful wins in battles against armies much greater than theirs. His greatest leadership traits which would make a remarkable team leader are his courage, leading by…...
Abraham LincolnAlbert EinsteinGeorge WashingtonJulius CaesarLeaderLeadership
Two Famous and Known Leaders: Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Mandela
Words • 1006
Pages • 5
Malala Yousafzai Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist and was born on July 17, 1997, at Mingora, Swat, Pakistan. She is known for being activist for rights of education especially for women. She was former blogger of BBC Urdu and student. Malala became an advocate for female’s education, which was resulted to her having a death threat to her and to her father that came from the Taliban group. She was shot in the head and also in the hand…...
LeaderLeadershipNelson Mandela
Personality Traits That Make an Effective Leader
Words • 776
Pages • 4
Based on Costa and McCrae’s (1992) research, personality can be characterized under five categories. Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness are the different personality types. After I read the descriptions in my Psychology book, I attempted to classify myself into one category. I was stuck between two, agreeableness and conscientiousness. I decided on agreeableness. Words like “cooperative,” “straightforward,” and “sympathetic” explain why. Words like “diligent,” “disciplined,” “punctual,” and “dependable” are why I could have selected conscientiousness. I am a hard…...
LeaderLeadership QualitiesLeadership TraitsPersonality Traits
Nature vs Nurture: Can Leadership Skills Be Taught
Words • 480
Pages • 2
I will be representing the position of nurture over nature, leaders are made, not born. Everyone has their own qualities that a leader possesses, however, not everyone experiences the exact set of circumstances in life where those qualities can be recognized. Everyone could build and develop their leadership qualities and use them positively in daily life and out of the work environment. Leadership and influence are similar and close, unfortunately, they are not equal. In general, leaders definitely have influence,…...
LeaderLeaders Are Made Not BornLeadership Nature Or Nurture
The Important Role of Experience in Leadership Development
Words • 1174
Pages • 5
There is much to be learned about leadership from the day-to-day operations of any business, whether it be a ‘Mom and Pop local store’ or a Fortune 500 company on Wall Street. Leadership can make or break a company. It is imperative to the success of any company that management trains leaders to deal with any situation. Throughout my time working for my current employer I’ve worked with both effective and ineffective leaders. Some leaders have lacked basic leadership skills,…...
Business SuccessLeaderLeadership And ManagementLeadership Experience
The Most Important Leadership Skills for Team Success
Words • 1727
Pages • 7
“The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation - a force for construction and destruction.” Jonathan Haidt (Tredgold). Teamwork matters to a person or a business as it motivates people into forming a united front (Wehbe, Shada). For example, if we go back to the past and look at when the labor force had no real rights or safety measures and even shared the same workplace, it built distrusting and unhappy workers. It took the Triangle…...
LeaderLeadership And ManagementLeadership And TeamworkTeam
Teamwork in the Workplace: The Importance of Leadership
Words • 1614
Pages • 7
Abstract The team’s success is a manifestation and determined by competent leadership. This research paper intends to analyze the relationship between identity, cohesion and climate mainly in military teams and organizations. It is the purpose and objective of this research paper to elaborate on how a leader builds effective teams in an organization. The signs of ineffective teams and changes needed for behaviors related to ineffective teams will also be discussed in details within this research paper. In this paper,…...
Being A LeaderLeaderLeadership And ManagementLeadership And Teamwork
Can Leadership Be Learned or Are You Born With It
Words • 1258
Pages • 6
There is no doubt that effective leadership is an inherent trait that cannot easily be learned through people’s interaction with the environment. The debate on whether leaders are born or made can be analyzed from the perspective of nature versus nurture. While it is common to believe that individuals in leadership usually cultivate the necessary skills and characteristics, most successful leaders are naturally predisposed to leadership (Boerma, 2017). The features of successful leadership include strong communication skills, possession of innovative…...
LeaderLeaders Are Made Not BornLeadership SkillsLeadership Traits
Not Everyone Is Born a Leader But Anyone Can Become One
Words • 366
Pages • 2
Leaders are made, not born. Leaders are developed in multiple ways by habitually practicing positive behaviors. Family, friends, an educator, and/or someone else from one's support system can help mold a person into a leader. Education and insight are also key; reading books, listening, and looking to unconventional avenues and hidden spots and conversations help leaders get ahead. Leaders can also develop themselves. It helps if they believe in themselves. One who believes in oneself is more likely to succeed…...
LeaderLeaders Are Made Not BornLeadership Skills
The Transformational Political Leaders
Words • 3865
Pages • 16
Abstract Comparative transformational leadership research is important to persuasive what a successful transformational leader does. The extent the leader is considered transformational is measured primarily in terms of his or her effect on followers. Followers usually feel trust, loyalty, and respect toward the leader. They are motivated to do more than they originally expected to, and they continue to persevere and make sacrifices towards the common goal in spite of personal difficulties or severe hardship. Finally, they are inspired to…...
Great LeaderLeaderPolitics
Political Leaders and Peace Building
Words • 485
Pages • 2
The state of insecurity characterized by socio-cultural conflicts, agitations, religious biases and ethnic disparities as well as criminal conditions spreading around the Nigerian atmosphere such as armed robbery, kidnapping, homicides, genocide etc remains critical issues that prompt restlessness among officials and stakeholders. Developments such as Boko Haram terrorist activities, Fulani Herdsmen unrest necessitate the evaluation of politics in Nigeria. It is a popular fact that political office holders are critical stakeholders in ensuring tranquillity and sustainable peace and that they…...
Conflict ResolutionHumanity And PeaceLeader
Was Odysseus A Good Leader
Words • 561
Pages • 3
Homer’s epic poem, “The Odyssey,” is based on Odysseus’s struggles to return to his home with his men after the Trojan War. He is a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of the poem. Some may argue that Odysseus is not a valuable leader because he does not share everything with his team; however, Odysseus is a good leader because he cares about his crew, he is encouraging, and he is intelligent. The compassion Odysseus has shown, proves…...
Team leader
Words • 632
Pages • 3
The initial step in business negotiations is often the selection of company representatives. Negotiators come from all ranks of firms, depending on the size of the firms involved and the size and importance of the transaction. Selection of the best representative can make or break a business deal. More than one American company has found that sending the wrong person to handle negotiations in China has led to failures (Lam, Graham,, 2007, p. 151) Characteristics of negotiators – Following are…...
Wu Zhao as a Leader
Words • 741
Pages • 3
When the Tang dynasty began in 618, it lasted till 765. In this dynasty there was a major cultural revolt. The Emperor Taizong executed numerous developments in all the features of a life of a Chinese. From financial, economic, political, foreign relations and culture, he improved life for all who were working for him not just only the class that was ruling. Women became self independent and were asked to be educated in social ethics, philosophy and culture art. Another…...
Traits of Transformational Leaders
Words • 514
Pages • 3
The leaders who use this kind of leadership style normally portray certain personality traits that help them to effectively undertake their leadership role. The leaders have high moral and ethical values that they adhere to (Babou, 2009). This helps them to remain honest with their followers and communicate effectively. It also helps them attract more followers who trust them and who remain committed to them. The followers develop genuine trust for their leaders and undertake any tasks that the leaders…...
The Saturdays and Dethroned Section Leader
Words • 380
Pages • 2
The case of the dethroned section leader was an interesting case study in leadership, learning and perspective. It also examines how the emotional self is invested in our professional selves, somewhat unsurprisingly. The situation presented could occur anywhere and is easily relatable for most students, either in having witnessed it or having similar thoughts. The study presents the opportunity to discuss the problems encountered and possible solutions. There are two core problems that the article presents, problems of communication and…...
Profitable market leader
Words • 593
Pages • 3
A brief summary of the case shows that the business in question, a German company called Merck, have produced a new medicine to deal with hair loss. Propecia is a new medicine designed to be marketed directly at consumers suffering from hair loss. The food and drug administration have changed the rules on how information and products can be marketed directly to individual consumers, so the launch of Propecia has two main aims, to provide physicians with the marketing material…...
Opportunity Creation and Leaders
Words • 636
Pages • 3
While the business environment of the world especially after recent downturn is frantically seeking ways to create opportunities and to exploit them, the demand of able leadership to convert the opportunities into achievements has never been higher than it is today. This state of affairs points at the importance of appropriate leadership coaching, as that is the only way for the modern leaders to effectively meet the requirements of the new situation. This article thus explores the leadership issue to…...
LeaderOpportunityServant Leadership
Lacking leader
Words • 1892
Pages • 8
One of the main reasons for the society in Salem to fear the government was because of Salem's flawed court system. Arthur Miller may have used this to show how corrupt the court system of America was during the McCarthy trials. Within the courts of Salem, if accused of a crime, the victim was expected to confess, denial was seen as a terrible sin. The victim's innocence was not taken into consideration. If the victim was genuinely innocent, they were…...
Camden a Market Leader
Words • 1937
Pages • 8
Camden Property Trust has stayed competitive in the job market by having one of the best compensation packages in its field. Camden has been consistently ranked since 2006 in Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 companies to work for. In 2006 they were ranked at number 50 and slowly worked their way up to number 41 in 2009. Then in 2010 they jumped to number 10. Camden is one of the largest multifamily real estate investment trusts (REIT) and was hit during…...
Analyze and Explain the Role and Function of the leaders in the Mandir
Words • 676
Pages • 3
The leader of a mandir is usually the priest, who is always a man and preferably a Brahmin. His job is to look after the murtis, to continue the Hindu traditions, and lead worshippers in special pujas, ceremonies, and the reading of Sanskrit scriptures. The Hindu priest is the leader of his local Hindu community, leading them in the path to achieve moksha. One of the key duties of the priest is to look after the deities that live in…...
A charismatic leader
Words • 1223
Pages • 5
I believe that the words of a charismatic leader are his/her more powerful bond with followers. The words must be strong, inspiring and appealing to followers' emotions and situation. This is how I would describe Kamila's words that always make followers emotionally connected and identified with her. I would also say that Kamila possesses diplomatic abilities as she can adapt her speech to match each situation and highlight the benefits for both sides. Her tactful capabilities make people trust her…...
The concept of a transforming a leader
Words • 793
Pages • 4
This reflection paper discusses the concept of a transforming a leader as presented in Chapter eight from the book Leadership Ethics an Introduction by Terry L. Price. Moreover, giving specific examples that a leader may face, and how Kantian ethics would guide her/him to act. The principles in Chapter eight will shed some light on the transformation of a leader, and the challenges of cosmopolitan leadership. In addition to the challenges of leadership, rule-breaking will be another focus of discussion…...
LeaderPhilosophical TheoriesPhilosophyPriceTruth
transformational leader
Words • 1032
Pages • 5
Jeff Bezos, the richest man on earth is the founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of global e-commerce behemoth, Inc. Despite the controversies surrounding Jeff Bezos' leadership, and the culture norms followed at Amazon, the company is only forecasted to propel higher.In this report, Jeff Bezos' leadership style and the Organizational Culture that has been pursued at Amazon would be critically evaluated. The key discussion throughout the report would be an argument whether Bezos' is a transformational or a…...
SelfReflectionWhat is a leader? Steve explains the leader is
Words • 631
Pages • 3
Self-ReflectionWhat is a leader? Steve explains the leader is building people together and let people done more successful and help them get successful. The leadership development class encourage me to achieve various skills such as leadership skills, people skills, communication skills. It also clears my vision for life.First of all, I realize my self-awareness get improved. I will try to listen to others' opinions and I am aware of my own background cultures and experiences and sometimes compare my values…...
Explain the importance of a leader being able to motivate teams
Words • 913
Pages • 4
Empowerment - Do not micromanage and don't punish for mistakes. By ensuring you have aligned objectives with clear expectations, and encourage open communication within the team, you should then trust your team to come up with the best ways to achieve them and with the open communication in place, should they experience challenges then they are comfortable coming to you. Mistakes should be treated as a key to learn valuable lessons and encourage them to try again. Also by showing…...
My way to the programme leader
Words • 602
Pages • 3
Heading into my fourth and final year at London College of Music (LCM), it has started to dawn on me that the safety blanket of university will no longer be there. A mix of excitement and nerves has quickly come over me. By doing the one year professional development plan and creating a timeline, I believe it will give me somewhat comfort and help me plan for the year ahead outside of university. My timeline begins with sending out letters…...
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Narcissistic Leaders

A narcissistic leader is someone who has a vision supported by good ideas and who believe so strongly in their ideas that they are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinions. A quiet leader is typically the most effective leader and are rarely public heroes. Someone with a quiet leadership style take their time and really think things through. They really want to do what is best for the organization.

Leadership has transformed in the last decade due to the rapid growth of technology.” The rapid growth of the internet has improved communication, commerce, and distribution systems for entertainment sectors such as music and video. “ Social media has a huge impact on how leaders communicate and interact with their employees, family and the general public. “

Obama Campaign and Media

The Obama campaign reached 5 million supporters on 15 different social networks over the course of the campaign season. By November, Obama had approximately 2.5 million Facebook supporters, 115,000 Twitter followers, and 50 million viewers of his youtube channel. Social media is a great way for leaders to convey a message if used properly. “ In Today’s world, especially with the younger generation, there is a strong expectation that leaders will be connected with their followers via social media.”. Most young employees feel as if they should connect with leaders on a social level. Several years ago if was unheard of to follow your boss online or hangout with them after working hours. But in this decade it is the norm for employers to want to know there employees on a more intimate level. So employees send their bosses friend requests and invite them to their baby showers and weddings etc. When allowing this type of relationship to evolve “It allows the leader to confirm their authenticity, which I think is critical, to be able to lead. Teams like to see that their leaders not only “Talk the Talk”, But they also “Walk the Walk”.(Phillip Tredgold, G. (2014).

Using Social Media Channels

Leaders who really learn to navigate these different social media channels can dramatically increase the influence they have not only in business but in all areas of their life. All in all social media is a great way for leaders to connect with an audience. Leaders should think carefully about what kind of message and audience they are trying to influence. Social media could make or break your image and cannot be erased.

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Who is a Leader: Examples of Good Leaders in History?
...Over the years, leadership style and strategies have changed drastically. Back in the old days, a leader is someone who is able to exude dominance and power over a group of people. In this present time, a leader is someone who is willing to serve and...

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