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Human History in Book “Guns Germs and Steel”
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Pages • 11
Introduction Jeff Greenfield, Journalist, once said, “There are good people who are dealt a bad hand by fate, and bad people who live long, comfortable, privileged lives. A small twist of fate can save or end a life; random chance is a permanent, powerful player in each of our lives, and in human history as well.” Jared Diamond’s book, Guns Germs and Steel, illustrates this quote in many different ways. Diamond’s book goes over all of human history for the…...
Guns Germs And Steel
Analysis of “Guns, Germs & Steel”
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Pages • 3
The video series Guns, Germs and Steel explores the reasons behind why Europeans have so long been able to dominate most of the world, starting back when only a few hundred men on horses hopped off their boats in the new world and proceeded to (quickly) practically wipe out the entire native population. Jared Diamond, an professor, biologist, anthropologist and passionate bird lover himself, says the answer is “guns, germs and steel,” and a few other things too. Guns being…...
Guns Germs And Steel
V For Vendetta
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Pages • 3
1. What period in history do you believe is portrayed in this movie? Considering the general circumstances illustrated in the movie; citizens afraid of its government, I believe, the period in history is when democracy was belittled, and government dominated with oppressive force. Since at various times the connection between V and Guy Fawkes is emphasized, the movie seems to be based on the historical event of November 5th, 1605; the date Guy Fawkes was arrested for conspiracy to blow…...
Guns Germs And SteelV For Vendetta
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Chapter 10 summary of Guns, Germs, and Steel
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Pages • 2
In the Fertile Crescent, plants and animals spread quickly into Europe and North Africa. Developments such as written language and wheels spread out resemblance quickly too. Individuals utilized domesticated crops rather than those that grew naturally. This shows that individuals quickly adapted the Fertile Crescent's food production. Chapter 10: Eurasia has actually covered the largest East to West location of any continent. Diamond believes that this is yet another r benefit for Eurasia. Eurasia had "amber fields of grain and…...
AgricultureEconomicsGuns Germs And Steel
Guns germs and steel
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Pages • 3
Jared diamond and his theory on how and the Europeans were so successful in their conquest of the incans. This was made possible due to the location of Europe. With the inventions of guns, and steel, along with being exposed to many germs before the incans. This gave the conquestidors many advantages over the inca. Once the Spanish conquered the Incas they had weapons that were unseen and unheard of to the indigenous. This was terrifying to the Inca community…...
Guns Germs And SteelWeapon
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