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Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Guns in School
Words • 1894
Pages • 8
After the incident Oregon Community College, there were 994 shootings in President Barack Obama's second term (1004 days), almost every day in a public shooting. The numbers make people wonder why makes the founders believed that the right to private weapons is human rights, maybe it could be an interesting feature of the United States compared to most of the rest of the world. Especially with the gun issues in school, where suppose to be a safe place for students.…...
Gun ControlGun LawsSchool
Private Gun Ownership: Pro or Con
Words • 722
Pages • 3
The United States Supreme Court has actually ruled that weapon ownership is a basic right of the people of the United States. There are some people that feel that they can now own any weapon that they desire. There are still specific weapons that are prohibited for the typical person to own these are weapons that are regulated to the military and some law enforcement. There are Federal rules that must be observed and satisfied prior to an individual obtaining…...
Gun LawsJusticeLawOwnership
Anti Gun Control
Words • 2145
Pages • 9
For many decades gun control has been an ongoing controversy for those who believe guns should be outlawed and those who want the 2nd amendment to be honored. Although guns do have the potential to be dangerous, they are used for self defense, law enforcement, hunting, and to protect others from unwanted harm. Guns put in the wrong hands could lead to catastrophic events, and in the past it has. Due to these horrific events guns have been put on…...
Gun ControlGun Laws
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Should Gun Control Be Enforced More Strictly?
Words • 1160
Pages • 5
1. Introduction As of today we know that “Gun control” is a very popular demand here in the United States of America. Enforcing our gun laws here in the USA are sort of complicated for public authorities to handle. Why do we have guns on the streets? Is it because people are irresponsible for their owned weapon? Or maybe it is just easier for a person to get a gun anywhere faster than I can buy one from a different…...
Gun ControlGun Control LawsGun LawsGun ViolenceGunsLaw
Should American Gun Laws Be Reformed
Words • 1423
Pages • 6
America is under ever mounting pressure to reform its gun laws. Overall, 337,960 gun related crimes and 31,000 firearms deaths a year results in America having the highest rate of firearm crime and death in the western world. America’s gun violence is so remarkably high for such a wealthy nation. Continuous mass shootings in schools and workplaces, most recent of which was the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14 2012, means there is constant political debate over if/how the…...
AmericaGun LawsGun ViolenceGunsLaw
Why Guns Should Be Banned in Australia?
Words • 682
Pages • 3
Persuasive Writing task: Banning of guns in America Ever since the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school, it has brought attention to the people around the world for the introduction of the banning of guns. In recent years, the firearm related deaths in America soared to over 30,000, but in Australia in the same year, we have only had 236 deaths resulted from firearms. This is a huge difference and the major reason why is because of the introduction…...
AustraliaGun Laws
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Why Guns Should Be Banned in Australia?
...Removing guns out of the American system will not only keep people safe, but also reduce gang crimes and save the US 174 billion dollars which they could better use to fund shelters for homeless people, research into curing diseases and fund schools....

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