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“Since You Went Away”
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Introduction "I have a different concept of producing than other producers. Some producers are money men, and others are just lieutenants. For me to produce is to make a picture. As a producer, I can maintain an editorial perspective that I wouldn't have as a director. I consider myself first a creative producer, then a showman and then a businessman. You need all three things to succeed in the business today -David O. Selznick The film "Since You Went Away"…...
CinematographyFilmFilmmakingGone With The Wind
“Gone With the Wind”: The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks
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Pages • 5
“More Americans have learned the story of the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction from Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind than from all of the learned volumes on this period” -Warren Beck and Myles Clowers The book Lies My Teacher Told Me was written by James Loewen. I choose to read Chapter 5: “Gone with the Wind”: The Invisibility of Racism in American History Textbooks. The chapters that I read discussed how in many of the American History…...
BooksCotton ginGone With The WindHistoryRacism In America
Sadako And A Thousand Paper Crane
Words • 693
Pages • 3
Desmond Tutu once said, "Hope is the ability to see the light despite all of the darkness." This may be interpreted as hope is the belief that things will turn out for the best. Hope is a virtue that can be found in the book Sadako and a thousand paper cranes. Hope should not be confused with the word faith. Hope can be defined in many ways. As defined in the dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation and desire…...
BooksFaithGone With The WindHopeHope And FaithLiterature
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The Civil War was a civil war fought in the United States
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The Civil War was a civil war fought in the United States that began in 1861 between the North and the South, where slavery was a major cause of disunion. Lincoln was who fought for the legal status of slaves to free and end the slavery in America. Also, Lincoln declared that He would do everything necessary to keep the United States united as one country (American Battlefield Trust). Civil War changed many lives making the women to involucrate in…...
Civil WarGone With The WindStateWar
Disregard of Moral Values Lead to Unethical Deeds
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Pages • 2
This greed for money has crossed the limits of all ethical standards, regard and consideration for fellow men, or sympathy and compassion. All these things seem to have gone with the wind and are among the major casualties of the post-independence period. This development can be considered quite a new one, probably an accompaniment of the modern technological development which is . taking place rapidly in this country, as the malaise has especially afflicted the young and the middle aged…...
Ethics And MoralsGone With The WindJewelleryMoral Values
Slavery in Gone with the Wind
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Pages • 7
The most controversial aspect of Gone With the Wind is the film’s depiction of race relations. Though freed from the novel’s positive portrayal of the Ku Klux Klan, Gone With the Wind’s depiction of slavery remains decidedly simplistic. Adopting historian U. B. Phillip’s “plantation school” view of the institution, the film shows slaves as well-treated, blindly cheerful “darkies” loyal to their benevolent masters. Slaves are portrayed as normal employees, are rewarded with presents like the master’s pocket watch if they’ve…...
Gone With The WindSlavery
Life Easier Today Than It Was 50 Years Ago
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Pages • 6
When you write a paper, you utilize some details that you have actually checked out in books, journals, on the Web, and so on. Your teacher might have told you, "Use your own words." To put it simply, even when you utilize somebody else's info, you are not allowed to use the words they wrote. You need to utilize your own. You have to state the same thing in a various way. This is called paraphrasing. For example, if the…...
Gone With The WindJohn AdamsLifeLinguistics
Women Characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Words • 2170
Pages • 9
Abstract An aim of this study is to analyze the white women characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and reveal the evil and immorality of slavery at that time. At first, it briefly introduces the historical background of this book and the author. Then it gives the summary and the themes about this novel. It uses the method of contrast and comparison to figure out the similar quality of those women, and the unique feature of them. This paper discusses the…...
CharacterGone With The WindUncle Tom's CabinWomen
Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare Longam
Words • 446
Pages • 2
This poem is by Ernest Dowson (1867-1900). Merely discussing him is a sad matter, because Dowson was both a student at Oxford for a time and a severe alcoholic whose life ended far too early. We can extend the parallel further in he was a Roman Catholic by conversion. We should not be surprised that he titled his poem in Latin; this was in the days, after all, when a knowledge of Latin was considered indispensable to a good education.…...
AlcoholAlcoholismGone With The WindHappinessLifeLifestyle
Conflicts and Themes of Godfather Death
Words • 2279
Pages • 10
Notes adopted from Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama and A Short Guide to Writing About Literature Fiction: A name for stories not entirely factual, but at least partially shaped, made up, or imagined. Stories can be based on factual material (I.e., the historical novel) but the factual information is of secondary importance. Ex: Gone with the Wind. Types of Fiction: Fable: A brief story that sets forth some pointed statement of truth. Most fables involve animals endowed…...
ConflictDeathGone With The WindIronyThe Godfather
Indian Film Industry Bollywood
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Pages • 11
The show business in India has actually outshined the economy and is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. However, it signed up a moderate growth of over 6 percent in 200. The industry is anticipated to grow from Rs. 166 billion (U.S. $ 3.45 billion) to Rs. 419 billion( U.S. $ 8.72 billion) by the year 2007. Movie entertainment is the most popular form of entertainment and it is this undiminished enthusiasm through the years that has actually…...
Bollywood MoviesGone With The WindHindiIndiaIndustryShivaji
Essay about Reading
Words • 394
Pages • 2
Ever since I started learning to read, it has been one of my favorite hobbies. I love to submerge myself into a book and get the chance to go on adventures I never can in the real world. Usually, when I get hooked on a good book, I can’t put it down. I’m not myself anymore. My reality becomes eclipsed by something as simple, yet complex, as words on paper. I begin to eat, sleep, and experience through the character…...
Enders GamesGone With The WindReadingThe Fault in Our Stars
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