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Meaning of Hope in Dante’s Inferno
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Pages • 10
A common topic among numerous schools of thought is notion of hope. Because of this, hope can be defined in several ways, including psychologically, philosophically, and religiously. However, in his novel, Inferno, Dante almost exclusively takes a religious, namely Christian, standpoint on hope and despair. Dante’s work brings forth an important discussion on the subject of meaning and how it relates to hope. One way to define hope is psychologically. According to W.W. Meissner on page 17 of his 1973…...
Book ReviewDanteHope
God’s Justice in The Inferno by Dante Alighieri
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Pages • 4
Dante’s Inferno is a very prominent and significant segment of literature work. There are various things one can learn from it, from the in-depth knowledge of the pits of Hell to how God intended us to understand how to live life. This epic story demonstrates how with each action one makes there is a consequence for it, and what you sin from above, you have to deal down under. Readers get to know hell in a whole new aspect. Throughout…...
DanteJustice In LiteratureThe Divine Comedy
Dante’s The Inferno and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Words • 1635
Pages • 6
Dante completed The Inferno, the first part of his epic redemptive poem The Divine Comedy, around 1314. This date could technically fall under the label of the Renaissance, but it was at a very early stage and the humanistic revival of art and culture had yet to reach anywhere near the full impact it would later achieve. Dante did not live to see the widespread influence of humanism and its effect on the world of literature, although there is much…...
ArtDanteLiteraturePhilosophyThe Canterbury Tales
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Life and Work of Dante Alighieri
Words • 1651
Pages • 7
This paper describes the life and work of the author Dante Alighieri ("The Divine Comedy") Dante Alighieri "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" Only through a journey into hell can we hope to attain paradise... His Early Life Dante Alighieri was born under the sign of Gemini, he was thought to be born on May 29, but this is not certain. He was born in Florence, the son of Alighiero II, his family was one of lower nobility. His…...
DanteLifeThe Divine ComedyWork
Bible vs Inferno in a Poem Divine Comedy
Words • 654
Pages • 3
Written by Dante Alighieri between 1308 and 1321, the Divine Comedy is widely considered the central epic poem of Italian literature. Dante's inferno gives many people an idea of what hell could look like. It makes many think about sin have been committed and the punishments that could entail. The nine circles that Dante makes are completely influenced by him. The Bible says nothing about circles or specific punishments for sins. Even though Dante was a devout Catholic who based…...
Violence Against Art
Words • 1205
Pages • 5
The seventh circle of Dante’s hell houses the violent, the assassins, the tyrants and the war-mongers. The violence in this circle takes on three forms; violence against others or one’s neighbor, oneself, or God. Those who commit violence against other people or their property, the murders and thieves, are punished in the first ring of the seventh circle, which is a river of blood. Those who commit violence against themselves or their own poverty, suicides and squanderers, populate the second…...
Historical and Personal Background of the Divine Comedy
Words • 758
Pages • 3
This essay is to accompany In between Fortune and Providence: Astrology and deep space in Dante's Divine Funny. What follows is the introduction and timeline I want I had when I first started reading the Divine Comedy. Lots of commentaries of the Divine Funny provide background historic information, usually including a basic introduction and short descriptions when specific characters and events show up within the poem. Here I will proceed sequentially, starting centuries before Dante's birth and concluding in the…...
ComedyDanteItalyMiddle AgesNeptunePersonal
Complementing Texts: Homer’s The Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno
Words • 2037
Pages • 8
Ever since human beings started telling stories for entertainment or for edification, heroes have made incredible journeys against what seem like impossible odds. In the beginning, heroes often these journeys to reach a goal, often in defiance of the gods who, for whatever reason, had imposed limits upon the main character of the story. In Homer’s story, The Odyssey, this limitation is that the gods will block his way home until he speaks to the sage Tiresias. By contrast, Dante…...
Character Traits of Dante the Pilgrim
Words • 1615
Pages • 6
Dante the pilgrim of the Inferno finds himself in a path he did not knew. He has lost his way towards the “true path” (“SparkNotes”). Dante is now in a place of darkness and fear. As he sees light over a hill, he climbs towards it. He then meets Virgil who invites him to join the poets. Dante is flabbergasted but at the same time is apprehensive in taking on the journey. Virgil’s invitation was to join a group of…...
Character TraitsCircleDanteSinners
Dante’s Inferno: Contrapasso
Words • 1669
Pages • 7
Contrapasso means suffer the opposite. It refers to the punishment of souls in Dante's Inferno by a process either resembling or contrasting with the sin itself. There are many examples of contrapasso in Dante’s Inferno, as he travels ever deeper into the depths of hell. In the Inferno, we are given a tour through Hell by Dante, who is a middle-aged man. The Inferno is a story of a journey given by two different Dantes: Dante the pilgrim and Dante…...
Interview with Grandparents
Words • 1027
Pages • 4
The concept of marriage has changed over the years, the definition has not. When interviewing Dante (sr. ) and Joanne Zarlenga, both had much to say on the topic. Dante, a retired engineer, navy man, and company owner, said “I feel as though the sanctity of marriage has diminished over the years. ” With this being said, the definition of marriage is the formal union of two persons, recognized by the law and oftentimes the church. The concept of marriage…...
Rhetorical Analysis of “The Shadow Scholar”
Words • 2030
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
The prefix 'pseudo' seems to perfectly describe the character of Dave Tomar, known by all as Ed Dante (Dave Tomar is Dante's pseudonym). His article "The Shadow Scholar," which appeared in the chronicle review section of _The Chronicle of Higher Education_ on November 12, 2010, stirred controversy and a scare throughout the entire professional world. Doctors, educators, administrators, law officials, and all other professions of importance consequently came under the microscope. Dante has spent the course of a decade as…...
Reaction to Dante’s Inferno
Words • 762
Pages • 3
Reading Dante's Inferno has been a challenge for me, especially at first when I didn't understand some of the main themes Dante was trying to get across. My values are so different than those of Dante when it comes to the afterlife, it can be hard to read something that is so contradictory of my own beliefs. Once I understood that Dante was not being literal about the things he wrote in the Inferno it became a lot clearer to…...
My reaction to Dante’s “Inferno”
Words • 999
Pages • 4
While I was looking back through all the freewrites I had written about Dante's The Divine Comedy I realized how much I had really progressed in my understanding of the poem itself, and in doing so had really been given a whole new view on religion and spirituality. The freewrite that showed this growth to me the most was the second one we had written after reading Canto's III and IV. I had a rather strong reaction to the ideas…...
DantePhilosophyReligionThe Divine Comedy
God’s Divine Justice in Dante’s ‘Inferno'”
Words • 2859
Pages • 11
"Midway through the journey of our life, I found/myself in a dark wood, for I had strayed/from the straight pathway to this tangled ground." These famous lines from Dante's Inferno signify the themes of religion and personal salvation in the poem. Often when one embarks on a journey of self-discovery, they travel to places which astound one by their strangeness. Expecting to see what is straightforward and acceptable, one is suddenly presented with exceptions. Just as such self-examiners might encounter…...
DanteJusticeThe Divine Comedy
Dante’s Third Circle of Hell
Words • 275
Pages • 1
In Dante's The Inferno, the third circle of Hell is reserved for the gluttonous. After awaking from a faint, Dante soon finds himself in the third circle surrounded by the foul slush. He tells about the black snow falling into the dirty water. Dante also tells of the "stinking dirt that festered there." In this circle lives the three-headed monster Cerberus, ripping and tearing at the sinners as they lie in the sludge. The only soul named in this circle…...
“The Feminine” in Dante’s The Inferno
Words • 1518
Pages • 6
Like many great authors throughout time, Dante Alighieri demonstrates the underlying significance of female characters in his epic, The Inferno. Due to the misconceptions men had of women during this era, women were granted much less societal acceptance and were easily labelled as seductresses. More so, Beatrice’s character suggests a much deeper relationship to Dante – one more than plain, physical love. In this sense, the women in this poem partake in two very distinct roles: either the divine love…...
The Relationship of Dante and Virgil
Words • 800
Pages • 3
Dante and his Mentor, Virgil Dante’s Inferno is the story of a middle-aged man’s journey through the varying circles of Hell where he encounters numerous people including previous popes, famous philosophers, and former acquaintances receiving the appropriate punishment for their respective crimes. In literature, it is common for a hero to undergo a journey, whether it is emotional, physical, or spiritual, where his or her battlement of substantial obstacles results in a significant change in persona. While most critics may…...
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