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What Is the Definition of Plagiarism?
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Introduction: Plagiarism has been around for many, many years and is no new term among us. What is the definition of plagiarism? “Plagiarism, specifically, is a term used to describe a practice that involves knowingly taking and using another person’s work and claiming it, directly or indirectly, as your own.” (Neville, 2007, p.28). Universities deem plagiarism as unethical and if one is caught out for it, serious consequences are brought in; “Universities consider plagiarism as the most serious offence whether…...
Book Report
“Speak” Book Report by Laurie Halse Anderson
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The book I have just finished reading is called Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. The publisher of the novel is Farrar Straus Giroux and was publisher in October 1999 with 197 pages. The genre of this novel was teen fiction. The cover automatically caught my attention when I first saw it, when I started reading it nothing failed to impress me. I instantly fell in love with the storyline and the concept due to the fact that it was so…...
Book ReportSpeak
Book Report on Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko
Words • 1536
Pages • 7
In aphra Behn’s Oroonoko, the reader encounters many themes at play such as love triangles, slavery, British Colonialism, race, gender and betrayal. The latter of these themes prominently permeates through this narrative on different levels. The main character of the story was Oronooko the prince, despicts a person of power. This story teaches many different life lessons on trust and betrayal. In Oronooko many betrayals occur because of complete trust in one another. Oroonook’s character embodies a magnificence nobody else…...
Book ReportOroonoko
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Monument 14 Book Report
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Pages • 3
Monument 14 was published on June 5, 2012 and was written by Emmy Laybourne. Monument 14 was Emmy's debut fictional book, she began writing it after she retired from acting in movies such as Superstar and The In-Laws. After writing Monument 14 she decided she enjoyed writing and began publishing more books in the Monument 14 series. She then moved onto the Sweet series of books. Emmy named her book Monument 14 after the fact that the story is about…...
Book Report
The Jesus I Never Knew: A Book Report
Words • 606
Pages • 3
Philip Yancey's Book, The Jesus I Never Knew deals with the author's desire and attempt to reveal and investigate what kind of a person Jesus was. Some of his findings were revealing and even startling dwelling through different levels of traditions, interpretations, and stereotypes that hid the very personality of the Man in the Gospel, Jesus Christ. The book was critically divided and discussed into three major sections: Who he was, Why He Came, and Why He Left Behind. The…...
Book ReportReligionSermon on The Mount
The True Believer Book Report
Words • 868
Pages • 4
“How could the terrorists have sacrificed their own lives, and taken the lives of  thousands of others as well as causing such colossal destruction? What could lead them to justify in their own minds committing mass atrocities? This goes far beyond a debate over religious beliefs, to the very heart of human nature: what allows certain people to override any sense of community with their fellow human beings, and willfully cause death and destruction for the sake of a higher…...
BelieveBook ReportJihad
Book Report on Pigeons at Daybreak
Words • 294
Pages • 2
The story entitled “Pigeons at Daybreak” by Anita Desai of India is a representation of love and acceptance. Mr. Basu is the man who is unable to perform his task on his own because of the different illnesses that developed into his body. Otima, the wife of Mr. Basu has the selfless love towards him. She takes care of her husband despite of all the problems and complications that emerged in their situation. Otima used to read the newspaper for…...
Anita DesaiBook ReportPigeon
Book Reporter of Swim the Fly
Words • 370
Pages • 2
Their plan failed because Matt almost got recognized by Kelly in the girl’s changing room. However, Kelly and her best friends Valerie started to pay attention to Matt because his brave move of volunteering in the 100-m butterfly (or his appearance in the girl’s changing room? ). Ms. Luntz (their swimming couch) put Matt, a poor guy who can’t even manage a single lap, in the butterfly medley relay without even asking Matt. Sean and Coop came up with an…...
Book Report
The Good Earth Book Report
Words • 1107
Pages • 5
This book report is written for Humanities III, and the instructor Mr. Stiles. It is on The Good Earth, written by Pearl S. Buck. It contains 368 pages, and was published by The John Day Company. This book is historical fiction, and it has won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1932. As it was the best-selling novel in the United States in both 1931 and 1932, it was an important factor in Buck's winning the Nobel Prize for…...
Book ReportEarth
Book report of Man from the South
Words • 1552
Pages • 7
One day, on an accidental occasion, a stranger is prepared to wager with you on one of you abilities which is not so important, and you are most likely to win. If you do succeed, according to the serious bet, you can get a rather brand-new limousine from the male which is worth countless dollars; If not, however, what you have to do is simply to dedicate your little finger, which implies, have that bad finger sliced quickly by the…...
Book Report
Ender Book Report Compassion vs Ruthlessness
Words • 1232
Pages • 5
In the novel Ender’s game, Orson Scott Card attempts to convey the message of the conflict between compassion and ruthlessness. For one thing Ender often compares himself to his ruthless brother Peter every time he himself does something mean and cold hearted. But Ender also has a compassionate personality. he shows his compassionate personality in many cases. He also shows that Ender may have a bit of a ruthlessness in him, but resents himself for it. He then also shows…...
Book ReportEnders gameEnders Games
Book Report: The Obsidian Blade
Words • 308
Pages • 2
I picked this book because it had the coolest cover of all the books on the list. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I have found that books that do not have cool covers are often quite boring. Like one of the other books just had writing on the cover which guarantees extreme boringness in my opinion. This book is about round circles in the air called diskos that people go through and end up…...
Book ReportI Am Legend
Black Rage-Book Report
Words • 1883
Pages • 8
The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed and thickly coated with ethnic, racial conflicts ask a crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven -like? The answer is simple and direct. Eyes full of understanding, heart full of love and the life that refuses conflicts—these alone are enough! When an individual or a people of a particular race are constantly nagged and abused, condemned and ostracized by the society, they become bitter and cynical individuals. Heartfelt care and…...
Book ReportMarriageMindRacism
Percy Jackson Book Report
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
The book is funny and witty, effortlessly matching old mythology and tradition with modern culture in a way that makes the book engrossing and unpredictable. There is talk of gods having affairs with mortals, and quite a bit of married gods having affairs with other gods. In the following book report, I will first introduce the plot of the story. Then, I will talk about the writing of the author and the strengths and weaknesses of the books. After that,…...
Book ReportThe Lightning Thief
Book Report: “Deaf Again” by Mark Drolsbaugh
Words • 1341
Pages • 6
Deaf Again is the story of Mark Drolsbaugh, and was written to show the world a deaf perspective, of how they live, struggle on a daily basis. Deaf Again is about Mark Drolsbaugh journey from being born hearing, to becoming hard of hearing during the first grade, and the difficulties of being forced into the mainstream and not knowing of the joys of the deaf community and deaf culture until he is in his twenties. Mark starts his story by…...
Book ReportChildDeafLanguage
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What Is the Definition of Plagiarism?
...In conclusion, although the idea of plagiarism is different all over the world, it can still be understood if one takes the time to learn and an educator takes the time to teach the appropriate ways in which student should reference, cite, quote or p...

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