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Victims of Joe Keller in “All My Sons”
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In the American tragedy, All My Sons, the characters become victims of Joe Keller’s actions. After learning of Joe’s lies, each character is left to deal with the stark reality of the truth. Out of all the characters, Joe impacts Steve, Ann and himself the most. Steve, Ann and George’s dad, is impacted by Joe’s lies very severely. Because of Joe’s cowardliness, Steve is left to take the blame. Because Steve is forced to take the blame, he is thrown…...
All My Sons
Realistic dialogue
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Introduction Throughout the play 'All My Sons' Arthur Miller does create a fairly realistic dialogue on which to base the play. There is nothing that could be argued to be completely out of the ordinary about the play and to a certain extent all of the content is believable due to the fact that the play itself is wholly about a family that, to begin with seems to be the typical 'happy' family and as the play continues the audience…...
All My SonsDialogue
Personal Attitude to Joe Keller
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Pages • 6
Joe Keller is a 60 year old man who lives in an American town during the Second World War. Joe is the father of two sons; he is the father of the Keller family. He works in a factory which used to make p-40 cylinder heads. He has a high status in the society. Before the start of the play Joe works with Steve Deever, at their P-40 factory. Joe is absent for one day, he is supposedly sick and…...
All My SonsAttitudePersonal
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Aristotle tragic hero
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Pages • 4
“All My Sons” is a modern tragedy by Arthur Miller that presents the themes and ideas of denial, blame and the American dream. Joe Keller is the ‘ordinary’ man, hence his name suggesting ‘ordinary Joe’. He is at the heart of the tragedy, along with his family, as we hear of their missing son lost during the war serving his country. During this time Joe used his business of making engine cylinders, to get involved in war profiteering; this is…...
All My SonsAristotleTragedyTragic Hero
American Society in Miller’s Play All My Sons
Words • 646
Pages • 3
A look at how Arthur Miller criticizes American society in his play All My Sons A shot was heard throughout the Keller home as Joe ended his guilty, worthless life. Miller criticizes that American society has become corrupt- a place of selfishness, where people care too much about themselves, and that which benefits them, and will go to any lengths to achieve that goal; even if the repercussions of their actions will bring harm to other people. He stresses that…...
All My SonsAmericaPhilosophical TheoriesSociety
Tension in Miller’s Play All My Sons
Words • 487
Pages • 2
The use of an ellipse creates tension and suspense for the audience as we become keener for the characters and plot to acquire justice. Miller also gives the opportunity to for us to question as to whether Chris Keller is our tragic hero whose fatal flaw is self-delusion. In addition to this Chris is our symbol of hope as the majority of hope sprouts from him therefore if his hope expires then we have no hope for the characters. Nevertheless…...
All My SonsSuspense
All My Sons, by Arthur Miller
Words • 482
Pages • 2
If you are a fan of drama you just owe it to yourself to watch the play, All My Sons, by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York, in 1915. He was winner of Drama Critics' Award for best new play in 1947. All My Sons explores the father-son relationships of the 50's and the role of money. Through the character, their interactions and the events, the play showcases struggles between individuality and the social responsibility. It…...
All My Sons
The Characters in “All My Sons” by Arthur Miller
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Pages • 4
CHARACTERS: The Kellers -Kate (Mother) Kate is a doting mother and dedicated wife. She is enamored with everything to do with her sons even to a point of obsession. She can use her motherly authority to hurt as well as is seen in the case of Ann. She has been nursing a broken heart after losing her son Larry. But she refuses to accept his death as a reality. She is also a victim of superstition and believes in miracles…...
All My SonsCharacter
Arthur Miller’s tragedy “All My Sons”
Words • 967
Pages • 4
Arthur Miller's modern domestic tragedy, "All My Sons" (AMS) develops tension throughout because of Kate's search for her dead son, Larry, and the dark truth surrounding his death. Arthur Miller once wrote that "The structure of a play is always the story of how the birds came home to roost.", and in AMS, he has certainly done this, where the play itself features a late point of attack and centres around the theme of the consequences of past actions catching…...
All My SonsArthur MillerTragedy
Analysis ‘All My Sons’
Words • 587
Pages • 3
Their conversation is light-hearted; discussion of weather (“Gonna rain tonight” and “That beautiful. Not a cloud.” NOTE: here you could divulge into pathetic fallacy; the weather in the Keller’s backyard is bright and sunny now – indicating the health of the familial bonds – but Keller knows that it will rain later. Similarly, note how “The wind must’ve got [Larry’s tree] last night”. Miller develops a theme of exploring tone with the weather. The breaking of Larry’s tree, and a sudden…...
All My Sons
Quotes from All My Sons by Arthur Miller
Words • 5497
Pages • 22
CHARACTORS Joe Keller "I saw your factory on the way from the stations. It looks like general motors"p150 Allusion-Savy businessman "Well that's only your business, Chris"p100 Inability to stand up to Kate "in hopeless fury, looks at her, turns around, goes up the porch, and into the house slamming screen door violently behind him" p126 Shows he can be neurotic "Chris... Chris, I did it for you...For you! A business for you."p158 Keller deals with guilt by blaming others and…...
All My SonsPhilosophyQuote
Instructions for All My Sons Project
Words • 2713
Pages • 11
General Instructions Keep all notes, papers, drafts, etc. together in a folder. Attach them to the end of the project. 1. Answer all the questions provided in the instructions in the body of the project. 2. Find and print at least 4 articles in English that deal with the play All My Sons. 3. Your project will be typed in 12 point Times New Roman (except headings). 2 line spacing. 4. Do not put the pages in plastic sleeves. 5.…...
All My Sons
Kate Keller’s Character Analysis
Words • 684
Pages • 3
Kate Keller plays the role of an obsessive mother and a typical wife in the play “All My Sons” It his her motherliness that defines her character the most, as the fist few stage directions refer to “mother” as, ‘Mother […] is in her early fifties, a woman of uncontrolled inspirations, and an overwhelming capacity for love.’ This “overwhelming capacity of love” is mostly seen for her son Larry who seems to be dead, but Kate is just not ready…...
All My SonsCharacter
“Death of a Salesman” Detailed Analysis
Words • 3458
Pages • 14
ARTHUR MILLER Arthur Asher Miller (October 17, 1915 - February 10, 2005) was an American playwright and essayist. He was a prominent figure in American theatre, writing dramas that include plays such as All My Sons (1947), Death of a Salesman (1949), The Crucible (1953) and A View from the Bridge Miller was often in the public eye, particularly during the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, a period during which he testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee, received…...
All My SonsDeath Of A SalesmanWilly Loman
Masculinity in A View from the Bridge Play
Words • 3264
Pages • 14
Arthur Miller wrote this play in 1955. He has written many other plays including All My Sons, which was a success at Broadway. Miller was born in 1915, in New York City, but both his parent had emigrated to the US. This play revolves around emigration, so Miller has had a lot of personal experience. This play is based in the late 1940’s, just after the Second World War, when many people were emigrating to the US, looking for a…...
A View From The BridgeAll My Sons
Death of a Salesman Critical insights
Words • 7450
Pages • 30
Paper Type:Critical essays
In a 2003 interview with his biographer, Christopher Bigsby, about the inherent structure of his plays, Arthur Miller explained, "It's all about the language" (Bigsby, "Miller"). Miller's declaration about the centrality of language in the creation of drama came at the end of his almost seventy-year career. He had completed his final play, Finishing the Picture, and a little more than a year later, he became ill and subsequently died in February 2005. Thus Miller's statement can be seen as…...
All My SonsArthur MillerDeath Of A SalesmanPoetry
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