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Katherine Mansfield A Cup of Tea
Words • 729
Pages • 3
I really like "A Cup of Tea" a lot. It, among other things, does a brilliant job of depicting matrimonial jealousy and insecurity. Our lead character is a very wealthy young woman, Rosemary, seemingly recently married. Her time is largely taken up with looking for ways to spend money. As the story opens she has just bought a small box in an exquisite shop, the cost is about six months pay for an ordinary working man of the time Rosemary…...
A Cup of Tea
‘Coming Home’ by Marjorie Waters
Words • 639
Pages • 3
'Coming Home' by Marjorie Waters is a personal essay which explains the author's sensations upon returning house after a very long time and how she recovers from her deep sorrow triggered by losing a enjoyed one to death. The author tells how she walks your house, pulling back the curtains, dusting the dirt off, making tea and so on, doing chores that make her feel at home once again. At the same time, she is opening the doors of her…...
A Cup of TeaWaterWinter Season
Ethical Issues in Management
Words • 563
Pages • 3
Every so often we hear the phrase “Business is business and a cup of tea is a cup of tea”. The contemporary business managers think quite on the contrary. Morals and ethics are the new paradigm and have taken the driving seat in the day to day working of the Management. Ethics contains code of conduct for a person to blend with others keeping in view the righteousness and goodness of the trade; whereas, morals are not primarily written but…...
A Cup of TeaEthicsManagement
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Comment on the title ‘A Cup of Tea’
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Pages • 3
Plan1.Pre-writinga.Gathering information about Katherine Mansfieldb.Revising the texti.Singling out heroesii.Building a timelineiii.Depicting localesiv.Finding phrase a cup of teac.Revising the analysisi.Stylistic devicesii.SPUsiii.Text structured.Studying meaning (a theme analysis)i.How the message revealsii.What the characters learn during the storyiii.What the author feels about the characters and the conflict (Authors Modality)e.Linking the message with the title2.Writing the compositiona.Introductionb. Characters and developmentsc.Messaged.Conclusion3.Verifyinga.Lengthb.SpellingCompositionThe story is written by Katherine Mansfield a famous New Zealand writer. She is considered one of the great masters of the short-story form. Mansfield's stories…...
A Cup of TeaAnton ChekhovShort Story
‘A Cup of Tea’ by Katherine Mansfield
Words • 994
Pages • 4
The story is written by Katherine Mansfield a famous New Zealand writer. She is well known for her short stories. The analysis of the one of them called A Cup of Tea (1922) which is considered to be one of her latest works you can find below. From the first lines we get acquainted with the protagonist of the story Rosemary Fell. Her appearance is being presented. No you couldnt have called her beautiful Pretty? We have rather vague image…...
A Cup of Tea
Free time
Words • 435
Pages • 2
Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that develop the mind, such as reading and doing crossword puzzles. Others feel that it is important to give one's mind a rest in leisure time. Discuss. Relaxing our mind has been a vital part of spending our free time for thousands of years. Most of the people find relaxing activities like reading a book while others love to stay in the park, just see a boring…...
A Cup of TeaTime
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