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In Oedipus the king

Fate is an unavoidable part of a person’s life that may control who we are, what we do and what will happen to us. So, regardless of human actions and regardless of emotions and wishes, fate upon each humans being will occur. Fate can be undeserving and cruel, awesome and unchangeable, so much so that… View Article

In Milton’s paradise lost

Aristotle’s tragic hero has certain characteristics which can be applied to Oedipus the King and Milton’s Satan. Aristotle states that a tragic hero can be classified as a person that falls from the state of being happy to one of misery because of his own mistake. This can be seen in both Oedipus and Satan,… View Article

In Euripdes play medea

In Euripides play Medea, the character of Medea is commonly described as being both manic and wicked. I do agree that throughout the play Medea does show herself to be manic individual and does commit a number of “wicked” acts, but I do not believe that she as much wicked as she is unstable, there… View Article

Individual research task

This episode of ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Fat and the Furriest’ was about Homer and a giant Grizzly bear. When Homer is caught on tape running away from a large bear at the town dump, he becomes the laughingstock of Springfield. Determined to win his dignity back, Homer devises a bear-proof suit that will protect him… View Article

If human nature does alter

What is human nature? According to an interesting article I have read, humanity can be interpreted in three ways: mechanistic, mysterian and materialist views of humanity. A mechanistic view sees human beings largely as objects through which nature acts. A mysterian view suggests that there are aspects of human existence not knowable to mere mortals…. View Article

Identification of carbonyl compounds

To identify an unknown carbonyl compound by determining the melting point of it’s derivative formed from the reaction with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine solution. Introduction: In the experiment, carbonyl compound underwent condensation reaction with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine solution to form 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone. The solid formed was then purified by recrystallization in order to give an accurate, distinct melting point. As the… View Article

I am performing in a Play called Trojans

It is an old Greek legend but has been re-written and modernised as a play by Simon Adorian. It is about a siege of the city of Troy by the Achaeans. It was over Princess Helena who Prince Paris stole off the leader of the Achaeans, Menelaus. It is shown that it is set in… View Article

How would you stage

On stage to start off with I would have two big palace doors up stage, and that would be it. This tells the audience the location of this particular scene, and also tells the audience information about the characters, such as their background and that they come from a rich family and a posh family…. View Article

How sympathetic a character

Upon reading Aristophanes’ Wasps for the first time, Procleon, the antihero of the play, evokes a strange sort of sympathy. The part of us that wants to rebel against the system identifies with his character, and admires the way in which, in the second half of the play, he “does what the man in the… View Article

How significant in Alexanders campaign

In Alexander’s campaign to become king of Asia nothing was more important than his military victories against the Persian enemy. The battle of Gaugamela represents one of Alexander’s most significant victories; it once again confirmed the dominance of Alexander’s troops over the Persian army as well as Alexander’s personal leadership qualities over king Darius’. It… View Article

How heroic do you find the character of Achilles?

A hero is more than just a character that it especially noble, courageous, self-sacrificing etc. A hero is also a protagonist, a character to whom we can relate, and with whom we can sympathise. Ultimately a hero is a character with which we can identify, and an example which each of us wishes to follow…. View Article

How far was Plato’s

With this end in mind, it seems that he can set about the task by whichever means he likes, so long as it will achieve the end. By telling the creation myth, it is his intention to promote the tripartite theory of society, which will, in turn, promote the ideal balance and justice. For justice… View Article

How far is Odysseus’s status

Throughout the Odyssey, Odysseus is portrayed as a Greek hero. However this can be contradicted. In many events Odysseus can be perceived as un-heroic at times. Therefore the above statement can be argued. Throughout this piece of work I will be discussing this statement and I will gradually draw closer to a conclusion. Odysseus shows… View Article

How far do you feel that Aeschylus

In his tragic play, ‘Agamemnon’, Aeschylus presents the audience with a variety of interesting protagonists, one of the main ones being the great king himself. Over the course of the play, we learn of Agamemnon’s terrible fate as events, both past and present, are unfolded to us. The audience may have greatly mixed views on… View Article

How far does Pentheus

At the beginning of the play I think I would be inclined to agree that Pentheus deserves his punishment but by the end after we are shown the way that Dionysus reacts to him and how his punishment is completed, I would probably say he does not deserve the punishment he was given. In my… View Article