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Merit for motivation

JOHN: John has always wanted to be a professional footballer and loves playing the game. This is the main reason why he keeps himself motivated and participating in sport. He has a high achievement motivation as he really wants to succeed in football. If it wasn’t for these reasons he would probably stop playing football… View Article

Tennis Personal Performance Portfolio

Section A a) Application of anatomical and physiological knowledge to performance…………………………………………………….3 b) Acquiring and performing movement skills……………………..6 c) Contemporary studies in physical education…………………..9 Section A (i) Application of anatomical and physiological knowledge to improve performance Stamina- is the ability of the heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen where needed in the body. Badminton itself… View Article

Proving Establish Liability For Each Offence

Archie is employed to protect the pheasants on Lord Melchett’s estate from poachers. On day, from a distance he sees Liam and Craig on the estate and, knowing them to be poachers, he decides to ‘rid himself of the problem for all time’ and fires his shotgun at them. Both Liam and Craig are only… View Article

Ethics and Values in sport

My name is Monique Stanley, I have been recently appointed Assistant Club Development Officer in the local Sports and leisure department. My role is varied and challenging with major focus on Ethics and Values in sport and the ever increasing role sports plays in many aspects of society. This includes; * Ensuring local sports clubs… View Article

A definition of the values and ethics in sport

Principles A principle is a basic truth, law or policy. Principles are standards that define moral behaviour. A principle in sport might be that the officials teat all equally on the field of play. For example the referee in a rugby match is expected to make decisions on what has happened on the field of… View Article

Justifying The State

Q1 If the state is not a voluntary organisation, how can one be under any obligation to obey its commands? This is a question about justifying the state. What D. D. Raphael calls ” the grounds of political obligation.1 If the state can be justified somehow then so can the commands it makes, whether it… View Article

Winning Elections

b) Traditionally, winning elections has been an aim of political parties subordinate to representing political views. However, more recently parties have been adjusting their ideology, possibly to make them more desirable to the majority of the electorate and thus gain political office. As suggested by McKie, recent elections have been “less between competing philosophies, much… View Article

Why Do Liberals Place Such Importance On The Concept Of Liberty?

Liberalism is a political viewpoint of which the key concept is that of liberty, as indicted by its title. Liberty is the birthright of an individual to have freedom of choice without coercion from others. It gives individuals the entitlement to do as they wish which, in turn, has the implication of a plural society… View Article

Trust in the Press

“Trust in the Press is essential in an ever changing society. Not only must the Press be trusted but it must be believed and must behave in an ethical manner. But what constitutes “an ethical manner”? Laws might be set to achieve certain outcomes and may not necessarily be ethical. What is legal and demanded… View Article

Most Power In Modern Western Societies

Assess the view that most power in modern western societies is held by people who have not been democratically elected. It is believed that people who have not been democratically elected hold most power in western societys, however how true is this? Throughout history people have been born into positions of power, if your father… View Article

Character, theme and narrative in the soap opera

From watching one particular episode of the famous soap ‘Eastenders’ I was able to attain plenty of information and reference to certain areas of a soap. There are specific codes and conventions to particular narratives that are easy to identify. Obviously in each soap, the same sort of things occur and the audience can recognise… View Article

The Offence Explaining

Vincent and Kay live together. Kay becomes pregnant by another man, and Vincent cannot come to terms with this. The relationship becomes more and more strained until eventually, when Kay is 28 weeks pregnant, they have a violent argument and Vincent stabs Kay in the abdomen. She survives long enough to give birth to the… View Article

What is an international bank?

What is an international bank? How do international banks compete? The banking system became internationalised in the 1960s and since then it has been one of the most dramatic trends in the economy. The other two major trends in international and domestic banking are globalisation and securitisation. There are three definitions of an international bank… View Article

Business Studies – Marketing Mix

All businesses offer some form of service as part of the product that they supply to customers. This is true of businesses supplying manufactured goods, as well as those that only supply services. By meeting (or exceeding) customers’ expectations, businesses can improve their image and establish a reputation for supplying products with high -quality characteristics…. View Article