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Consider the marriages that take place during Pride and Prejudice

Which is the most successful? Pride and Prejudice is a novel that deals primarily with the theme of marriage. Through the course of the plot, four weddings take place; between Lydia and Mr Wickam; Charlotte and Mr Collins; Jane and Mr Bingley; and Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. Some of these marriages are seen as more… View Article

Pride and Prejudice

Elizabeth seems to represent something of a departure form the conventional image of women of her time By Comparing Jane Austen’s characterisation of Elizabeth with that of the other female characters in the novel, and by examining it’s social context, discuss this verdict in the heroine of Pride and Prejudice. The novel “Pride and Prejudice”… View Article

Analysis of Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth

Look again at the Darcy’s first proposal to Elizabeth that is made in this novel. Choose at least two and, write responses to the following questions: * under what circumstances does Darcy propose * how does Elizabeth respond and why * how does Austen present the proposal to the reader That evening, just before Mr…. View Article

Wollstonecraft, Austen and Goethe on women and love

The late 18th and 19th century was the beginning of a phenomenon which now is referred to as the Enlightenment period. Philosophers globally shared ideas and knowledge on various theories and began a new way of thinking on issues which previously had been swept aside and were considered taboo topics. The concept of feminism is… View Article

In The Shadow of the Glen

In the shadow of the Glen was written by J M Synge in 1914. Even before it was shown to anybody it caused arguments within the Irish Society because some people thought the play was shocking and unpatriotic and was an insult against Irish womanhood. The main point of the play was to celebrate Irish… View Article

Drama Part 1

The piece of Drama we have created is called “The Fear of the Unknown”. We looked at various ways of interpreting the title before agreeing on a suitable theme. Our story covers the death of a character and studies the reactions of characters in different situations. The actual cause of death is left to the… View Article

Dramatic Monologue

Black, black, black, that is all I can see. My cold, legs froze as I attempted to walk forward through the icy mist of the darkness. The darkness didn’t frighten me, my eyes focused on the beam of light that reflected of the tips of my shoes. To take my mind off the thought of… View Article

Interpret Eddie’s kisses

We can Interpret Eddie’s kisses in several different ways. Explore all the possibilities, making reference to the text and remembering this play is a tragedy Eddie kisses two of the main characters in the play. Firstly he kisses Catherine, his wife’s niece. This is instantly followed by him kissing Rodolfo, his wife’s cousin, whom is… View Article

Drama Exploration

During this task, we got into groups of four or five. Each of the four groups was given an Act from the play to create a statue of Proctor at contrasting moments. Proctor’s emotions varied; each statue had a very different objective, e. g. to intimidate, to plead, etc. My group, looked for lines to… View Article

Catherine screams

Then Rodolpho enters the room, and immediately the tension is built up even more as Eddie shouts ‘Get outta here! ‘When Rodolpho tells Eddie that Marco is coming, there is a ‘ pause ‘ and just to show Beatrice’s fear for Eddie’s life, Miller uses a stage direction to show her ‘raising her hands in… View Article

The special community

Eddie’s fate comes from a combination of his particular personality and the special community in which he lives. How far do you think Eddie’s fate is his own fault? A View from the Bridge is a play that was written by Arthur Miller, an American playwright, who described its original American production as ‘cold ‘…. View Article

Charles Dickens presentation

Do you feel that Charles Dickens presentation of Joe Gargery makes him seem on balance a foolish person or someone worthy of our respect? In Great Expectations, Joe Gargery comes into the novel many times. Sometimes he is portrayed as a very foolish person but other times he actually is quite clever and worthy of… View Article