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Hedda gabler

Drama has no single definition and does not have a common meaning that can be applied to the wide range of texts, plays, acts, and various others that can be called drama. However, drama is “by far the most economical means of expression” (Esslin, 1976). The subjects expressed in drama are extensive and diverse and… View Article

Alving in Search for Freedom

Henrik Ibsen’s works are dealing with the well kept secrets and dogmas in society. His plays strip away the defending layers of the established ethical and moral virtues of social life and therefore create a great commotion and distress among the general public. Ibsen’s radical exposure of highly tabooed themes such as sexually transmitted diseases,… View Article

Hobsons Choice Assignment

This essay will talk about Willies steps from being a shoe maker to becoming the owner of a shop. Willie is an important character although he is one of the only working class characters in the play. (The other, his friend who also works in the shop.) The play focused on the key figure ‘Willie’… View Article

The Inspectors visit

“He inspected us all right…” Write an essay examining how one character is affected by the Inspectors visit. The play “An Inspector Calls” was written in 1946 the playwright of this play was J.B Priestley, he had survived both world wars. He was a firm believer in socialism and capitalism. This play deals with the death… View Article

The physical objects

What is the significance of the physical objects that Ibsen has used in Act-1?”Amidst a beautiful rose garden, where the sunrays came beaming down, she was sitting as though she had been totally oblivious to the happening of the world.” This is the way a novelist would elucidate such a situation, with the use of… View Article

Shakespeare’s intention

‘His honour rooted in dishonour stood, And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true’ (Tennyson, Lancelot and Elaine). From the very opening of the play Richard III, Richard establishes himself as a synonym for villainy. And that is the general impression we assume when considering the disposition of Richard III, a ruthless, villainous tyrant who felt… View Article

Dickens novels

Hard Times was one of Dickens’ novels that focuses mainly on the education system and industrialisation. Dickens was furious about the changes in industrialisation throughout the Victorian period and this motivated him enormously to write the novel. Industrialisation meant that working conditions were poor and it had a massive impact on the way schools were… View Article

The author of Hobson’s

Harold Brighouse, the author of Hobson’s Choice was born in 1882 in Eccles, near Salford Lancashire; where the play is set. Hobson’s Choice was first written in 1914-1915. This is when it was originally supposed to be set. The out-break of war in 1914 meant that Brighouse had to change the time setting of the play…. View Article

Design ProjectThe staging implications

Firstly, I will look at the given circumstances of Hedda Gabler. This will inform me of what things I must have in my set design, things that the Ibsen wanted in his production. The given circumstances can be split into six separate groups; geographical location, date and time, timescale, economic environment and political environment. By… View Article

Characters are similar throughout books

Henrik Ibsen’s characters are similar throughout his books. There are pairs of characters with similarities in A Doll’s House and Ghosts. One such pair is Nora and Mrs. Alving. Both characters were unhappily married, but had other significant men in their lives. Manders and Dr. Rank both appeared as good friends to the women. This is… View Article

Hard Times is a novel written by Charles dickens

Hard Times is a novel written by Charles dickens at the time of the industrial revolution. It is set in the nineteenth century in England. It is Dickens’ harsh and satirical attack on the industrial and educational systems of his time. Dickens believed in good fellowship and community values, which he felt were being destroyed… View Article

Patriarchate society

Hard times shows women as powerless and trapped with in a patriarchate society. How far do you agree with this statement? Discuss at least three female characters. Dickens show women as repressed and powerless, especially through their dependence on men, we see this especially in the character Louisa. On the other hand, Dickens portrays women as… View Article

Social and cultural issues

“Hobson’s Choice is not only a comedy but it also deals with historical, social and cultural issues in the 19th Century.” “Some Plays are not only for humour, but provide a deeper meaning to enforce something else.” Plot Synopsis: This play takes place in Salford, near Manchester in 1880. Henry Horatio Hobson is a widower with three… View Article

A modern audience

But her marriage to will is all a practical arrangement as she is good at her job and Will is a skilled craftsman. As this partnership moves on the pair become more successful, they manage to pay back Mrs Hepworth the loan she gave then to get started and we see a more romantic side… View Article

Class distinctions and dating

Willie Mossop started off at the beginning of this play as a shoemaker, in Hobson’s Cellar. He was of a low class and had great potential but little ambition. His first step was when Mrs Hepworth said that she only wants her shoes to be made by Willie. The next step towards his final personality… View Article