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Creating a new database for Auto nation PLC.

Identifying the problem I am Mr. RM Green the business consultant for a company named Auto Nation PLC. The company Auto nation PLC offers a service to the public where they find cars to meet customer’s individual requirements, which are local. So that Auto nation plc meets this aim auto nation have records on cars… View Article

CSA Networking

Instructions can be defined as sets of commands ,or instructions that the computer can communicate with and react according to it. The set of instructions can vary in different computer and are the basic programming commands found in any computer. In a tom system , the instructions or commands are not big in number and… View Article

Creating a database

Introduction RS Supplies in London is a small business which specialises in the import and export of specialist medical equipment for hospitals as well as for other independent businesses. At the moment all orders have to be processed manually including invoices as there is no order processing system. However, the clientele is growing and Mr… View Article

Creating a computer system

1. 1 Introduction Wooten Basset Rugby Club, are a rugby club in the Swindon area, whom play 15 a side rugby union. They put out a numbers of teams each week ranging from junior levels, senior teams and women’s rugby. Of my concern is the U-16s, whom would like to computerise a number of tasks… View Article

Create a spreadsheet

Introduction For the last 6 years I have been driving karts in the national championship, I have moved up through the junior ranks and am now into my last year of junior karting at the highest level of 100cc J. I. C. A. racing before moving into the senior karting classes next year. I have… View Article

Computing project

The system will require a user name and a password to view or edit anything! Only one person is permitted to use the system, no-one else requires access  All files will also be password protected. Database  The instructor will be able to add or delete any records as needed  It will hold all necessary details… View Article

The so called threat

Computer Viruses, what are they? Deadly programs wrote by the best of the best, or super weapons used by powerful countries against their enemies? Or, just harmless (mostly) little creations made by bored programmers? I think the latter is more correct. Most viruses are harmless, only a very small percentage causes harm to a computer,… View Article

Computer systems assignment

To build a PC you must buy all of the required components otherwise the computer will not work properly or not work at all. Here is a list of all required computer components to make it work:  Motherboard- motherboard is a main component in a computer. It is a printed circuit board and it connects… View Article

Computer science coursework Merit Essay

Record shops, cinemas, radio stations, video rental stores and even libraries are losing customers to the global trend that is OIS (Online Information Sharing – the official MPAA and RIAA term for internet piracy). It once used to be a common sight to see small record shops filled with teens picking their favourite artists’ new… View Article

Computer architecture

Describe how analogue data can be converted and stored in computer systems Analogue data needs to be sampled in order to be processed by a computer. As computers deal in One’s and Zero’s it can only record specific intervals. For example, when recording a sound that gradually gets louder over a minute, a digital recording… View Article

Computer aided design package

A company called Engineering ? Us have employed me to find out the cost, benefits and the drawbacks of upgrading from their current method of hand made technical drawing to using an up-to-date Computer Aided Design (CAD) package. This company designs and constructs office furniture to order; because of this work only begins on an… View Article

Comparing operating systems

Operating systems are the programmes that create environment which enable the various programmes to run on a computer. That is why they are also referred to as platforms. The programmes that run on these platforms can range from simple office automation softwares that enable us to do wordprocessing to games and also device drivers. All… View Article

Cognitive anthropology

Man receives data from many sources & in various forms. There is the information received from the ‘exterior’ such as the world about us; through different media, for instance newspapers, television or radio, & from more educational resources such as books, teachers or the internet. There is the data received through childhood, from parents, siblings,… View Article

Choice of Software

Below is a list of possible solutions to this assignment and with them there are the disadvantages and advantages. After thoroughly analysing these choices I will pick the best option. Database Advantages Using a database is a very simple option. Almost every employee without too much guidance could use the solution to enter data and… View Article

IT Department BTEC

Describe the various types of threats to organisations, systems and data – P1 * Unauthorised access – This category covers internal and external threats. Internal threats are things such as: Magic Disks – A recovery or backup disk that has been modded to include viruses or key loggers. Man in the middle attacks – People… View Article