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Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca

Examine the relationship between Volpone and Mosca in Acts I and II; to what extent is Volpone presented as the dominant partner? During The Argument at the beginning of the play the audience is told that, although the play’s title is ‘Volpone’, the play is mostly centred on ‘his parasite’, Mosca, and the cross-plots he ‘weaves’… View Article

How does Friiel use language and stagecraft

Friels main concern, writing in the 1980s, seems to be the struggle for identity. One interpretation of the play is that Irish identity has been continually threatened since 1591. Friel writes his play in 1988 whilst living through Irish civil unrest during the troubles of northern island. By setting making history in 1951, friel is… View Article

How does Friel present the duality

The character of O’Neil within the play Making History is presented by Friel in several conflicting roles, conveying the inner conflict he feels as a character in various aspects within his life. Friel uses description within stage directions, as well as the actions and dialogue of O’Neil to portray this theme of duality. Two of… View Article

Emma Gifford Poems

Hardy shows a various amount of thoughts, feelings and concerns throughout the ‘Veteris Vestigia Frammae’ section of his poems. These emotions always differ depending on the memory he is recalling to the place where it took place and even general differences between the way he feels about his late wife, Emma. To start with in the… View Article

Duffy’s message in the Worlds Wife

Duffy explores dislocated or dissonant relationships in her anthology ‘The World’s Wife.’ She mostly writes about the relationships between famous or mythical men and their wives. In her dramatic monologues she shows how behind every man is a strong woman. Duffy shows her dissatisfaction with the world of men, through the use of her negative… View Article

Edgar Linton has more right

The word hero conjures an image in one’s head of a valiant, courageous, strong individual; one who puts the needs of others before their own, a being who defies evil with their handsome charm and fearless nature. However, this stereotypical image does not accurately depict the full extent to which the term hero covers, as… View Article

Greek mythological poem

Subject: the poem is a Greek mythological poem about King Midas of Phrygia who had his wish granted everything he touches turns into gold. The poem is about the consequences of choosing money and greed which is presented to the readers through the wife’s perspective. Duffy presents a wide range of emotions through Mrs. Midas’s… View Article

Women Beware Women

“The Changeling” is a striking illustration of how the genius of a great dramatist can transform the most unpromising melodrama into the subject matter of a memorable and harrowing psychological tragedy. Una Ellis- Fermor, in “The Jacobean Drama: An Interpretation”, describes the tragedy as the “most compact and pitiless in this drama”, containing “elements of… View Article

The structure of Little Red Ca

She then goes in search of a “living bird”, which the reader would assume would be the “owl”, however like all novices she must start small before she gets to the complete knowledge, she gets a “white dove” which shows her innocence not only in poetry (compared to an ‘owl’) but in the situation she… View Article

Working in the kitchen area

The advert could also include other material that might attract a wider net of suitable candidates. For example, it might briefly outline the philosophy of the organisation, its positive attitude to disabled people, or its commitment to family – friendly policies. In general, the advert should be presented so that it captures reader’ attention, arouses interest… View Article

IKEA’s transport methods

Allowing the public to visit the business – Makes the customer feel more welcome, and at home with IKEA if they feel involved by learning more about the company. Public relations can be a very expensive form of promotion, and it can be difficult for businesses to assess the effect of public relations on sales. Catalogues are… View Article

Training Needs Analysis

TNA is a review of learning and development needs for staff, volunteers, and trustees within an organisation. It considers the skills, knowledge and behaviours that the staff require and this needs to be developed effectively. TNA can be conducted at three levels; Organisational, Team and individual level. The purpose of TNA is to ensure that… View Article

Nissan Motors

Dramatic loss in 2008 was wake up call for Nissan Motors Head Office, and the CEO of the company has conducted a meeting with fellow managements and shareholders to discuss the recovery plan for the company. As a result, he came up with ‘Five year recovery plan’ detailed below. 1. Categorise by geographically- they categorised… View Article

Promote high performance

Mullins stated that the theory is the “idea that people prefer certain outcomes from their behaviour over others. They anticipate feelings of satisfaction should be preferred outcome be achieved.” Vroom’s theory can be useful to my studies because what you put into achieving bonuses is what you should expect as the outcome. Fr example, as an… View Article

The culture and management

Sifang’s recruitment of the length of time is fairly flexible from the three months minimum period to the 15 months maximum. From the previous experience, Sifang usually prepares three months necessary to advertise and fill a vacancy if no difficulties were encountered because there was nothing specific to contribute the timescale being longer. There are… View Article