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Rules For Investment Decisions

Because of various shortcomings in the average rate of return and payback methods, it is generally felt that discounted cash-flow methods provide a more objective basis for evaluating investment projects. The two discounted cash-flow methods are Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV). This Technical Note assumes basic concepts and calculations of… View Article

Why Are Girls Achieving Higher Grades Than Boys In Exams?

Introduction I have chosen this area of education because it interests me why girls do better than boys in SATs. I found the topic of education the most interesting topic of sociology so far this term. My title for the coursework is ‘Why are girls achieving higher grades then boys in exams?’ I thought about… View Article

Personality & Attitudes on Revenge in the General Population of Scotland

Fantasies vary from person to person and are dependent on psychological condition. In a clinical population fantasies tend to last longer than in non-clinical populations. Although overall each fantasy has been reported to last relatively short periods of time, the frequency of which they occur is usually the factor that determines whether they are of… View Article

Policing of Industrial Action in Australia

Throughout history, protests in Australian have been controlled in many different ways by respective police forces. History suggests that the police in industrial disputes in Australia are not politically neutral and consistently take the side of the employer and the government. This will be critically accessed and examples will be looked at to support the… View Article

Literacy Development in Afterschool program at Yeronga State High School

Introduction Yeronga State High School was established in 1959 by Queensland Government on 60 acres of land. This school comprises of student from more than 60 cultural and linguistic back grounds, many students come from Africa, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. More than 90% of this population is refugees coming from war-torn countries suffering from war… View Article

Trace the historical development of physical education

Trace the historical development of physical education and discuss the effects that these developments have had on your opportunities to develop performance in your chosen activities The historical development of physical education has had a significant effect on my opportunities and personal performance. I will be investigating the effect of historical development of physical education… View Article

Shahrzad: An Accidental Surrealist?

1. Introduction The Persian legacy has been immortalized by its literature, poetry, and songs. Persian poets such as Omar Khayam and Jalal ul-Din Rumi have been translated into hundreds of languages around the world. Subsequently the late 19th and primarily the 20th century saw a rise of women litt�rateurs and poets. Famous personalities such as… View Article

Write a critical comparison of two pieces of research

Rationale When choosing the two pieces of research to compare, I sought a topic that interested and was of relevance to me. According to Hammersley and Scarth (1993) the function of educational research is to inform policy-makers and practitioners and consequently to improve education (p.216). Subsequently the aim of this essay is not only to… View Article

Intel’s Site Selection Decision in Latin America

In a growing technological society, the demand for Intel Corporation’s products is rising at a rapid pace. Intel must open a new plant at a rate of one every nine months to supply this demand. In order to diversify assets and decrease risk, Intel must invest in a new area. This area must consist of… View Article

VoIP – Red, yellow or green light?

Abstract – This paper describes the fundamental functionalities of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and also provides an insight into the current issues that constrain VoIP from being universally utilized as a business telecommunications tool. VoIP transmits voice signals via a packet switched network rather than the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN). Circuit switching… View Article

In Latin and other languages, Fluxus literally means flow and change

In Latin and other languages, “Fluxus” literally means “flow” and “change.” Similarly, the related English word “flux” is used variously to mean “a state of continuous change”,”a fusion.” Fluxus ideas were prevalent well before the 1960’s, growing with the idea of intermedia, but first summarised, exemplified and presented in a festival jointly organised by the… View Article