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Shakespeare’s treatment of evil in Macbeth

It is clear right from the beginning of the play that the witches play a key role in the play. The opening scene shows the witches planning their meeting with Macbeth. Not only does this scene hold suspense and capture the audience’s attention from the start of the play, it sets the atmosphere also. They… View Article

English Coursework: Macbeth

Throughout the all of the play, we can see Macbeth’ s morals being questioned and his integrity slowly declining. The Soliloquies are the internal queries and conversations that Macbeth has with himself hence help us to see his moral fluctuations. In Act 1 Scene 3, Macbeth measures up the moral implications of the three witches… View Article

The character of Macbeth throughout the play

“Macbeth” is one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, which contain witchcraft, treason, and bloody murder. In the following essay, I will be writing about the way I feel towards the character of Macbeth throughout the play and the way in which he changes. Does Shakespeare present him in such a way that we can to… View Article

Is this an accurate assessment of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

In retrospect Macbeth does not embody the traits of a butcher at the start of the play but the chain of events he and his wife set in motion, changes him into a remorseless killer. A butcher by trade kills for necessity, shows no remorse or conscience and is pitiless. However, Macbeth is persuaded by… View Article

Macbeth- Appearance vs Reality

‘How does Shakespeare use the idea of deception in his play, Macbeth? Discuss the topic by referring to character, supernatural elements, places and objects not being what they seem William Shakespeare was a very famous playwright and actor who lived over 100 years ago and wrote the many plays including Macbeth. The play Macbeth is… View Article

Choose two scenes from Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’

At the outset of this scene, we are able to ascertain due to the careful sculpturing of Shakespeare’s, that Lady Macbeth is a practical kind of women from what is emanated from her soliloquy, who is imbued with an aura of insecurity full of consternation for her husband’s dangerous ploy. She is ever weary of… View Article

Conflict is the essence of drama

The effect of conflicts in drama is profound, and conflicts contribute to a great extent in making drama attractive for audience to watch. Conflict basically forwards drama, while in the meantime it leads to changes that attract audiences as it progresses through time. Conflict shows character, their realizations, and also realizations of audiences, all of… View Article

The tragedy in Shakespeare’s Macbeth

At the start of the play, Macbeth is portrayed as a brave and loyal warrior. He leads a heroic assault against the Norwegians by killing and beheading the main enemy of his country Scotland during the war. This shows us that he is physically strong. Ross describes him as the hero of the battle. “For… View Article

Malcomes final speech

In Malcomes final speech he describes Lady Macbeth as a fiend like “queen”. Explain how far you think this description of her is justified Lady Macbeth is a very essential character to the play. She is singly responsible for the most tragedy and destruction throughout the play. She is very responsible because she is the… View Article

How I Would Direct Act 5 Scene 1 From Macbeth

Introduction If I were to direct a new version of Scene 1 of Act 5 in Macbeth I would make it a modernised version. The characters would wear modern clothes and live in modern surroundings and the story would have to be slightly altered to fit this modern setting. I think that I could still… View Article

Macbeth Analysis

I was just walking with Banquo on a cold and windy day to Forres when we come across three witches. They were very old and they all had long curly beards. One of them had a long crooked old finger and she kept on pointing it at me. The witches started talking to me. They… View Article

What is your view of Lady Macbeth?

What is your view of Lady Macbeth? Trace her development through the play, paying attention to her soliloquies and her conversation with Macbeth. Do you pity her? Macbeth was written between 1606 and 1611, a time period in which women had a purely domestic and innocent role within the family. However I feel Shakespeare presents… View Article

Macbeth coursework act 3 scene 4

Macbeth is so important in this scene because it’s all about him in this scene and every thing that happens is revolving round him. Before this Banquo was killed by Macbeths hired murderers. During this scene Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and the lords are in the dining hall. They are celebrating Macbeth becoming king of Scotland,… View Article