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Bei Dao’s Poem ‘An End or a Beginning’

Bei Dao’s Poem ‘An End or a Beginning’ depicts the endless protestors ‘murdered’ by the cruelty of the Cultural Revolution and the continuity of life in search of hope after many lives taken away. The loss of hope looked for “In every dream” after every day, reinforces the everlastingly hunt of freedom and end of… View Article

To Kill a Mocking Bird

Socialising is a very complicated process, for we often make unjustified assumptions that lead to misunderstandings or even worst, it might even cause the innocents to suffer. In “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” it was demonstrated a number of times, both in court and in every day life, often caused by people’s limited observations skills… View Article

Commentary on ‘Testing the Reality’

This short but powerfully descriptive poem tells the story of a young man who comes to discover just how fragile the boundary between life and death really is. Written in the form of a dramatic lyric, the poem highlights the moment of revelation and reflection as the man realizes his mother hadn’t died; instead she… View Article

Gender Inequality in The Quiet American

The book The Quiet American focuses on a poor, war-struck, and undeveloped country – Vietnam. In this type of environment, many social problems are accepted, particularly gender inequality. Throughout The Quiet American gender inequality is mostly practiced by men, however it carried out by women as well. Proving that women are unequal to men and… View Article

The opening of Pride and Prejudice

How does Jane Austen in the opening of Pride and Prejudice decide the subject and the tone of the novel? How does this prepare the reader for rest of the book? Pride and prejudice is Jane Austen most popular Novel. In this novel Jane Austen has portrayed the book on a real life story and… View Article

“The God of Small Things” Arundhati Roy

In chapter seven of “The God of Small Things” Arundhati Roy uses Rahel’s encounter of the Wisdom Exercise Notebooks to underlie many recurring themes throughout the novel. Through setting, imagery, and symbolism, Roy is able to further establish the impact of neglect and abandonment on the Ipe family relationships, and on India’s traditional society as… View Article

Tsotsi directed by Gavin Hood and Chris Abani’s Nigerian novel Graceland

How do the names of main characters in the film Tsotsi and novel Graceland define their identity? When comparing the South African movie Tsotsi directed by Gavin Hood and Chris Abani’s Nigerian novel Graceland, both are stories of young men struggling with their poverty-stricken fates. In these African cultures, the names of central characters Tsotsi… View Article

Albert Camus’ The Stranger

Color and weather as elements used to explore thought and emotion in Albert Camus’ The Stranger Literary techniques have long been an effective tool that authors use in order to convey deeper meaning within their text, particularly for novels that have a seemingly simple purpose. The Stranger by Albert Camus, translated by Matthew Ward is… View Article

In Jane Harrisons play Stolen

In Jane Harrison’s play, ‘Stolen’, the characters of Ruby, Anne and Jimmy are utilised in order to position the audience to feel sympathetic towards those affected by the ‘Stolen Generation’. Through her plot Harrison is able to demonstrate the pain faced by the characters. Furthermore, through her script, she is also able to show the… View Article

The Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC

In this passage, there is a recollection of the Roman invasion of Britain in 55 BC. Using this historic event, the passage attempts to criticize colonialism for its cruelty. By eloquently undermining the justifications of colonialism, Conrad manages to effectively critique it and its ironic nature. Through the use of light and dark imagery, the… View Article

Are we Cheering for the Villain?

When reading the play Oedipus the King, a range of feelings and perspectives arise in the audience, making us unconsciously chose sides with Oedipus or with the ruthless prediction made by the gods. This is due to the fact that as the play develops, more and more is revealed about Oedipus making the audience not… View Article

Jane Eyre – Through A Critical Lens

Historical research has always been an issue of trial and error. Through analyzing novels such as Jane Eyre, historicists can learn about that part of our past by looking at the prevalent themes in the novels, such as social and gender inequalities. By analyzing the historical context of Charlotte Bront�’s novel, Jane Eyre, as well… View Article

The Future Of Cricket

Cricket was initially played in England, by the Englishmen. They had colonies throughout the world and hence were introduced to other countries and became widely popular all over the world. Initially the matches would last for five days and sometimes the result would end in a draw. They were called TEST MATCHES. Sometime in 1977… View Article