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The horror of war, and the poets’criticism of war

How is the horror of war, and the poets’ criticism of war. Conveyed in the war poems? Poetry written in the English language has a long and fascinating history. Like other creative arts, poetry began in service to communities. Its function was to aid the memory and enshrine in its rhythmic diction the history of… View Article

Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’

Writing in a similar style to Owen’s ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’, Siegfried Sassoon also decided to attack figures of authority and those with no direct experience of trench warfare via ‘Base Details’. ‘Base Details’ is entirely speculative. The word ‘base’ in the title has two distinct meanings. It could be used as a noun, to… View Article

How did poets in the early stages of World War 1 seek to glorify war

‘Who’s for the game’, ‘The Soldier’, ‘In Flanders Field’ and ‘Rendezvous’ are four poems that I feel are apt examples of typical poetry written in World War 1. Poetry throughout this period of time, share similar qualities of which I hope to explore further, one of these qualities is the recurring theme of the glorification… View Article

Understanding of literature and poetry based on the war

I will look at war in my improvisation and to help me gain an understanding of literature and poetry based on the war I will be looking at two poems and one piece of script writing. Both poems were written and set during the First World War. The Soldier was written shortly before the war… View Article

Which Equation is Correct?

Task: This experiment involves the decomposition of copper carbonate whereby we want to find out whether CuO(?) or Cu20(s) is formed upon the decomposition of copper carbonate when heated. I intend to use mole equations to find the volume of gas produced in both equations in order to solve the problem set. Equation 1 –… View Article

The war on the western front

1. Source A was written by Craig Mair in 1982 for a textbook in a British School, the source was written 63 years after the First World War which makes it a secondary source. The Source describes clearly the events of the battle of the Somme. In the source there are mainly facts which are… View Article

Referring to your Wider Reading

By Comparing Extracts A, B and C and Referring to your Wider Reading, Examine how Typical in both Style and Treatment of Subject Matter these writings are of Literature from or about the First World War The experiences of men and women within the war differed drastically, due to the different roles played by each… View Article

World War One Sources Questions

Q1. “Source A is propaganda and, therefore , it is of little use as evidence about the importance of women in the first world war.” Do you agree or disagree? I agree that the source is of little use as evidence about the importance of women in the first world war, this does not however… View Article

The employment of women in industry during the First World War

Use Source G and your own knowledge to explain why some men opposed the employment of women in industry during the First World War. Source G is a personal account written by a women worker, which demonstrates the prejudice that women were shown in the work place during the First World War. It describes scenes… View Article

The New Technology of War

Tanks: Tanks were massive killing machines, which could hold many goods and many men. This was an advantage because before tanks were invented, the soldiers had to walk to and from different battlefields under the risk of shellfire. The tanks were obviously bullet proof and protective and could move through the battlefield. They could go… View Article

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is a book which was written by H.G Wells in 1989, the book depicts the end of mankind at the peril of Martians. The main fears at that time where highlighted in this book. H.G Wells was a man of science, when in education he received many science awards and he… View Article

Different Propaganda Means in World War II

1. Introduction a) General Background We know that propaganda used in war had effects on the outcome of the war from GCSE Modern World History second edition that propaganda means used in war had contributed to the war efforts which directly affected the outcome of the war. Many propaganda means such as movies and songs… View Article