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Them typical of the detective Genre

This is typical in detective fiction because the detective has already solved the case, but doesn’t reveal it until he has all the evidence to back up his theories. For example in ‘The Beryl Coronet’ when Watson is narrating, we can clearly see that even Watson doesn’t know what his companion’s conclusions are about the… View Article

Doyle only wrote them for earning money

Conan Doyle developed the Detective Fiction genre into short stories which were called ‘pot-boilers’. These were not written for literal context; Doyle only wrote them for earning money. ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’ was then written in 1902 at the end of the Victorian era. But Doyle was not the first; the first detective fiction… View Article

Prose coursework: Sherlock Holmes

Study both stories and find and copy out evidence, to do with the following: 1. Sherlock Holmes Character and personality. 2. His appearance. 3. Dr Watson’s character and personality. 4. His Appearance. 5. Evidence of a relationship between the two characters. 6. Look for any evidence that the story is set in the 1800’s. 7…. View Article

Prose coursework

London being the most powerful city of its vast British empire had become the central point of the world. In the Victorian period, Britain owned the majority of the world and science was taking major jumps in history with discoveries, inventions and theories, for example the Darwin theory of evolution and the inventions of much… View Article

Proctor, hero or Villain?

Proctor chooses the easy way to escape troubles, as it is a chance to avoid facing up to his responsibilities. He put his own reputation above the well being and happiness of his family. As he cries out “Because it is my name because I cannot have another in my life” Which finally shows that… View Article

The great detective, in his stories?

    k in his disguise “For two streets he shuffled along with a bent back and an uncertain foot”. I “The Speckled Band” Holmes searches for clues using his magnifying glass (lens) “Then with his lens he tested the hinges” and does not rely on what clues he is told and tests every theory… View Article

The Creeping Man

‘Lamb to the Slaughter and ‘The Creeping Man’ are two different examples of stories of the detective genre. However one story follows the typical detective genre and the other subverts the traditional detective story. ‘The Creeping Man’ was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and is a typical detective story. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was… View Article

Pre-1914 literature Arthur Conan Doyle

The previous pair of quotes significantly carries the Victorian assumption of evil and mysterious foreigners. Victorians associated drugs with the Far East: “As I entered, a swallow of Malay attendant”, “and the rascally Lascar who runs it has sworn to have vengeance upon me. ” Both these quotes suggest similar nature in the Victorian attitude… View Article

Presents from my aunts in Pakistan

This essay is about three poems ,which are ‘Search for my tongue’,’Half-caste’ and ‘Presents from my aunts in Pakistan’. These peoms are from people who are from other cultures, or of mixed races. There are many difficulties that people may experience if they are from another country or culture, or they are not white or… View Article

Pip wants to be a gentleman

‘It was evident that he had nothing around him but the simplest necessaries, for everything that I remarked upon turned out to have been sent in on my account from the coffee-house or somewhere else. ‘ Another character who displays this quality is Magwitch: even though he is a convict, he is a good man…. View Article

Poetry from other cultures

Task: John Agard ‘in ‘Half Caste’ and Moniza Alvi in ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ both deal with the issues of being born of mixed marriages. ‘Half Caste’ and ‘Half English’. Write about the different ways in which the past explore what this means to them. John Agard and Moniza Alvi have two different… View Article

Half Caste

The two poems I am going to compare are “I am not that Woman” by Kishwar Naheed and “Half Caste” by John Agard. Although these poems are essentially about different things, with “I am not that woman” being about a feminist and “Half Caste” about skin colour, underneath this they are both about being prejudiced… View Article

Half Caste, by John Agard

Poetry is used by writers’ world wide to express them. Many of these poems are very negative and show it in the use, and misuse, of language. Other poems are more positive. Poets often use their work to express difficult situations. ‘Half Caste’ is a good example of this because it portrays the writer in… View Article

Writing as John Proctor on the gallows

So this is it. I never imagined it would all end this, it’s all so scary, everyone is looking at me. Why do they all want to see me die? Should I have just lied and signed to say I was working for the devil? At least then I would stay alive. If I just… View Article

Reading of Jane Austen(TM)s short stories

‘From a reading of Jane Austen’s short stories what do we learn about women’s lives in the late eighteenth century?’ In Jane Austen’s a collection of short stories “Love and Friendship”, she shows us the lives of women in the late eighteenth century, and what they have to deal with. These short stories are written… View Article