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The adventure of the speckled band

These stories, whilst written in the 19 century, still seem very relevant today. In this age where terrorism is a constant threat, it is easy to believe that we are the first generation to experience these fears. However, these stories give us an excellent reminder that we are not the first, and that these threats… View Article

Miller further

Miller further continues the feeling of contempt towards John Proctor in the following Act through Elizabeth Proctor’s despair. Instantly we can see the tension and strain is the Proctor marriage as when her husband returns home late after a long day planting in the fields, Elizabeth is intensely suspicious of him. This tension is reinforced… View Article

The Crucible inevitable

‘The Crucible’ was written in 1953 by the American playwright, Arthur Miller. It is a historical play, which takes place in the small theocratical Puritan village of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. However, Miller wrote the ‘The Crucible’ not just as a straight historical play detailing the Salem witch trials; the play in fact acts as… View Article

A View from the Bridge

Eddie Carbone, the protagonist of the play, is in many ways a tragic hero and like all tragic heroes has a fatal flaw. Eddie’s harmatia is his incestuous feelings for Catherine. Arthur Miller has used the character of Eddie as an everyman perhaps to show that any person can make mistakes with ones feelings. Through… View Article

Arthur Miller’s Commentary

Arthur Miller’s commentary helps our understanding of the play very much. Through more character detail he has made it possible for us to understand exactly how the different characters are feeling, and why they behave the way they do, as in the case of Abigail using the whole situation to her advantage, and being very… View Article

Great Expectations

Pip’s Loss Of Innocence In The First Section Of Great Expectations I think that Pip’s loss of innocence in Great Expectations starts at a young age and grows more and more noticeable throughout the book. It starts from the second chapter when he is forced into the crime of stealing a pork pie and some… View Article

Pip’s Shadow Parents

He then takes Pip’s hands, and causes him to be disorientated and feel very weak and vunerable. This is, again, like a metaphor for Pip’s whole world being shaken up and turned on his head, and he has control, he is pushed out of his comfort zone by this stranger, and so it creates a… View Article

The Victorian period

TASK: Pip changes a lot during his time in London. As we read the second stage of the novel, we do not like what we see of Pip because he becomes more and more of a snob. Do you agree with this opinion? The hero of ‘Great Expectations’ is Pip and throughout the novel, our… View Article

Pip and his Journey to becoming uncommon

He shows it to Joe, who thinks it’s magnificent, but when Joe tries to read it all he can say is “J. O. JO. ” (44) Pip is surprised, and then asks Joe if he can actually read. Joe replies that he can so Pip gives him a book, but again the only thing Joe… View Article

The Caste system

In order to answer this question it is necessary to address the issues raised from the caste system and the importance it has for society and the Hindus. The main issue that has emerged from the caste system is the treatment of the untouchables or Dalits. The Dalits exist outside the caste system, there are… View Article

Arthur Miller

We then created a scene based on knowledge gained through the play text and the discussions and showed it to the class, and received in return their comments. However our teacher did not believe any one in our group had the characters as believable as they could, and thought they needed improving. She decided upon… View Article

American politician

Assignment details: One of the themes in ‘Crucible’ is the conflict between good and evil. Who would you say were the good people and how is their goodness shown? Who would you say were the evil people and how is their evil shown? Arthur Millers play ‘The Crucible’ was first produced in the year 1953… View Article

Of mice and men

Is it the piano which is half caste? Or it is life that is half caste as he utters on the fourth stanza “I close half a eye consequently where I dream, I dream… half dream. ” Through these lines I discover that in his point of view even his dreams are half! However he… View Article

Eddie and Beatrice

“Of all the characters in the play, Marco is the one most responsible for the death of Eddie Carbone” Do you agree? Consider all the characters in the play who are likely to be involved. Form your own conclusion from evidence, and use six characters minimum. I am going to write an essay about who… View Article

Of all the characters in the Crucible

Of all the characters in the Crucible, John Proctor is perhaps the most admirable. He has strong personal principles and the courage to stand by them. Proctor strives to do what is right. He tries very hard to please Elizabeth because his affair with Abigail Williams has left him with a guilty conscience. In Act… View Article