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War and Military in Medieval Times: The First Crusade

Europe was undergoing a time of change and turmoil in the Middle Ages. Farming advancements, the growth of cities, and the deterioration of the feudal system set the stage for the development of the new middle social class. With expansion and change came new problems for all classes; lack of available work for the peasants,… View Article

Comparisons of war poems

In exploring the portrayal of war in the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Shakespeare one can see the contrasting attitudes and realities of war. In before Agincourt set in 1415 composed by Shakespeare, he portrays the glory and honour in war, whilst Anthem for doomed youth composed by Wilford Own set in 1914 is expressing… View Article

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

To what extent is The Tenant of Wildfell Hall fundamentally concerned with exploring the possibility of salvation? Helen Huntingdon, the leading female role in The Tenant, believes in Universalism, which is the belief that all people can be saved. From her first encounter with Arthur Huntingdon, she believes she can save him from his sins,… View Article

The End of the War is Just the Beginning

In the world of poetry, the most inspirational topics are often the most tragic. War is one of those subjects that evoke a bottomless well of stories, opinions, and emotions. “Leningrad Cemetery, Winter of 1941” and “Dulce et Decorum Est” are two examples of poems centered around battle with different perspectives on war itself. In… View Article

How Does Owen Use Nature To Convey His Feelings About War?

Wilfred Owen uses nature to convey his feelings in his poems, using many different techniques. In both the poems that I am examining, Exposure, and Spring Offensive, he’s uses nature to show pain and suffering. For example, in exposure, he uses brambles to convey pain; “Watching, we hear the mad gusts tugging on the wire,… View Article

The Long and the Short and the Tall Assignment

The play is set in an abandoned mining hut in the Malayan jungle in 1942 during the Second World War. The Japanese are advancing upon British controlled Singapore. This play focuses on a small British patrol group who were sent north into the jungle to check for signs of Japanese advance. The patrol consists of… View Article

Death in Venice and Cat and Mouse

Thesis: The contradiction between one’s public image and unadulterated feelings or desires is a dominant theme in Death in Venice and Cat and Mouse. Both use minor characters to help represent this theme as well as foreshadowing plot. Minor characters may often be overlooked in literature as the reader’s attention is focused on the major… View Article

Compariosn of pre 1914 and Wilfred Owen’s poems

By comparing and contrasting a selection of war poems, consider the ways in which attitudes to war have been explored and expressed. When considering poetry written post 1900 concentrate on a selection of poems written by Wilfred Owen. War has been an influential topic for poetry for many centuries and through its catastrophic cruelty and… View Article

Women In The Military

Women in the military has been a controversial topic for many years now, and the roles they play in the armed services. In this paper I will discuss the roles women have occupied, and if they should be allowed to participate on the front lines in war. This has been a topic receiving more attention… View Article

The Journey Of My Ancestors

It was a long windy night on the thick sandy Saharan desert. . It was the beginning of a never ending journey……..well so they thought. It had come and gone again………….the war… the war that had killed men, women and children. It was a war coursed by greed, selfishness, betrayal and unforgiveness. They had been… View Article

The Surgical Unit Of The Red Cross

This is the surgical unit of the Red Cross. Note how young some of the surgeons are, and the lack of 18-40 year olds. This is because lots of them were fighting at the time. Also see how there are hardly any women surgeons. If this photo had been taken at the end of the… View Article

An Unpredicted New kind Of Warfare

World war one continued for four years across a vast and stretching from the English Channel to the northern Swiss border. In 1914 the prediction was that the war would be over by Christmas. At the beginning of the war, The Germans thought they could capture France before invading Russia therefore preventing a war on… View Article

Human society

Human society, as we know it, is becoming lazy and antisocial. It’s pretty much useless to deny it. Compare us to fifty years ago, and you will find we’ve let ourselves go. Compare us to a hundred years ago, and you’ll realize we’ve morphed into beanbags with brains. In the 1890’s they got by fine… View Article

Film versions of Romeo and Juliet

My aim of this essay is to compare the two versions of Romeo and Juliet that are directed by Baz Lehrman and Franco Zeffirelli. Lehrman set his in modern times with modern clothing and buildings. He still uses early modern English but with some lines changed, so the modern audience can understand the story a… View Article