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Medicine Sources Question

What can you learn from these two sources about Pare’s contribution to medicine? (5 marks) Ambroise Pare was a French war surgeon who worked in a number of public hospitals and helped many times on the battlefields, giving him ‘war wound’ knowledge. He lived between 1510 and 1590. Before Ambroise Pare, soldiers who received a… View Article

The First World War Satire

How does Blackadder Goes Forth satirize the First World War and how does it fit into the situation comedy genre as a whole? A situation comedy, or a sit-com, is a comedy series projected from radio or television. The programme itself is based upon how characters react to unusual or comic situations. Situation comedies follow… View Article

Which equation is correct

he aim of this experiment is to prove whether Copper carbonate decomposes into copper 2 oxide or copper oxide when heated. The equations which include these oxides are: 2CuCO3(s) Cu2O(s) 2CO2 1/2O2(g) 2CuO3(s) CuO(s) CO2(g) To work out which equation is correct I will use mole calculations to work out the amount of gas produced… View Article

War Poetry

An Introduction War has given writers much material to use in books, short stories, descriptive essays, poems etc. Sometimes these merely narrate incidents and bring them up to story form. For instance Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece, War and Peace, tells the story of five families during the Napoleonic Wars, “The Great Escape” by Paul… View Article

Examination of Some of the images

Wilfred Owen fought throughout the First World War until the last week when he unfortunately died in combat. He must have seen many people in shock from the horrors and destruction of war and that is why he composed a poem about shell shocked soldiers. He said this about his poems: “My subject is War… View Article

Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say

Question 1. Describe how the story is structured to influence your response to the text. Question 2. Describe one of the story’s major settings. How is it constructed and what is its significance to the story and its ideas? North America is the major setting in this book. North America holds a lot of new… View Article

Compare the attitudes to war in the three poems

‘Rule Britannia’ was written in 1740. The title ‘Rule’ causes the reader to think that this is a command by God. Rule Britannia is an extremely patriotic poem which creates the image that Britain is the place of the Lord and Britain is the best. This image is implied by: ‘Arose from out the azure… View Article

First World War Poems

In this essay I am comparing and discussing three poems from the Great War, each by a different author. These poems are ‘In Memoriam’ by F. A. Mackintosh, ‘Death Bed’ by Siegfried Sassoon and ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ by Wilfred Owen. First I shall discuss ‘In Memoriam’ by F. A. Mackintosh. The title starts by… View Article

Compare the play “Killed” with “Blue Remembered Hills”

In this essay I will compare the two plays “Killed” and “Blue Remembered Hills”. The play “Blue Remembered Hills” was written by Dennis Potter, I have been studying the Samuel French LTD edition. It is set in 1943 in the south west of Britain. “Killed” was written by Fred Hawksley, it is set mostly in… View Article

The Changing Role of Women: The Second World War

1. a) The aim of this poster is to persuade women to work in factories. The poster shows the woman at the forefront as big, strong and powerful to encourage women to enter employment to help with the war effort. The viewers of the poster, see the woman from below, focusing on a type of… View Article

Comparison of Wilfred Owen Poems

Wilfred Owen is a twentieth century poetry writer who was born in Oswestry in Shropshire. In 1915 he enlisted fighting on the western front. During a spell in the Craglockhart hospital he met Seigfried Sassoon who encouraged him to develop his poetry. Owens’s poems are amongst the most famous and poignant of the war. He… View Article

The terms symbol and imagery

Define the terms symbol and imagery, and analyze how each of the stories uses symbols to add depth to the quality of the story. A child loves mother unconditionally and wants to spend as much time with her as possible. However, the same little one cuddles mummy’s sweater while she has to work at night… View Article

War Poems

Compare three or four poems which show war as noble. You should write about: * The experiences in the poem * What the poems show as noble * How the poets make war, or the experience of war, seem noble * Differences between the poems I have chosen to write about “For The Fallen”, “Henry… View Article