Frederick Douglass Paper Essay

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Frederick Douglass Paper

For this year’s I.P., I picked Frederick Douglass to be my topic. The reason I picked him was because he was a great man and a well known abolitionist figure. He dedicated his life to opposing slavery. I have always admired Douglass since my first grade teacher told my class about him. Once I researched a little about him, mainly the time period of his life, I realized he was a perfect choice for my I.P. topic. He interested me and I could easily get plenty of information on him.

I knew that all the information I needed was out there, I just needed to go out and find it. I went to my local library and checked out books on my topic. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity, and that’s not an excuse for underachieving. I checked out three or four really effective books, a few that could be categorized as multigenre themselves. They contained both primary and secondary documents.

Secondly, I researched him on the internet; and I don’t mean googling “Frederick Douglass.” I searched specific things like “Frederick Douglass as a slave” and “Frederick Douglass’ escape.” This allowed me to narrow the “millions” of results one always gets when using Google. I received plenty of good websites that I could use that summarized his whole life.

I picked multigenre as my presentation category and its obvious why. Frederick Douglass’ life was a multigenre in a sense. He wrote letters and poems and narratives all about his life and slavery. He personified slavery and did all he could to abolish it. A multigenre would best represent Douglass and his life.

In order to make my multigenre effective in “moving” the reader, I had to look at one of the examples Mrs. Jackson provided me with. Using that as a template, I wrote poems and short stories appropriate to the time period that related to the idea of the wrongness of slavery and Douglass. I found pictures that illustrated Douglass’ ideas, as well as drew a few of my own. I tried to picture myself as a slave that hated the way I was treated to add that emotional feel to all my writings.

My project definitely relates to the theme, important people in history, because Frederick Douglass was an important individual in history. He was one of the more famous abolitionists and publically expressed his views on slavery. His words and writings were more effective than some because he was once a slave and could back up his sayings. Without some of the things Douglass did, I don’t believe slavery would have ended when it did. America remembers him for his inspirational story, a slave who became free to help others become free.

Annotated Bibliography

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Douglass, Frederick. My escape from slavery. Charlottesville, Va.: University of Virginia Library, 1996. Print. [This story was basically a multigenre by Douglass that helped me write a few works on slavery in my multigenre].”

Vernellia, Randall. “No Struggle No Progress.” autoredirect to main site. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. <> [This website had a poem that I used in my multigenre. It was a primary source]

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