Freak the Mighty Essay

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Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty is a story about the power of a true friendship. Freak and Max are two boys who were so different, and yet had much in common with one another. Freak as well as Max both had limitations and this helped them to become friends. They both run into problems, but together they are “Freak the Mighty, slaying dragons, rescuing fair maidens, and walking high above the world. ” There are differences between Freak and Max. Max is big and tall, a slow thinker, and runs away from his problems.

Freak is small, smart, and tries very hard to be brave. There are similarities between the two boys, both have a disability, both do not known their dads, and both are in fear of something. In the story it shows how Max is afraid of joining life here on Earth and Freak is afraid of leaving life here on Earth. Max handles this fear by staying quiet and giving in to people when they bother him and Freak deals with his fear by convincing himself that he will be saved by receiving bionic body parts.

Main Events: Freak the Mighty finds Loretta’s purse and gives it to her. Max murdering dad kidnaps him and Freak saves him by spraying a liquid at him from his water gun. Freak gets very ill and goes into the hospital. Conclusion: In the story Max was so busy rescuing adventures, treasure hunting, and slaying dragons that he did not even realize that he already had begun living life. Freak realizes that he will die, but knows that he will stay alive through Max’s story of his and Max’s adventures.

When Freak dies, Max feels as if he lost a part of himself because they were friends. Loretta gives Max hope after Freak dies by telling him “nothing is a drag. Think about it! ” 1 Fact and 1 Opinion One fact is that this book is for anybody to read because it shares the story about people with disabilities and what they have to go through in their lives. My opinion is that everyone in school should be made to read this book because it might help them know what people that are different from them is going through.

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