Franklin Essay Topics

George Washington and Benjamin Franklin

George Washington is a revered figure in history. He was the first President of the United States and one of its beloved Founding Fathers. He was “Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army upon whose victory the thirteen colonies depended to secure their separate and equal station among the powers of the earth” (Rediscovering George Washington, 2002,… View Article

Hi-tech technology solutions

Harsha and Franklin both of them are post graduates in management under different streams from same B-School. Both of them are close to each other from the college days itself and the same friendship is continuing in the organisation too as they are placed in the same company, Hy-tech technology solutions. Harsha placed in HR… View Article

American Revolution Notes: Radical or Moderate

Some historians argue that the Revolution was solely aimed at achieving the limited goal of independence from Britain. There was a consensus among the Americans about keeping things as they were once the break from Britain had been accomplished The Revolution was inevitably viewed as a struggle of liberty versus tyranny between America and Britain…. View Article

Lack of values in today’s society

In the last years, we have been facing the lack of values in the society and in human relationships. We consider as ” value ” the degree of importance, significance or meaning that objects acquire, the actions, the situations or positions, to the extent that respond to the needs of the species and the human… View Article

Inventors and their inventions

· Thomas Adams, inventor of chewing gum · Mary Anderson, inventor of car windshield wipers · Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone · Edward Binney, co-inventor of Crayola crayons · Clarence Birdseye, inventor of commercial frozen food · Joseph-Armand Bombardier, inventor of the snowmobile · Willis Carrier, inventor of air conditioning · Josephine Garis… View Article

How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution?

How revolutionary was the American Revolution? The American Revolution impacted and changed our history. A few memorable events that took place during the American Revolution are The Boston Massacre, The Tax Act, and the Boston Tea Party. Due to the extreme changes in political, social, and economical areas, the American Revolution was mainly a radical… View Article