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Frankenstein Research Synthesis Paper 

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Throughout the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the monster was considered a Feral child because he was abandoned by his creator and had ran off into the woods. Feral children are young kids who are abandoned by their parents and are raised in the wild or even treated like a dog. They grow a lot of hair all over their body to keep them warm, and they grow a thick layer of skin to protect them. Even though the creature in Frankenstein wasn’t hairy and have thick skin, they were both abandoned and didnt know right from wrong.

Feral children aren’t always abandoned, they also run away from home and get lost and try to survive without human contact or was raised by animals. When children are found, they are usually aggressive and don’t know how to speak and act like a human being. The monster in the novel, wanted to be normal and wanted to be treated like any other human but since he wasn’t taught correctly, the creature was aggressive and caused a lot of deaths throughout the town.

The creator was named Victor Frankenstein and once he created the creature, he didn’t realize that he would cause so much terror. Feral Children and the creature from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein have many similarities and can be shown throughout the novel.

A feral child is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has little to no experience of human behavior or crucially, of human language.

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In the novel, Frankenstein’s creature learned human behavior and human language by people in a cottage in the woods. He learned language by hearing them talk from the holes in the walls and learned behavior by looking at how they act. After learning about humans, the monster sees a small child drowning in a river so he saves her, but soon after, he gets shot by a human who thinks the monster is killing the child. To avoid getting shot again, the creature isolates himself in the woods, causing him to be alone without human contact. He states to Victor that ‘What hope can I gather from your fellow creatures, who owe me nothing? They spurn and hate me. The desert mountains and dreary glaciers are my refuge.’ (pg.78). The monster clearly realizes that society doesn’t except him because he doesnt fit in, so he stays as far away as possible. Feral children are usually scared of human interaction and human connection, according to an article about the features of feral children, “A child surviving without interaction, language or love is a child that will be damaged by an unnatural life. Humans are not designed to live like that. It’s of course possible some of these children ended up in the strange ‘wild’ situation because they were showing some level of abnormality or developmental delay in the first place.” It shows that people can’t live without being social and without interaction, It also proves that it’s impossible to run away forever from humans. The monster needed friends and someone to care for him so he didn’t go crazy but nobody was ever there to help. Even though many people were scared of him, he just wanted a friend and someone to be there with him but since everyone thought he was evil, he started acting evil and going after the person who created him which was Victor.

Even though the monster was described as a tall, scary, older looking man, he was still similar to children that have gotten abandoned or ran away because they have the same mindset. The creature was not very young or even a child, but since Victor played god and created a living person out of other parts, the creature would have needed to learn about how society is and how to act in public and have human connections. The wild children also didn’t know how to act or socialize because they were left or ran away at a young age. They also needed support going through life at their age and needed a parent figure to teach them how to live properly and not in the wilderness with animals. According to an article, “We’ll never know whether some of these kids have congenital difficulties which led them to be selected for unusual treatment, or which contributed to their abandonment. Or whether they started off ‘normal’ and it was their experiences that have left them in this state.” Which also can mean that feral children can have a pretty normal childhood before getting isolated. Many children also try to be an attention seeker and run away from a fairly normal life, or they run away because of difficulties in the house. A little boy ran away from home after his father started abusing him and his mother and then two years later was found dirty and in the wilderness. His mom quoted that, ‘He still can’t identify the dangers in the street. Like an untrained puppy, when he sees something interesting like a cat on the other side of the road, he’ll just run across, regardless of whether there are cars coming.’ She said this while her son was at the age of seven and should be old enough to know when to cross the street, but since he ran away, he needs to be retaught all of the basic fundamentals of living. The monster in Frankenstein was never taught how to live in a world where everyone wasn’t accepting of him and how he looked so he embraced it. He started using his difficulties to his advantage and soon started killing everyone Victor cared about. Feral children are not usually so aggressive that they kill someone but, they are prone to biting, scratching, and jumping on people when are scared, just like an animal would. The big difference between feral children and the creature in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is that the creature knew how to emotionally affect people and hurt them but the wild children don’t act like humans at all and almost always act like animals.

Feral children and the creature in Frankenstein are very alike. Reading the novel can be used to know how wild children might be going through or acting like. Even though the book was written during the Romantic era in the 1800s, it can still be important to know about feral children and how they feel being alone and isolated from society. There are also many differences between how the monster acted towards his creator and how feral children act around humans aggression wise. It’s very good that frankenstein is still around today because it teaches many people how isolated people feel.

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