Frankenstein Movie Version vs. Mary Shelley’s Novel Essay

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Frankenstein Movie Version vs. Mary Shelley’s Novel

In 1957 British Production Company Hammer Films launched their own series of adaptations of Frankenstein with the first film entitled “The Curse of Frankenstein”. The Frankenstein’s myth was revived once again. This time it was more different from the Universal Studios own version. The prominent element in the Universal Series was the monster but Hammer chose the person of Victor Frankenstein as focal point and subject of the story. The Curse of Frankenstein is set around 1880.

Baron Victor Frankenstein and his new teacher Paul Krempe became close companions. They started their experiments and their first success was the reanimation of a puppy. After several years they want to experiment it on humans. They stole the body of a hanged highwayman from the gallows. Victor bought body parts like eyes, hands and several other parts, which they stitch together. Finally, the only thing needed to complete his creation is a brain, “the mind of a genius”.

Victor killed his old mentor Professor Bernstein to place its brain in his creation. Victor Frankenstein was entirely different from the character in Shelley’s novel. He was not as bad as the film portrays. He doesn’t have to kill anyone to achieve his goal. The only close similarity to the original story is the monster with its ugly and horrible appearance. The monster also from the moment it wakes was found to be very aggressive and evil.

It kills a blind man and a young girl unlike in the original where it is not even capable to express feelings and emotions. The film was based on the original story of Frankenstein novel but a lot of twists and modifications have been already done to the original theme. Works Cited Rohrmoser, Andreas. The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) The Monstrous Baron: Hammer Film’s Frankenstein Series. 2006. 24 September 2008. <http://members. inode. at/359743/frankenstein/frankenstein-hammer. htm>

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