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Frankenstein and Jurassic Park Essay

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“I appeared rather like one doomed by slavery,” That line is used in the book when Frankenstein was telling the reader about how hard he was working on his creation and how its almost how he has to, like a slave. Here is a thought; I suppose in a way the monster throughout the book is being personified as really he is not human he is just a pile of discarded humans not is not really a writing device or an example of language it just came into my head. Here is another line from Frankenstein: “Rage and Hatred had at first deprived me of utterance,” That is an extremely good line; just by reading it you could probably tell when it was written it is a very good example of typical the Victorian style English language.

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After reading Frankenstein it seems that the way in which we talk nowadays is quite dull. Jurassic park reads like any other modern novel but of course with more scientific language, as it is a science fiction book. Here is a line from the book to prove that: “Grant was awakened by a loud grinding sound, followed by a mechanical clanking. ” That quote is very good and typical of the book it uses a lot of onomatopoeia like the book does so much.

Another thing I noticed whilst reading the books is that Jurassic Park has a lot more speech than Frankenstein. Also whilst reading the books I noticed that the things the writers use to describe horror are very different, in Frankenstein as it is a biography (however fictional) when something is scary he describes it by saying how it makes him feel for example: “How can I describe my emotions at this catastrophe? ”

In Jurassic park it is different as it isn’t a biography and it is just the writer describing how something appears not how it appears to a certain character in the story. In Jurassic Park there is not much about how these scary things affect the characters just what they did about them, this could suggest that when a dinosaur is running at you haven’t got much time to think about it or the writer just hasn’t considered it, here is a quote for evidence. To give a sort of an introduction `grant’ has spotted some pterodactyls and they are flying toward him and it goes straight into: “”Come on! ”

Grant said, grabbing their hands. They ran across the meadow, hearing the approaching scream. ” Frankenstein also uses a lot of religious language throughout the book with words like “Daemons,” and, “Evil,” And also somewhere in the middle of the book it says about how all creatures should come from: “The hands of god. ”

In modern society there are far less religious people than they were in Shelly’s time this could act, as more evidence that the books were written in different times, and that in language, although not content is a far older book. I enjoyed reading both of these books and it was interesting to compare them the books are very similar in so many ways but still written so differently both writers should be proud of producing such excellent pieces of literature.

I must say though being a boy born in the late 20^th century and being stereotypically lazy I did enjoy reading Jurassic park more than I did Frankenstein but I think this is because I had an idea more about what they were saying and the language was clearer. Another part of it would have to be that I found it easier to relate with the characters in Jurassic Park as they seemed more normal than good old Victor and of course being from the same period of time as them helps.

Chricton’s book gives the reader more of an action packed thrill ride, whereas Shelly’s was more of an emotional book although still gruesome and quite enjoyable and it is much more mature book and didn’t give u the impression it is deliberately accessible it also is a lot more personal and had Shelly’s views all the way through but between the lines. But a great man once said: “Don’t let acceptance exempt your expression. ”

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