Francine Licata, C.S.W. Essay

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Francine Licata, C.S.W.

The factors that influence the use of Francine Licata, C.S.W. , skills are that she is a professional. She has many tasks to carry out on a daily basis. Clinical social work is broadly based and addresses the needs of individuals, families, couples, and groups affected by life changes and challenges, including mental disorders and other behavioral disturbances. Clinical social workers seek to provide essential services in the environments, communities, and social systems that affect the lives of the people they serve (copiedfrom Francine puts all of her clients first and this is number one in social work. The skills that Francine possess are empathy, genuiness, self-awareness, acceptance, the desire to help, listening, communicating, observing, confronting, giving feedback, interviewing and writing reports. Francine Licata appears to be a very busy woman. There can be many challenges and difficulties in social work such as the death of residents, and many new additions every day.” One of the saddest aspects of my experience in long term care that I struggle with is the frequent deaths of residents.

Sometimes they are gradual and expected and other times they appear to be sudden. One of the traditions that I hope to reestablish in my nursing home is having a memorial service when a resident dies. This will, hopefully, provide a sense of closure for the surviving residents and facilitate a significant and necessary grieving process for residents and staff alike “.says Francine. New residents also check in every day. This can be challenging getting them settled in with everything they need and all of their information. Some information cannot be obtained from the resident because they may not understand or know the information needed. The human service worker may have to ask other family members for this information. It is also very sad and difficult to handle when residents cry and scream when their loved ones leave because they want to go home with them. There are many task a social worker takes on daily. They must take on the task of the families’ decision to put one of their loved ones into the care unit of a social worker and to reassure the family members so they feel that it is a safe environment.

This can be challenging because the family may feel guilty for not being able to properly care for their loved one. It takes a lot of time and patience when it comes to dealing with those who are going into the facility. Being in charge of three different units of the facility, it will take a time to get to those throughout the day. But, making sure that the patients’ needs and wants are met on a day to day basis is one of the main things that all human service workers in the unit are kept. The wishes and the commands that are given to the main human service worker must be kept documented by the wishes of the family and the patient. And if there is forever any kind of reason that there is a problem, the family must be able to come in with the patient and try to get the problem resolved.

Throughout this facility the main worker for Human Services speak about what types of problems they must have on a daily basis. But never gives up showing the courage and the commitment there is to maintaining a good facility for their patients. The social worker plays a specific role in the community. This social worker specifically works in a nursing center in her community. She is a caregiver to elderly resident, mentally ill residents and residents who cannot take care of themselves.

She administers everyday meeting with the residents and makes sure they are healthy and receiving everything they need. She checks new residents in everyday and meets with residents family members to gain information and to reassure them that their loved ones are in good hands. The social worker in this community also makes referrals when needed. Francine also helps family and residents with financial burdens such as Medicaid and other health bills. The social workers role In the community may be different, but their skills should remain the same.

Burger, W. R. (2011). Human services in contemporary America (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.

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