France in the American Revolution Essay

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France in the American Revolution

The role of France in the American Revolution can be identified as noticeable and visible. Despite the fact that the country experienced financial difficulties, it had managed to use the American Revolution as an effective tool to weaken arch-rival in both affairs of Europe, Britain and many other countries. The position of the British Empire was seriously damaged and therefore, France expected the United States to ally with it. There are many suggestions and assumptions about the role the country has played in the American Revolutionary War.

Some argue that the sole purpose of the country was to revenge the British Empire as France had lost its territory in America after signing the Treaty of Paris in 1763. Others claim that the country has made up decision to intervene not to revenge, but because of strong desire to revenge the loss of Canada. However, the widely help suggestion is that France participated in the American Revolution because of desperate French position in Europe. Nevertheless, America had failed to weaken the British power and war appeared to be a tragic failure for French expectations.

It is argued that the country “was desperate for peace but did not attempt to betray the United States”. (p. 87) Therefore, France can be defined as one of the most important supporters in American Revolution. Debt maintenance was the primary problem of the French government and the war resulted in more severe financial crisis which “which provided the immediate occasion for the release of those forces which shattered the French political and social order”. (p. 134)

Summing up, France entered the revolutionary war in 1779 and helped the United States to become independent from the British Empire. France was willing to become the first commercial partner of the newly-formed and independent United States, but its hopes failed to be realized, but France became important trade partner. France expected to be recognized in the American Revolution and to be appreciated, as well as it was going to re-gain its territories in the United States.

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