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Social injustice and poverty arises in the story Les Mis?rables
Words • 1153
Pages • 5
An astonishing movie with extraordinary scenes that brings you in roller coaster ride entitled, Les Mis?rables, in year 2012 it was released as a musical drama by the production of working title films and relativity media and the movie was distributed by Universal pictures. The movie is actually based on the French historical novel Les Mis?rables written by Victor Hugo and it was published in 1862. The novel was considered to be one of the greatest novels in 19th century.…...
FrancePovertyRebellionSocial Injustice
The French Revolution and the Birth of Modernity
Words • 1005
Pages • 5
Beginning in May 1789 and ending in November 1799, the French Revolution was a major history-changing and society impacting event; filled with revolutionary ideas, beginnings and political unrest. The French Revolution is thought to have been one of the most ‘violent, society-changing and influential’ revolutions of its time. Before the revolution, the French Monarchy had already begun collapsing, from public pressure and the country’s expensive participation in the American Revolution states Encyclopedia Britannica. This financial crisis and disorder forced the…...
EncyclopediaFranceFrench RevolutionPainting
Reign of Terror in the French Revolution
Words • 467
Pages • 2
The French Revolution was an interesting event in European history that began in 1789 and ended in the late 1790s with the rising of Napoleon Bonaparte. During this time, the French citizens destroyed and redesigned their country’s landscape. The disruption was caused by widespread discontent with the French monarchy and the poor economic policies of King Louis XVI. Although it failed to achieve its goals, some say the French Revolution played a role in shaping modern nations by showing the…...
FranceFrench RevolutionGovernmentThe Reign Of Terror
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Enlightenment Impact on the French Revolution
Words • 455
Pages • 2
The French Revolution of 1789 began because of many social economic and political aspects. People didn't appreciate how the government was treating them and their families. The growth of the middle class getting education, made them realize that their society is moving in the wrong direction. King Louis XVI was very lousy but a kind-hearted king, he led them to bankruptcy. The social disparity, political thinking, and economic state all had a part to play at the beginning of the…...
FranceFrench RevolutionThe EnlightenmentThe Reign Of Terror
Causes and Effects of the French Revolution
Words • 828
Pages • 4
The French Revolution (1789-1799) was caused by the rivalry between the monarchy of France versus the french republic. For 1000 years Europeans, including the french lived as vassals and the society was divided into three estates. The first estate was made up of the church leaders, the main people who ran the country, and collected constant ‘donations’ or tax from the lowest class. The second estate was made up of the nobility, who didn’t have any sort of significant other…...
FranceFrench RevolutionThe Reign Of Terror
Origins of the French Revolution
Words • 679
Pages • 3
The French revolution was a significant historical event that changed France forever. On July 14, 1789, King Louis XIV called an estates-general meeting to discuss the problems that France was facing. The three estates couldn’t come to an ultimate solution for their crises, so the third estate formed the National Assembly and called for new reforms that benefited everyone. The disputes between the classes created a lot of tension which ultimately led up to the start of the French Revolution.…...
FranceFrench RevolutionGovernmentTax
Long Term Causes Of The French Revolution
Words • 912
Pages • 4
The French Revolution left a prolonged effect during the 18th and 19th centuries, however, its causes can be traced back to the 16th and 17th centuries. This essay will particularly deal with the long-term causes, yet, there still are numerous short-term causes. The prime long-term cause was the Ancien Regime; the Old Regime. The Ancien Regime was the practice of the system of government in France. However, the revolution was exasperated because of the long consequent years of political, economic,…...
FranceFrench RevolutionGovernmentTax
French Revolution: Timeline, Causes & Summary
Words • 776
Pages • 4
The French upset was a timeframe where France's provinces were developing in 1789. France has jettisoned the government and changed to a republic. It kept going 10 years in length from 1789 to started when a jail known as the Bastille was constructed and with respect to its end, napoleon disposed of the progressive government and created the French department. The French insurgency had such a significant number of impacts socially and politically. First of all and above all,…...
CitizenshipFranceFrench Revolution
The Causes Of The French Revolution Of 1789
Words • 682
Pages • 3
The French revolution was a period of time where France’s colonies were growing in 1789. France has ditched the monarchy and switched to a republic. It lasted 10 years long from 1789 to 1799 .it began when a prison known as the Bastille was build and as for its end, Napoleon got rid of the revolutionary government and produced the French consulate. The French revolution had so many effects socially and politically. First things first and most importantly it needed…...
FranceFrench RevolutionGovernment
Balance of Threat and the Ottoman-German Alliance of 1914
Words • 1643
Pages • 7
Balance of Threat and the Ottoman-German Alliance of 1914 Toward the outbreak of the Great War the Ottomans were facing multiple threats. The Entente forces constituted major threats for the Empire, especially Russia. Besides there were mounting internal threats of the Armenians, the Anatolian Greeks, the Arabs. British and French were steadily and aggressively colonizing the Ottoman territories in the Middle East and North Africa. France was involved with Syria and Lebanon in addition to North African territories of the…...
FranceGermanInternational Relations
The French Revolution
Words • 4587
Pages • 19
An examination of the reign of terror during the French Revolution.History is said to be written by the winners, but is it possible to rewrite history? In a way, the French, like many who have preceded them, and many who will proceed them have done the impossible, rewriting history. From trivial folklore, such as George Washington chopping down a cherry tree, to the incredibly wrong, the African slave trade; people's views of history can be shaped and molded. The French…...
FranceFrench RevolutionThe Reign Of Terror
How successfulwas Edward IV?
Words • 995
Pages • 4
When Edward IV came to the throne in 1461, he faced many problems concerning the amount of royal authority due to a number of factors, most of which had been problems during the reign of the previous monarch Henry VI and had not been dealt with successfully by this incompetent king. Edward, a stronger character than Henry, was determined to tackle these problems in order to gain the support and respect needed to secure royal authority. A huge problem during…...
Structure of Balance of Payment
Words • 792
Pages • 4
Introduction As noted in the introduction section of this paper, imports, exports and balance of payments bear direct and significant impact to a country’s GDP. It is noteworthy that France international trade and balance of payments are dependent on it EU membership where all member country’s enjoy preferential trade treatments. However, The United States, Canada, Russia, India, China and Brazil also stand out as major trading partners of France. The ongoing global financial crisis However, the ongoing global financial crisis…...
Similarities and Differences Between English Bill of Rights and the Declaration Rights of Man and Citizen
Words • 1646
Pages • 7
Similarities and differences between English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen Bryan. W Mr. Roberts The English bill of rights and the declaration rights of man and citizen are two of the most influential documents ever written between 1600-1800; those documents greatly affect the rights and freedom that everyone was born with today, it also greatly affects the US constitution about how they govern their country how they think about government. The two documents have…...
Bill Of RightsEnglishFranceFrench RevolutionRights Of Citizens
Shakespeare’s Henry V
Words • 850
Pages • 4
Shakespeare's plays can be divided into three distinct categories: histories, romances and comedies. Henry the fifth is a history. Henry V is the last of four plays by William Shakespeare which tells of the rise of the house of Lancaster. It was written in 1599 but is set in 1415, two years after the death of his father and Henry has made a favourable impression on his courtiers and the clergy. He has constantly been encouraged to seize the throne…...
FranceHenry VShakespeare
National assembly
Words • 762
Pages • 4
"In the 5th Republic, parliament has become powerless. " Discuss. The Birth of the 5th Republic was a typically French affair with a radical complete overhaul of the political system. This change was created by General Charles de Gaulle. The French Parliament is set out in article 24 of the 5th Republic constitution of the 4th October 1958 and is made up primarily of the National Assembly which is directly elected and consist of 577 deputies who are elected for…...
Multiculturalism in Society: the French Issue
Words • 4173
Pages • 17
UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS IN BRATISLAVA Faculty of International Relations Multiculturalism in Society: The French Issue (assessed work) Table of Contents Introduction3 1 Definitions and different points of view on multiculturalism in the world4 2 Multicultural background of the French society5 2. 1 Socio-political regime in France6 2. 2French racism7 2. 3 Discrimination in French society8 3Challenges and crisis of multiculturalism in France10 Conclusion13 Bibliography14 IntroductionIn the beginning of the new millennium the world stands before a number of great challenges but…...
Impact – Louis 14th, Lully, Moliere
Words • 1645
Pages • 7
Great Impact of a King on music and theatre Sinan Erk Mutafoglu 11149 HUM 204 Prof. Filiz Ali December 2nd, 2011 In the 17th century, France witnessed political, social and artistic facts which were triggered by the relationships between Louis the Fourteenth, Jean-Baptiste Lully and Moliere. This relationship between these important figures of 17th century can also be delineated as the connection between the political power, music and theatre. Before emphasizing the interaction among them, it might be illuminating to…...
How does La Marseillaise and another song of your choice convey the image of French people?
Words • 1193
Pages • 5
During the late eighteenth and nineteenth century, songs were an extremely popular and effective way of communicating in France: their memorable and lively tune would make it easy for all sectors of society to understand the message that was trying to be made. Songs like La Marseillaise and La Marseillaise des cotillons reflect the problems and the general atmosphere of the time when they written. Hence, they are of great use to modern historians who are interested in this era,…...
ChoiceFranceFrench RevolutionPeopleSong
The Impact of the Black Death on the Christian Faith
Words • 3966
Pages • 16
The time just before the Black Death had already been a time of struggle and calamity, especially for the Christian Church. The French had begun to attack and conquer the coastal settlements along the English Channel, signaling the beginning of the Hundred Year War. It would be one of the many contributions to the devastation that medieval Europe would endure within the next century, including the Black Death and the Little Ice Age. The Hundred Year War was caused by…...
Black DeathChristianChristianityDeathFaithFrance
Henry VIII and Louis XIV
Words • 1500
Pages • 6
This paper compares and contrasts the troubled lives of Henry VIII and Louis XIV and their accomplishments in England and France respectively.Henry VIII and Louis XIV were both men whose accomplishments on a national level for their respective countries of England and France were great, but whose very different personal problems gave them a negative impression in history. The two leaders had very different ruling styles, but with a few similar themes throughout. Perhaps the best thing to look at…...
ChristianityFranceHenry VReformationReligion
French Empire
Words • 525
Pages • 3
Although the actual scope of renaissance did not include more than relatively a handful of individuals, yet the fact that these individuals belonged to the cream of the society and were generally its most accomplished intellectuals, artists, scientists and noblemen worked in changing the entire character and fundamental approach of current and future generations (Sellery, 1950). Renaissance led to complete revival of interest in literature, theatre, music, arts and various other fields that unleashed the full force of latent creativity…...
France’S Pro-Natalist Policy
Words • 365
Pages • 2
France has adopted a policy they call "Pro Natalist", meaning that it is "for births". This means that, due to the countries socio-economic situation, they need an increase in the birth rate. One of the reasons this might be necessary is because there aren't enough people in the independent age to support those of the dependent age. It could also be because the country requires a stronger and more abundant workforce to develop more effectively. Countries can have low birth…...
Ferhat Abbas
Words • 1846
Pages • 8
Introduction Ferhat Abbas believed in the peaceful solution and that the French are willing to co-operate with the Algerians. With this co-operation, he thought, it was possible for all to live together. He was brought up and thought to believe in democracy and parliament, to look for these in a peaceful fashion and that the people have to be asked what to do with their country and not to be terrorised to be convinced differently. However in the 1950's we…...
FranceGovernmentHistoryInternational Relations
To what extent are Napoleon’s reforms during the Consulate (1799 – 1804) explained by his need to secure himself in power?
Words • 810
Pages • 4
Napoleon, having seen many governments come and go, was weary of the problems involved in governing a country. Napoleon realizing the failures of past governments, wanted his to be a secure and lasting government. He wanted to unite all power in the country at one centralized base. These are the ideals that flow through his reforms under the consulate. His reforms are aimed at gathering all power to him, the main areas of reform were; the constitution, religion, the legal…...
To what extent did diplomacy effect the rise of the modern state from 1648-1815?
Words • 2091
Pages • 9
Modern diplomacy had its beginnings with the Westphalia Treaties of 1648, and from thence forth began to mold and shape the nations of that day and continues up until the present. Looking at how diplomacy affected the rise of empires and the modern state between Westphalia and the Congress of Vienna subsequent to the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte on the isle of Saint Helena in July of 1815, we can see how diplomatic development affected the world as we know…...
FranceGovernmentInternational RelationsNationalismState
To what extent did the aims and ideals of the French Revolution affect the following century?
Words • 2947
Pages • 12
The French Revolution occurred from the 20th June 1789 with the Tennis Court Oath and lasted until 1799 when Napoleon became the first console. It all resulted in the outworking of a new, democratically political philosophy and this had a huge influence on other parts of the world as they realized that they to could have this liberty. A new school of thought was developing amongst the Bourgeoisie. This was further aided by the transmission of Revolutionary thoughts from America…...
AimFranceFrench RevolutionItalyLiberalism
Enlightenment Ideals
Words • 1637
Pages • 7
The significant impacts resulting from the intensification of political conflicts due to Enlightenment ideals, social antagonisms between two rising groups: the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, ineffective ruling and unfair taxation, which generated popular discontent. The acumination of these causes lead to secondary effects including economic crises and foreign policy oversights. The resulting tertiary effect triggered the start of the French revolution in 1789-1799. In the nineteenth century, historical analysis that dealt with the connection between the Enlightenment and the revolution…...
FranceFrench RevolutionSocial ClassTaxThe Enlightenment
Effects of the Fourth Lateran Council on France
Words • 1456
Pages • 6
When Louis VIII began his reign as King of France after his father Philip Augustus died in 1223, it became clear that he would be a lot more respectful to the church doctrines than his father. Many representatives turned up to represent France at the Fourth Lateran Council, roughly seventy six bishops and archbishops from France, Burgundy and Provence arrived in order to witness the monumental event. The number is over three times the amount that came from England and…...
Economic and Financial Indicators in France
Words • 1047
Pages • 5
Economic and financial indicators provide the most vivid position of a country’s prevailing economic situation (UN Statistics Website, 2009). An indicator is essentially something that can be used to measure the performance of a component in a unit or even the entire unit (UN Statistics Website, 2009). Therefore, economic and financial indicators of a country are simply a representation of measurable, transparent, understandable, repeatable, reliable and accessible data regarding the indices and rates of economic growth. As such, a country’s…...
Dutch History
Words • 778
Pages • 4
Challenges the Dutch faced were due to a series of European wars, internal disunity and conflict, and a loss of trade dominance and economic prosperity. Threatened by the Dutch trading monopolies, France and England went to war with the Dutch and won. In all the Anglo-Dutch wars, the English defeated the Dutch and according to the "Estimated Losses to Merchant Shipping in Three Anglo - Dutch Wars 1652-1574", seized 2000-2700 ships, compared to the Dutch, who captured 500 ships. The…...
FranceHistoryInternational RelationsTax
Discuss the aims of the Congress of Vienna and the Consequences it had on the Major Powers of Europe
Words • 1379
Pages • 6
For my essay, I will be answering the question "Discuss the Congress of Vienna and its consequences on the Major Powers of Europe". In order to answer this question, I will discuss in detail what the Congress of Vienna was, why it was assembled and what it hoped to achieve. I will look at the consequences and effects that it had on the countries involved, including the countries representatives. I will also discuss whether the Vienna Congress was successful or…...
AimFranceGovernmentInternational RelationsNapoleonPower
Determinants of Business Ownership Structure
Words • 1226
Pages • 5
Most studies report ownership structure as an exogenous variable. However, Demsetz (1983) argued that ownership structure should be treated as a dependent variable. This argument was empirically modelled and confirmed by Demsetz and Lehn (1985), where they showed that the structure of corporate ownership varies systematically in ways that are consistent with value maximisation. The argument follows that greater ownership concentration results in stronger incentives to monitor and the expected gain from active monitoring and the costs of alternative ownership…...
Elizabeth’s Intervention in Scotland Between 1559-1560
Words • 2869
Pages • 12
Elizabeth was by no means the first monarch to have problems with Scotland but her intervention differed from other cases namely because of the involvement of France in Scottish affairs. This brought into play a unique set of motives for intervening, the biggest one being a fear of French power north of the border spilling over, and eventually overtaking England. This fear was culminated by other factors such as Mary Queen of Scots being the next heir to the English…...
The French Revolution and Emperor Napoleon
Words • 980
Pages • 4
French Historians and Pieter Geyl About Napoleon This essay will essentially be an examination of how French historian's interpretation of Napoleon's domestic and foreign policies have been heavily influenced by the issues and events in French government and society. This examination will also contain an assessment of the historian Pieter Geyl and his thesis of Napoleon. Thus, this essay will first of all discuss the aims of the French Revolution by describing the Rights of Man Declaration and August Decrees…...
FranceFrench RevolutionNapoleonPhilosophy
Analysis of Economic and Financial Indicators in France
Words • 699
Pages • 3
National economic growth is the increase in the levels of a country’s wealth and capital as a result of positive change in the levels of production of goods and services during a certain period of time (Aghion & Durlauf, 2005; Mokyr, 2005; Bourguignon, 2006). Economic growth is usually ignited by technological advancements and positive external forces. Economic growth can be measured either in terms of nominal growth or real growth. Nominal growth takes inflation into account and thus demonstrates economic…...
Airbus case study
Words • 2866
Pages • 12
Introduction ( Facts ) .Airbus is the company that deals with the fabrication of aircrafts in the market. It was officially established in 1970 as a European pool.It has a caput office in Toulouse ; France operates out of over 160 international locations. It include 16 chief development and fabrication sites in France, UK, Germany & A ; Spain and three entirely owned subordinates in China, Japan and North America.The Airbus benefits from a alone work force that integrates more…...
BusCase StudyFranceKrispy KremeNationalism
Finding the exact point in history to when this story first appeared
Words • 1594
Pages • 7
Finding the exact point in history to when this story first appeared was very problematic, as many countries have different versions of this fairy-tale and they are all from very different points in history. Anderson's version was realised in 1838, but this point in history didn't have many historic moments that could be linked to the story. So after doing more research into different eras the 18th century was the time period that had the most similarities to the story.…...
Theme of Marriage in The Lais of Marie de France “Bisclavret”
Words • 582
Pages • 3
In the lay Bisclavret by Marie De France she tells the short story of a failing marriage. there's a baron named Bisclavret who has this uncontrollable curse that makes him turn into a werewolf for 3 nights a week . His wife who was unidentified harasses him into revealing everything and repays him for his honesty with betrayal. Through her antagonizing it is revealed that the transition of bisclavrets physical form is completely dependent upon his clothes being present where…...
The Most Celebrated Modern Sports Event
Words • 1606
Pages • 7
Performances almost assume the role of "folk lore" and thus can be recalled by different persons in various ways over time. The most celebrated modern sports event, the Olympic Games, obviously has the word 'game' in its name and it represents the ultimate refinement of people's propensity to engage in sports and games as so ably described by Huizenga. In early sporting contests organized by the ancient Greeks at Olympia, only the names of the winners were recorded. Their times…...
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How successfulwas Edward IV?
...Some of these may have been beyond his control, for example he could not have ensured the lawlessness of the whole country. He loses his crown the following year, showing that he had obviously not restored royal authority completely by 1470. Show pre...
How does La Marseillaise and another song of your choice convey the image of French people?
...The language used in both songs shows the different level of education in France. La Marseillaise is a far more eloquent song, full of new words such as 'citoyens' and expressive images like 'la terre en produit de nouveaux/contre vous tout pri??ts i...
To what extent are Napoleon’s reforms during the Consulate (1799 – 1804) explained by his need to secure himself in power?
...The next major set of reforms he makes are those considering religion. During the years of the revolution when the Jacobins were in power, the government followed an atheist policy and attacked Christianity heavily. Napoleon reintroduced Catholicism ...
To what extent did diplomacy effect the rise of the modern state from 1648-1815?
...In hindsight as we study history and specifically the period of history between Westphalia in 1648 and the Congress of Vienna in 1815, a period now referred to as 'classic diplomacy,' we can see its impact upon the modern world. Both nations and empi...
To what extent did the aims and ideals of the French Revolution affect the following century?
...In conclusion, I would say that the French Revolution did have an impact on the following century as it allowed the Italian Unification to take place as well as the forces for change (liberalism and nationalism) to spread. But should be taken into ac...
Finding the exact point in history to when this story first appeared
...For my costume research I have been looking at many historical houses from that period and researching the people that owned them to see how they could influence my characters in the development process. St. Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg Russi...

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