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Air France-KLM Business Model

Vespermann, J & Holztrattner, S 2010, ‘The air transport system’, in A Wald, C Fay & R Gleich (eds), Introduction to aviation management, LIT Verlag, Münster, Germany. Airfranceklm-finance.com, 2013, ‘Strategy, [in] Activity, Registration Document 2012, Labrador, Europe, viewed on 1 Apr 2014, Airfranceklm-finance.com, 2013, Air France-KLM Fleet, Air France - KLM, Europe, viewed on 1...

Henri Matisse: “The Window”, France 1916

I was drawn to this painting because of the bright light coming through the window, which gave it a unique look from all of the other paintings around it. This painting will stand out in a crowd, because of its interesting look of a mix of dark and light colors. Even though the painting is, at first sight, bright and cheery, when you look at it for a while and interpret the meaning it has a lonely...

DBQ: Reign of Terror

This shows how the Reign of Terror was unjustified and brutally unfair to the people of the times. Thousands killed without trial but guillotine decapitating them. “In mid- 1794 the Reign of Terror came to a rather abrupt end. Robespierre himself was executed and a more conservative government was put in place”(49). These times ruined families and homes across france, killing innocent men with...

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Evidence of the June Rebellion and Les Miserables in Modern-Day Paris

In the former site of the Bastille fortress, Napoleon ordered a statue of an elephant to be built in honor of his new empire. Due to the fall of Napoleon, the elephant remained half finished for years, until Louis-Philippe chose to replace it with the July Column in remembrance of the revolution that gave him the throne. In both the book and 2012 movie of Les Miserables, Gavroche is seen living in...

My Trip to Europe

In every country I had stayed in my friend’s house. Their families were so warmhearted. So I got the chance to learn their culture being so close. I felt different environment and culture staying with each family though they all live in Europe. But one thing is in common with everyone that they were so fascinating. While I was in Switzerland I stayed with Kaj and his family. I even attended his ...

Lais of Marie de France

Although this kind of love directly contradicted the views of the church, it inspired people to take matters of love and relationships into their own hands (Joseph Campbell). This is what Marie de France wants to inspire--the universal knowledge of love and how imperative an aspect it remains in society. The idea is important enough to her to make her text more accessible to society. She begins he...

My favorite place

They spend their honeymoon in the city with glorious history and beautiful buildings. City atmosphere cannot leave you without romantic mood for all the time you spend in France. My parents booked the table in the Eiffel Tower restaurant, and it was wonderful evening for them. Amazing view struck them, memories from this day help them now, all the time when they have problems in our family they re...

The pie chart

There are several countries whither Russian immigrants go more often. For the 2003-2008 years period the total number of immigrants was 229,579 thousand people. The first place of immigrants from Russia takes America (85.748 people) it is 37, 35%. They choose this country because salary is quite good, easy to move from one city to another and famous universities for example Massachusetts Institute...

The Culture of France

Art is everywhere in France — particularly in Paris and other major cities — and Gothic, Romanesque Rococo and Neoclassic influences can be seen in many churches and other public buildings. Many of history’s most renowned artists, including Spaniard Pablo Picasso and Dutch-born Vincent van Gogh, sought inspiration in Paris, and they gave rise to the Impressionism movement. The Louvre Museum ...

Air France – KLM: Changing the Rules of the Game

The recommendations would be to continue investment in the latest technologies, including IT; renew the fleet to reduce fuel consumption and improve defect-free customers experience; secure locked fuel prices, build partnerships to extend long distance flights options; balance the network offerings between the continents; focus on stakeholder’s, employee’s and customer’s needs; consider stra...

Compagnie du Froid's Business Case

This will cut transfer costs for the Spanish division by €0.77per litre and €459,000 total. This type of transfer pricing will be beneficial to the buying division in the future and allow it to spend less when it runs into these types problems. The third recommendation involves the new distribution arrangements that Jean Pinoux wants to engage in the French division. In 2009, revenues from dis...

Tourist Attractions in Europe

The Red Light District is a rough part of Amsterdam, but also popular. There are no cameras allowed in this part. This is a serious breach of etiquette. One of the district's security crew may remind someone, ask them to leave, or maybe even break their arms. There are coffee shops where soft drugs such as marijuana and hash are available. It is illegal to buy them on the streets, however. If some...

Was King Louis XVI Partially Responsible For His Own Downfall

Throughout his life Louis himself was very unpopular and not unobliging to the social, political and economic reforms of the revolution, but the bad influences of his wife in politics caused him to reject the the principles of the revolution. This caused his popularity to drop and the mistrust against him grew, thus undermining his possition as a monarch. Other people who had bad influences on him...

The Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

In April of 1813, Bonaparte signed his abdication. He was later exiled to Elba where he continued his life as ruler to preserve his title of an emperor. While he became tired of being Elba’s ruler he was able to get France back on his side. In June of 1813, he sent troops in Belgium. With British, Dutch, Belgian and Prussian forces having 234,000 men, Bonaparte had only 128,000 men causing him t...

Did Napoleon Do More Harm Than Good To Revolutionary France?

Algis, Valiunas The Ashes of Napoleon. USA: Commentary Magazine LtD. , 2003Sloane, William M. The Life of Napoleon UK: Kessinger Publishing Inc., April 2005http://www.brasilien.de/geschichte/staaten/rio.asphttp://www.napoleonbonaparte.nl/html/body_code_napoleon.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleonic_Codehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoleon_I_of_France#Early_life_and_military_careerhttp://en.w...

Wife and Mother in Old Mother Savage

Maupassant, in five short pages, presents a compelling argument for the avoidance of limiting women with restrictive identity roles. Disastrous consequences are all too likely to result from their removal. Consequences that go beyond the death of four soldiers and their murder, the narrator's friend Serval had his chateau burned down by the Prussians due to Victoire's actions. If her identity had ...

French vs. Mexican Revolution

2 Dec. 2012. . This gave me good quote to add evidence to my essay plus let me take a look at the timeline of the Mexican Rev. it allowed my general knowledge about the topic increase. Wikipedia Mexican Revolution. N. p. , n. d. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. . Gave me general information about the Mexican Rev. Also some facts and events which have had a big impact on the Rev. Of course I am aware anyone can ...

Was Louis XIV A Good Or Bad Monarch

Louis XIV most likely wanted to help France as much as he could but it seems as though he hurt it more, as he thought he was helping France. He economically destroyed France, using money carelessly and ending up with a huge debt that Louis XV had to deal with, especially with the construction of Versailles. Secondly, he tried to help France by extending its borders and making France the most infl...

Essay sample (Eiffel Tower)

Burton, R. (2001). Blood in the City: Violence and Revelation in Paris, 1789-1945.Ithaca, NY:Cornell University Press. Darras, J. and Snowman, D. (1990). Beyond the Tunnel of History. Ann Arbor, MI:University of Michigan Press. Hutton, P., Bourque, A. and Staples, A. (eds.). (1986). Historical Dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940.Vol (1).Westport, CT:Greenwood Press. Lienhard, J. (20...

Was Napoleon a hero or a tyrant?

He meant that revolutions are constantly occurring during life, whether on a small scale or large scale, reforms are frequently being made and fought for. The only thing that could change the path of a revolution is if someone who was influenced by it made their point and continued fighting for more. He in deed gave a direction for the revolution and for the people who trusted him and put them in ...

Communication Studies: Examples of preface

The best place for this piece would be in a teen magazine or newspaper, posted on notice boards at various schools and in the public libraries for wide accessibility. “Last Resort” intends to sensitize young females in the Caribbean in a dramatic way on the circumstances that may lead to prostitution in an attempt to avoid this lifestyle as much as possible , and hopefully lead to action where...

Les Misérables

Les Miserables employs Hugo’s style of imaginative realism and is set in an artificially created human hell that emphasizes the three major predicaments of the nineteenth century. Each of the three major characters in the novel symbolizes one of these predicaments: Jean Valjean represents the degradation of man in the proletariat, Fantine represents the subjection of women through hunger, and Co...

Neo-Realism and New Wave Cinematography

Because of this, they learned to adore directors like John Ford and Howard Hawks, the American masters who were almost ignored in the country not until the French critics made their artistry case. They also made the world become familiar with the genre. Some of these genres are the Gangster Films, Musicals, Film Noir, and Western Films. References: Keohane, N. (1986) Neorealism and Its Critics. Co...

Do you Hear the People Sing - Les Miserables

His lines suggest wisdom- from knowledge from Enjolras to application of knowledge. Feuilly on the other hand emphasizes the significance of honour in fighting for the good cause of humanity, “Will you stand up and take your chance? / The blood of the martyrs/ Will water the meadows of France! ”. Despite their different tones and personalities manifested in their own respective lines, they all...

The Best Journey In My Life

In Paris we lived in the city center at a close friend of Paulina’s brother. His apartment was in a fantastic skyscraper, from which we could see the entire city. We were so impressed by the city. We visited the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Note dam Cathedral. At night we went walking though Paris with all the bright lights and passion that comes from this city. We were there four days. Our time the...

Napoleon and Modern Society

The people of the domineering government know what they are getting into, they know they don’t have a lot of freedom, but what is terrible is people having these freedoms and giving them up. If America stays on the path that is on, we are headed into a dark future. People need to open their eyes and see that counties like France who fought over and over again for freedom and then simply gave it ...

Indeed Action Speak Louder Than Words

In most cases of the modern teenagers dealing with their parents, actions are better than words. Good example of that being myself as a teenager, I did not really get along well with my mother. Endless naggings from day to night, prompting on what should be done or otherwise. By practicing actions of working rather than arguing on what I will do, she stopped nagging and even compliments me on my w...

Haitian Revolution of 1791-1804

The Haitian revolution had an impact on the Caribbean economically and it was also used by abolitionist to justify their anti-slavery views. Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico received planters of St Domingue and were able to use the skills of these émigrés to boost their economic success. In the years of the revolution it motivated several Caribbean countries Jamaica, St Vincent, Grenada in 1795 cau...

Marie Antoinette Review Movie

Overall I quite enjoyed the film very much. We had just finished learning about the Marie Antoinette so I feel like I enjoyed it more that I knew the background information about the time period. It was very interesting. I like when movies are more modern with actresses that I am familiar with like this one so it was great. I thought it was very informative. I would definitely recommend it to peop...

History Questions and Answers on France

Italian nationalism was diverse in its aims. Mazzini aimed at the unification of the entire peninsula but he was foiled in the 1830s and in 1848-49. Other leaders such as Manin in Venice and, briefly, the Pope in 1848-49 had very limited success. None of these gained universal support from inside or outside Italy and crucially lacked military power. However, the role of nationalists, especially Ga...

Man in the Iron Mask Book Review

I only give 4 ratings even though I love the story because I have this feeling while I’m reading the novel that I want more. I wasn’t satisfied, and I don’t know why. This novel is one of my favorite books now, even though I wasn’t super satisfied of the story. I love to read Alexandre Dumas novels. I really like his works especially ‘The Count of Monte Cristo” because of its fast-pace...

Napoleon Bonaparte Rise to Power

Napoleon returned to find the Directory was a mess. He, in his selfish way, saw this as the perfect time for self-advancement. So in November of 1799 he overthrew the Directory. Napoleon set up a government called the Consulate. He was the first of three consuls. About three years later he made himself first consul for life. Everyone in France loved Napoleon at that time. Then he started increasin...

Madame Loisel from "The Necklace"

My first example of Mathilde Loisel's selfishness is "She had no clothes, no jewels, nothing. And these were the only things she loved; she felt that she was made for them." (p.133). These sentences show how materialistic Mathilde is and how selfish she is for caring only about gaining these things for herself. She didn't show any care for her husband who despite their humble living, seemed to be ...

The Decolonisation of Algeria

Aldrich, R., Greater France: A History of French Overseas Expansion, 1996, 8: 266 – 267, Epilogue: 311 – 312. Bernstein, S., The Republic of de Gaulle, 1958-1969, 1993, p 28 Chamberlain, M. E., European Decolonisation in the Twentieth Century, 1998, 3: 158 – 162. Costa, D., Decolonization and French Society, 1999, URL: http://www.indyflicks.com/danielle/papers/paper06.htm Holland, R. F., Eur...

The Contribution of Sports to the Caribbean

Also by the promotion of sporting activity in schools, it leads to the holistic development of students and teaches the generation of tomorrow the importance of physical activity to the mind and body. Success at sport has also been seen as a means towards developing a common feeling of Caribbean identity. The West Indies cricket team seems to be the regional organization which fosters a sense of a...

FAQ about France

Why did France declare War on Austria in 1792

...France declared war on Austria as it thought it would be for everyone's benefit. The Revolutionaries believed it would result in France uniting to oppose the King, allow the Revolution to progress and a Republic to be established. The Royal Supporter ...

Why Visit France

...The museum has a large collection of paintings by artists such as Picasso, Braque, Max Ernst, Magritte, Chagall, Matisse, Delaunay, Kandinsky, Klee and much more. The Champs Elysees is another sight not to miss. It is one of the most well known stree ...

How did Great Britain, France, and the United States respond to the Great Depression?

...In the United States, the industrial production fell to 50 percent of what it was in 1929. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also known as FDR, pursued a policy called the New Deal. It created the National Recovery Administration, which required government, ...

Why Did The Restored Bourbon Monarchy Fail In France

...As the structural flaws within the constitutional monarchy prevented them from effective parliamentary resistance, this group was forced to resort to more extreme means. Economic and social factors created a simultaneous upsurge in popular discontent ...

Why was France unstable during the interwar years

...During the inter-war years France made many military alliances with America, Britain and Eastern European countries. When these alliances were tested it appeared the terms were unclear or the alliance was no longer effective. France’s unstable fore ...

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