Framework Essay to Edward Said’s Essay

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Framework Essay to Edward Said’s

In any part in the world, there is no place to be but home. Home is a place where we feel safe and take refuge. But how we’ll feel if this is taken away from us? The essay by Edward Said, “States”, narrates the story of about his country, Palestine, and the struggle of his country men. He also shares the passion for his homeland which we can relate to. “States” exemplify the experiences and perceptions of how important a home is to a common Palestinian. Our country is a big part of our self. As we are born, we are destined to become a part of it. It became part of our identity.

Things that we grew up with meant something to us. We usually treasure things that became part of our lives. Even unconsciously, we take hold of it. Home brings us memories, memories that we want to hold on up to our last breath. It plays a big role to our development, as a child and as a person fully. Home is part of ourselves which became a foundation of who we are today. To be away from home makes us feel empty or incomplete in a sense. This is experienced by people who are exiled from their own homeland. Exiles are treated as aliens and feel shame to one’s pride. Exile is a miserable thing.

Nothing can be so embarrassing than to be taken away from home. It saddens a person to feel a stranger to his own country. One is not only deprived of the social rights but as well as the freedom. As described in the essay of Edward Said an exile is referred as “present absentees” where to their homeland, they are vanished and as for the host country they are viewed as aliens. However, having troubles cannot stop a person from his will. In spite of the intense conflict between the Palestine-Israel, one cannot take away the momentum of an important occasion like wedding.

Circumstances like these were illustrated in the text. A person in the middle of crisis stays positive and hopeful. Palestinians, which travel from time to time for because of occupation and safety, became used to these. One’s true happiness is in the state of thinking. He can stay happy despite of his terrible condition. Said also shares his experiences from his youth and what he knew from his country. One sad part also is the stability of the land, suppression from your own land. One is deprived of being free on his own country.

Children cannot play outside without parents worrying their safety. To a place where he grew up and know to be his home became an odd place. I believe that home is very important in any living thing. It doesn’t only provide us shelter but is also a part of our personal development. It helps us build our confidence through the feeling of security. A home is like a mother to us which provides us what we need to sustain living. Our nourishment as a child is fed by the things that happen around us. These things shape the character of a person. Home builds a person’s character.

Home is the environment which we live in and has an impact on our lives. To take something away from us bring us the feeling of being incomplete. We are already attached to it. Without the home that we used to be, somehow we feel lost. One feels the sense of belongingness on it. A person learns from his surrounding. We must know how to appreciate what we have considering we live in a democratic and secured country. Home is a place that nourished us when we are young. And as we became old, there is nowhere else we would want to go but home.

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