Fracture Essay Topics

Osteobiologics and Pharmacologic Agents in Fracture Healing

Fracture healing, according to McKibbin, ‚Äúconstitutes one of the most noteworthy repair processes in the human body, since the result of this physiologic process is the restoration of the original form of the damaged tissue, something close to complete regeneration (1978). Despite this natural endowment for repair, however, a small portion of fractures fail to… View Article

Improvement store Case Study

Mrs. Debbie Morgan is a 45-year-old female who works as a stocking clerk for a local home improvement store. While she was at work today a large box of metal rivets fell from a 20-ft.-high overhead shelf, striking her outstretched arm and knocking her to the ground. The ambulance personnel reported that she had lost… View Article

Surgical Placement Reflection

Mr Watson was at ward 7 for a fracture of his left acetabular, and was being treated for this conservatively with leg traction. A traction pin was inserted in through his upper tibia and was connected to the frame and a weight over the end of the bed. I decided to look up some details… View Article