Four-Year College Course Essay

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Four-Year College Course

This is an essay on the vocation that I am going to take. College will be the turning-point in my life and four years of studies in the field of nursing will be very interesting as well as full of challenges and responsibilities. It will be years of hardships and sacrifices but the discipline will mold me into becoming a more mature individual, ready to take on the role of being a Registered Nurse, caring for ailing people, the elderly as well as sick children. This course will also mold me into a person with better interpersonal relationships with superiors, fellow nurses and family members of individuals needing care and attention.

Four-Year College Course (Registered Nurse) Nursing is a noble profession in the healthcare industry. Since I was a child, I have always wanted to become a nurse. Now I am determined to pursue that dream. When I grew up and had a deeper understanding of things, I knew that nurses chose this vocation to have a greater purpose in life which is to care for ailing patients, give them comfort and hope as well as educate their family members so that they will be able to handle the sick when at home after hospital confinement. My passion to become a nurse intensified with that noble purpose in life.

Now I have the opportunity to reach that goal. I always have that urge to help people. I have the compassion for taking care of sick individuals. I know that this is the vocation or profession where I can make a difference in people’s lives. I know for a fact that the education, training and discipline to become a nurse will be very challenging, full of hardships and sacrifices but I am willing to undergo these to obtain and improve my capability of being a nurse. Thus, this course will need courage and self-discipline to succeed.

I know that I still need to learn about comprehensive scientific and medical knowledge, practical and clinical skills, communication and documentation skills, but I am ready to learn new things. The drive to take care of the sick is motivating me to learn to take care of them effectively, improving their condition. I am also attracted to become a nurse due to the huge demand in hospitals and the lack of adequate medical care. I am also interested in the different roles that a nurse does aside from relating with the patients. Dealing with superiors, fellow nurses and family members of the sick will be a challenge, too.

This course will hone my interpersonal relationships with various types of people and personalities, making me a better person in the process. This is the best job I can imagine myself performing in the near future.. The role of providing assistance and technical activities that will facilitate healthcare management of a patient makes nurses an important component in the healthcare industry. Nurses also have crucial roles in saving lives. In addition, nurses help in the role of preventing diseases and complications among patients they handle.

I would like then to share my capabilities in providing care and doing things for the good of mankind. For me, it would be very rewarding and fulfilling to do the role of easing the difficulties that ailing patients feel. Another driving force for me to become a nurse is the opportunity to teach and educate the patients’ families on how to take care of their sick at home by teaching them to identify illnesses, provide first aid and let them decide when to seek immediate medical attention based on the symptoms the patients will show.

The role of educating people is priceless and surely it will give me satisfaction whenever I will be a nurse someday. By being a nurse, I will be guided by Dale Carnegie’s fundamental techniques in handling people which are: 1) not to criticize, condemn or complain; 2) to give honest and sincere appreciation; and, 3) to arouse in the other person an eager want or interest. With the above techniques in handling people, I will also enhance my interpersonal skills, not only with the patients but with my superiors or the physicians whom I am going to deal with.

I know that the well-being and progress of the patients are not only dependent on the compassion and attention given to them but on the clear, concise and consistent communications between the nurse and the physician in administering medications. I believe that improving my communication skills will be crucial in being a successful nurse. After graduation, I will be taking licensure examinations that will legitimize my nursing profession and will make me eligible to practice this profession.

With the high demand for nurses in the healthcare industry, I surely will not find it hard to find a job. With the skills and the discipline that I will obtain from a four-year nursing course in college, I am very confident that I will not find it hard to get employed and join those in the noble healthcare industry.


Carnegie, Dale. (1936). How to Win Friends and Influence People. December 12, 2007. Web site: http://www. westegg. com/unmaintained/carnegie/win-friends. html

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