Four Seasons Hotel Essay

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Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel is a luxury hotel chains worldwide, around the world manage hotels and resorts. Four Seasons Hotel is Travel and Leisure magazine and Zagat Guide as one of the world’s best hotel group and get AAA5 diamond rating. Four Seasons Hotel Group is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, in 1960 by the founder Isadore Sharp, the first hotel located in Toronto Jarvis Street. However, in early October 2012, the brand new Four Seasons Hotel stands in Toronto, its Soaring 55 stories above Toronto’s city skyline.

Hotel customer satisfaction depends heavily on quality of service factors. This includes the experience, professionalism and expertise workers, including cooker, waiter and cleaner. It can also include the types of services and technologies available at a given facility. Hotel that hire highly qualified staff and use new technologies facility are likely to have higher levels of hospital customer satisfaction.

Mars machine is use for Exterior wall window cleaning, machine put people to where they need to clean, and cleaner will washing that window and mars machine will pull they back to top of hotel. And ‘big gun’ is the 300 security camera in the four season’s hotel, which use to watching the detail for the hotel and make every guests safety. Boil water machine to supply the hot water for the whole hotel.

The engineer summit cleaners and cooker and so on to make the facility work at optimal performance. For example, Engineer Kevin Murray deals with a water pressure issue that prevents some guests from taking a hot shower, while Engineer Doug Hart pushes his construction crew hard to finish rooms needed when the hotel discovers it is overbooked.

In my own opinion, the most important factor to the successful operation of the facility is professional knowledge and experience. For example, is not every one can run a boil water machine, is must have professional knowledge to understand how to make its run safety and how to make it running all day long.

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