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Foundations of information systems

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Foundations of information systems

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IntroductionDiscussionSynthesise requirements and recommend a number of tested and verifiable solutions to address limitations to contemporary business problemsAddressing the limitations to contemporary business problemsSolutions to limitations of the issuesSolution as creating values to the companyApplying appropriate model to deal with the issues faced by the concerned organizationRecommending communication strategy embodying principles of agile methodologyConclusionReferencesIntroduction

BIS (Business Information System) refers to a set consisting of the procedures being inter-related utilizing the IT infrastructure in a business enterprise in order for generating and disseminating the desired and key information.

Hence, such system needs to be designed for supporting decision-making via their people associated with an enterprise in the procedure of attainting their objectives. Thus, in the context of Latureae Business, Information system needs to be implemented for identifying the limitations to the contemporary business environment. Hence, the aim of this assignment is for identifying the primary and support activities that could help them for mitigating the business problems through utilizing the Agile principles and implementing the Business Information System.

DiscussionSynthesise requirements and recommend a number of tested and verifiable solutions to address limitations to contemporary business problems.

Business information system

An Enterprise needs to consider the basics such as Information Systems, Systems, Information, Data and Knowledge and works out on how these key elements could be fitted into their bigger picture. Among all, BIS (Business Information System) is a factor to success over those considered and key things, wherein, EBIS refers to a kind of information system that improves all the functions associated with business process of that Enterprise through integration (Boone, Kurtz, Khan & Canzer, 2019).

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However, in relation to business environment of Latureae business, which has been established in 2000, aims at enhancing and meeting the needs of wellness associated with all the Australians, hence, by implementing the BIS, they can offer high quality of services through dealing with a large volume of the information and data. Furthermore, this enhancement of services could contribute a lot to the increment of wellness and needs of Australians, and, with BIS, Latureae business could capable of supporting a few large or complex enterprises or organizations.

Johnston & Marshall (2016) stated that a BIS needs to be able for being utilized by all the parts including all the levels associated with the Enterprise, which could have connotations. Company as Latureae Business needs BIS to be implemented as BIS provides technological platform, which enables the company for integrating and coordinating their business process onto a robust foundation. Latureae Business focuses over developing the products including services for delivering natural approach to the health based on the in-depth expertise in the fields of nutrients, herbs, minerals and vitamins, thus, BIS could increase the level of productivity and further reduce the service-cycles, marketing life-cycles and product-development cycles (Sternberg, Nusbaum & Gl?ck, 2019). As company aims at achieving operational and strategic objectives, for instance, strategic organizational objective of Latureae business needs to utilize technology for supporting and achieving, BIS by having both operational function such as transaction-processing along with informational function such as data-storage, reporting including retrieval, can improve the efficiency of the operations that Latureae business has.

Addressing the limitations to contemporary business problem;

Analysing the limitations to the contemporary business environment identifies limitations such as economic effects regarding the stock/commodity markets, decline or growth in the cyclical nature regarding recession and Economies, managing diversity into the business, CSR and reputation management. However, the best solution for dealing with the limitations is to implement the BIS or Business Information System, which helps the concerned organization for implementing the business decision, collecting the data, churning the data into key information and making the business decision (Sheehy, 2015). However, Continuous delivery is another recommended solution that refers to a software development discipline within which the software needs to be kept in such state, which within principle; it needs to be released to their users at any point of time. Thus, while practicing the continuous delivery, concerned organization could reduce the deployment risk, enable the feedback of fast user and allow tracking of believable progress. However, working on the activities based on primary and supportive, the concerned organization could deal with the issues regarding their business environment.

In addition, Latureae business has their primary corporate consumers as specialist food stores of health, supermarket and professionals of healthcare, who have been working with the clients and patients in order to maintain the wellness. However, the outbound logistics associated with the concerned organization state that this company has income stream of ecommerce for mainstream products that do not need much professional supports. Operations regarding Latureae Business state that they have been working with the local and national suppliers in order to gather the productive and sustainable raw ingredients getting the integrity required to maintain high-standard of the productions (Berlin, Kravchenko, Sher, Opryshko & Mironov, 2018). Services are the activities that manage and maintain the products’ functionality, Latureae business needs the activities in order to keep their products or services operating effectively for their customers after the product is sold including delivered to them. Furthermore, the business needs to know that the customers could have endless options regarding where they need to spend wealth and health dollar; thus, business requires for rewarding their loyalty that is the major target of their sales & marketing.

In addition, HRM or Human Resource Management of Latureae Business focuses on maintaining and handling the employees’ skill-level to grow further the base of skills through providing mentor and training. Infrastructure of firm plays significant role via contributing towards the sustainable development, health, betterment and welfare of the communities within which Latureae Business operates (Srivastava & Srivastava, 2016). Technological development could help the company while maintaining their competitive advantage through increasing the market-share and enhancing the concerned firm to utilize the technology for further supporting and achieving the strategic objectives of company.

Solutions to limitations of the issues;

Latureae business focuses on examining along with redeveloping their data management in order to carry their business forward into further next five years, hence, purpose of sub-activity as quality assurance working under operation as primary activity. Banerjee & Mukhopadhyay (2016) stated that direct-activities create further values to its users as organizations. Although, sub-activities of supportive activity includes technological development, HRM and procurement, for example, HRM of Latureae business aims at reducing the employee-turnover rate that could contribute while carrying out the sales and marketing related primary activities. HRM of the concerned organization further focuses over establishing their organization as a more agile organization for remaining competitive, which seeks support and help from all other departments of the concerned business.

Solution as creating values to the company;

Sub-activities include indirect activities and quality assurance, for instance, there is a link between reduction in rate of employee-turnover as an investment of HR and volumes associated with marketing & sales. Moreover, the concerned organization is concerned about increasing the competitive advantage from their value chain, for instance, development in the CRM solution of Latureae business could have a link between volume of sales and increasing production via specific investments, as operational objective of Latureae business aims at generating 15% of the growth in the revenues along with earnings with the sustained approach of marketing (Lenart-Gansiniec, 2018). Moreover, HRM investment of Latureae business aims at reducing the employee-turnover by around 25% through introducing a new program of employee assistance. Quality assurance as sub-activity aims at increasing the volume of online sales by 15% in their upcoming 12 months through decreasing or increasing the campaigns on social networks. However, the wider portfolio that Latureae Business has as company seems to be ideal in order to meet the needs of their community flowing into their medical mainstream such as reforms of health disrupt the business models, an aging population that have demands for getting better care, including the adoption of technological trends such as SCM, CRM, data analytics, EIS long with the wearables.

Applying appropriate model to deal with the issues faced by the concerned organization;

Operations regarding concerned business state that they develop ranges of products and services in order to deliver a natural approach to the health of their consumers by considering the in-depth expertise in Vitamins, herbs, minerals, and nutrients. According to the model proposed by Porter, operation involves the process of converting the raw-materials to the finished products. Thus, customer values of Latureae business are increased in this step if their operations could be up-to mark along with product could be manufactured within the appropriate manner and could meet the standard of quality (Dings?yr, F?gri, Dyb?, Haugset & Lindsj?rn, 2016). As company produces health-diet ingredients thus, it can add values during the outbound logistics through delivering the products over time with the best quality. Service seems to be the significant as it could directly affect the word regarding mouth publicity associated with the products and if their services of concerned business are not up-to mark, consumers might not buy the products of Latureae business, which could lose the market share along with further might be taken out of the market eventually.

Technology Development helps the concerned business for adopting the latest technology, for instances, CRM, SCM, Data Analytics, wearables and EIS. Moreover, while carrying out Mission of Latureae business aims at increasing the wellness of every Australian, technology solutions including products, which could support the rollout and development regarding new range of products. Jelonek, Mesjasz-Lech, St?pniak, Turek & Ziora (2019) commented that no product or service could be survived, if the business could not keep these updated as per the recent technology. HRM of Latureae business includes recruitment of appropriate people within the appropriate place, which could be making all the differences with respect to the concerned organization; thus, the HR department could be support activity by being the most significant department for the concerned organization. If Latureae business does not carry an effective and well-managed infrastructure along with lack of the handling by the government or any legal supports, then, the business could face hurdles. In addition, administration could help while maintaining the facilities of the business, for instance, the supportive activities such as right people and technology could be the elements that add differentiation along with right people could be the elements adding differentiation to the firm. Thus, in order to remain competitive, right people along with technology could make their organization as an agile company.

Recommending communication strategy embodying principles of agile methodology;

The concerned organization is highly recommended to adopt the agile methodology with implementation of effective communication strategy. With Agile process, the developers associated with the concerned organization compile the requirements and needs of their users, then, build their software all at an instant. However, communication strategy refers to a plan for achieving objectives associated with communication, which may apply to the public relations, internal communications and market communications (Yehya, N. A., & Coombs, 2017). Thus, Latureae business while implementing communication strategy needs to consider four components such as target audience, communication goals, channels and communication plan. For example, communication goals refer to the desired end-outcomes regarding a program associated with communication, which is documented as first step while developing the communication strategy and communication goal is designed for being measurable, however, is not time-bound as their schedule to achieve the goals is seemed to be in their communication plan. However, target audiences are the ones as Australian people seeking for health and wellness, whom concerned organization, seeks for communicating with their strategy. For marketing communication, the targeted audience could include the customers, target market and media representatives. In addition, the communication plan refers to an outline regarding how the communication strategy needs to be achieved along with responsibilities and schedule. Communication channel is common for breaking down the communication plan through the channel, which includes TV, print, Direct mail, events, in-store and internet.

However, the principles of agile that the concerned organization needs to follow include that the company’s highest priority needs for satisfying their customers via earlier along with continuous delivery regarding the valuable software. In addition, the company needs to welcome the changing requirements, being even late with respect to the development (Dings?yr, F?gri, Dyb?, Haugset & Lindsj?rn, 2016). However, the agile process harnesses required changes for the competitive advantage of customer. Moreover, the company needs to deliver the working software in a frequent manner ranging from the couple of a week to the couple of months, having preferences to a scale of shorter time. Developers and business people of Latureae business need for working together regularly across their project, and building the projects by motivating their individuals and by giving them such environment including support their people needs along with trust them for getting the jobs done. The most effective including the efficient method regarding conveying the information towards along with in the development team could be a face-to-face conversation. Furthermore, Tolf, Nystr?m, Tishelman, Brommels & Hansson (2015) commented that working software could be the major measure regarding the progress, however, agile process further promotes the sustainable development, its users, developers along with the sponsors need to be able for maintaining the constant speed in an indefinite manner. There needs to be a continuous attention towards the technological excellences along with good-design could enhance the agility, wherein, simplicity could be the art regarding maximizing the amounts regarding the work not getting done, it seems to be essential. Thus, the best including efficient architecture, designs and requirements could be emerging from the teams getting self-organized. At the regular intervals, the teams of the concerned business could reflect over how for becoming more efficient, then, could tune and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

ConclusionAfter analysing the entire scenario, it can be concluded that the concerned business after identifying the contemporary business problems needs to implement the solution by following the principles of agile. In addition, communication strategy could help the concerned organization by targeting the audience to achieve the organizations’ strategic and operational objectives.

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