Foundations of Exceptionality Essay

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Foundations of Exceptionality

Inclusion, in general, is the principle in social organization wherein a certain individual who has a significantly different condition or characteristic is included equally in an organization or institution regardless of his or her discrepancy. In the aspect of educational system for example, inclusion manifest when an exceptionally advance study is included in a group which is segregated based on the curriculum or age. However, the personal characteristic of the said individual will likely him or her different among his or her class, which manifest as the standard level.

Due to inclusion system, he or she will still be viewed as normal and equal among the others based on the standard characteristic of their class in accordance to the general curriculum. In accordance to the aspect of exceptionality due to physical and physiological handicap, the aspect of inclusion, the principle of inclusion serves as the determining factor to the sociological function and role of individuals having the said handicap condition.

With the implementation of the inclusion system, students with disabilities will be given the right for involvement in the general education system in all institutions regardless of their handicap. They will have the equal access opportunity similar to the general society without being discriminated by the educational system. As such, the critical aspects in the educational system must be adjusted to cater to their specific needs such as access route for wheelchairs in the education facility, the equal view and attention of the facilitators towards handicap students and others.

However, there are several instances wherein the issue of disability becomes a hindering concern for both the individual and the general student society. For these cases, special learning system and facilities must be developed to cater special needs. These include institutions dedicated for deaf and mute individuals, facilities specialized for people with walking disabilities, and others. Through this, the special needs of certain individual will be effectively addressed thus, allowing them to learn and develop as normal people regardless of the disability they are dealing with.

In general, the implementation of the inclusion principle in the education system is indeed effective if applied based on the needs and condition of the involved individual particularly the people with disabilities. Part 2 Policy changes in post–school learning for people with disabilities and learning difficulties and the implications for practice. Liz Maudslay The aspect of education is indeed important for the development of each individual in the society.

Acquiring the basic and extended education will significantly influence the productivity and the potential of each individual, which will likewise benefit the society he or she is involved with. Thus, through developing the education system as a foundation of each individual for his personal as well as intellectual development is an essential issue that must be addressed well carefully by the authorities involved in the said process.

Learners, both young and old are actually in need of attention in terms of being provided with the education that they are particularly due of receiving. Conscientiously, those people involved in the development of this particular educational provision are expected to design beneficial systems of education that could assist both normal and disable individuals in gaining the learning that they need to be able to face the challenges that are to face them in their lives.

Being able to do so shall not only increase the competency of such institutions but would also ensure the society of a far better future that could handle the challenges of educational advancement for all kinds of people.

Reference: Liz Maudslay (2003). Policy changes in post-school learning for people with disabilities and learning difficulties and the implications for practice Support for Learning 18 (1), 6–11. doi:10. 1111/1467-9604. 00270.

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