Foundation of Democracy Essay

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Foundation of Democracy

Desktop Computers
·Also called personal computers.
·sit on,beside,or under a desktop.
Notebook or Laptops
·Similar to desktops
·Similar to a notebook
·For wireless communication or access to the internet
·Looks similar to a notebook
·Touch screens capability
·A computer dedicated to shaaring resources among 2 or more computers and managing large amounts of data. Hand-held or Mobile Computers
·Any computing devices that fits in the palm of your hand and is portable. ·Cellular Phones
·Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)
·Music or Media Players (ipods ,Mp3)
·Game systems (wii, playstations)
·Electronic Book Readers (kindle, Nook)
Looking at the system unit
·sometimes called the “Box “or “Tower”.
·Most expensive part of the computer system.Devices in the system ·Power supply
·Micro processor
Power Supply
·Supply the necessary power to run components in the systemunit. Motherboard
·The central printed circuit board in the system unit that holds many of the crucial comporents. Connecting Devices
·Universal Serial BUS(USB)
·Network Ports
·Used for connecting to anotheer computer on a network ,a modern ,or to the internet ·Ethernet of firewire
Device Driver
·To enable communication between the operating system and the device. What is a software Program?
·A step by step set of instructions that tell a computer what to do. ·Software applications are created using program languages. ·A complex code that activate functions and complete tasks. ·Computer software code is based on a set of rules called algerithms Ergonomics

·Fitting the job to the peoplewho have to do it,through the design of equipment and procedures. ·Fitting the person to the job, through use of placement procedures or training. ·Application requires matching tasks demands and environmental conditions with user characteristics. ·Ergonomics originated during the second world war to overcome performance failures due to human error in new high tech defense systems. ·Proper lighting for visionby utilizing prortable adjustable lamps for each workstations, and indirect lighting sources some type of blinds for windows to reduce glare including to the computer screens. ·Proper posture using adjustable desk and chairs with height.

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