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Foundation Of America Essay

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Christians in the united states of America would fully back up this argument in any given circumstance and they are neither right or wrong this is because they have everyone is entitled to his opinion. There are those who are for the view that Americas foundation is based on secular ideals of enlightenment. Christianity is linked to the formation of America because of the values in the declaration of independence document.

This document i s not constitution in a America and has got no any legal binding’s be more precise its as document that was drafted by the Americans fore fathers to the Britons on their grievances that they were subjected to during imperialisms this document cannot even be used as a source of evidence in any court of law.

(Baldwin 34) In the early century Christianity was the predominant religion in America and still is because of its strong roots.

With Christianity in full frontal position it permitted other things to accompany it like ecumenism is the act of many denominations coming together and pluralism hence unity of many churches.

During this early century pilgrims flee away from Europe in order to escape religious persecution of them settled in America and hence the growth and expansion of Christianity. Christians believe that Americans was founded by Christian forefather who had a view of a government that would help it to rise to greater level.

The founding fathers who worked on the Americas constitution were members of the orthodox church and further search shows that even the first continental congress was to open in Christian prayers. They believed that religion and government should actually go hand in hand hence they highly encouraged it. This view has been held in America for approximately 150 years (Dowel 42). In the 1980s during the civil war,protestants joined together for a reform with a purpose of constitution amendments was solely to declare America as a Christ nation.

In a bid to spread Christianity to all,One particular Rev. M. Watson even went ahead to suggest that some coins should recognize Gods presence (Jean 56). This according to them America was meant to be officially a Christian state. Colonies had come up with churches and taxed all citizens to their support regardless of being a church m ember or not. unfortunately to those who evaded tax were imprisoned,tortured or even ended up in death. This brings us to the other persons that support the view that America is founded on secular ideals and enlightenment.

The constitution is purely secular and apparently no Christ has been mentioned in it . The core founders rulers like Thomas Jefferson,Madison and their allies believed in themselves and were never Christians. With the persecution of those who evaded tax,these rulers helped pass law allowing religious freedom to all. These rulers were deists and never even concurred with the bible or anything in it. Thomass Jefferson one of Americas founding presidents rejected Christianity to a point that he actually thought that it produced fools and hypocrites belief was that religions are founded on myths.

America is one of those countries that have actually set a pace when it come to democracy. Revealingly, democracy was first began in pagan Greece. This actually shows there could be a link between Americas and democracy and paganism. This is according to those who hold the view that it was never founded on Christianity. Religion is also another factor that holds on principals that make a country. Thomass Jefferson had earlier passed law allowing religious freedom to all.

Religion clearly indicates that its not in their interest to simply it to join it. In the declaration of independence it talks of men being created equal. This is a value that the Christians uphold in their teachings but in the 1970s blacks and native Americans were not equal with whites,neither were men equal with women nor men with land equal to men who dint own land. probably this is a an argument point to those who do not concur with the fact that America was based on a Christian foundation.

A constitution a legally binding document when it was enacted to become law it freed many on religion basis but since it did not render special treatment to Christians they argued that America would be unsuccessful on the contrary it emerged a super power. democracy is fully enjoyed by all in America regardless of their religion unlike in other countries where religion is a force to reckon with people are suppressed and oppressed if they don not abide by the founding religion.

Christianity early roots do not ascertain it to be Americas foundation was not in the interest of Thomas Jefferson and his cronies to make it a Christian nation but they strived to separate the government and church.

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