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Foundation degree

I am currently studying at West Lancashire College on the second year of a Foundation Degree in Computing, after successfully completing year one. After successfully completing a BTEC National Diploma in IT, I found that I wanted to further my knowledge of IT. I have not only found that I have a natural ability with computing, but it is something that I greatly enjoy. As a mature student I consider myself to be a hardworking, reliable and sensible person. I attend all classes regularly and I am always punctual.

I take my studies seriously and treat all my coursework with the respect it deserves. I have completed all my coursework on time. My previous assignments have earned me seven distinctions and two merits. I particularly enjoyed studying the Database and Systems Analysis, as this is the route I would like to pursue as a career. I have also used Visual Basics which I have an excellent knowledge of, and at the same time this will help me in my chosen career as a System Analyst.

I feel that my knowledge of databases will be of great benefit to me in the third year of my degree. I get on well with most people and work consistently well with colleagues and peers. I am hard working and consider myself to be a good team player, working well in group activities to which I bring strong organisational skills, confidence, and excellent time keeping. As a former employee within the retail sector for 10 years it has been a significant time in my life. I developed many interpersonal and social skills as I worked with a committed and professional team.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family; my partner and four children. We love being together as a family and enjoy camping, canoeing and walking. I also love to read and going to the cinema. I have been able to fulfil my role as a mum whilst also submitting assignments to an exceptional standard which demonstrates my ability to work under pressure. I am thoroughly looking forward to topping up my Fd. Sc to a full B. Sc and facing the challenge of Higher Education. I will give one-hundred per cent effort required to achieve my objectives.

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