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Found Dog Flyer

According 2013 IPCC Status Report on Climate Change, climate change is occurring due to global warming. Observational evidence is coming back from all continents and most oceans, And it shows that many natural systems are being affected by regional climate changes particularly temperature increases.

There is much scientific data backing the (intergovernmental panel on climate change) with conclusions and facts, based on changes in weather patterns (increasing temperatures, changes in snow and ice including, permafrost) also according to findings there is a high confidence that natural water systems, are also affected including, enlargement and increased numbers of glacial lakes, settlements in mountain regions are at high risk of outburst floods caused by melting glaciers. Governmental institutions in some areas are responding to the problems caused by global climate changes by building drainage networks and dams. The climate changes also lead to increasing volatility in storms and wild fires, droughts, and reduced energy demand’s and increasing sea levels.

The aspects of climate change we are certain of are as follows, increased water availability in moist tropics and high latitudes, and decreasing water availability and increasing drought in mid-latitudes and semi-arid low latitudes, hundreds of millions of people exposed to increased water stress causing localized negative impacts on small business and coastal areas, and increased damage from floods and storms, and leading to erosion in coastal areas in addition based on satellite observations since the early 1980s there is high confidence that there has been a trend in many regions towards earlier “greening” ( measured by the normalized difference vegetation index) Of vegetation in the spring linked to longer thermal growing seasons due to recent warming. About which we are uncertain is many of the long term effects of climate change.

The main factors determining climate change are carbon dioxide and pH levels in the environment, and are mainly a result of human activity with factors such as carbon emissions. The report states phenomenon and directions of trends and, passes assumptions based on past trends are believed to wide spread effects on water systems but not limited to in addition to food and water shortages, increased death food and water borne diseases and wide spread erosion. Many assumptions are made based solely on passed trends I feel some of are inconclusive due to the lack of data in the report to support. And in conclusion This is my first time in a college class like this and everything is new to me and I need a lot more research to draw any more conclusions, and I am uncertain of information that is missing to support more of the causes.

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