Fostering Hope Essay

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Fostering Hope

Among the strategies that I actually practice and have found to be helpful in fostering hope in life are visualization of success and optimism. As an individual with Attention Deficiency Disorder (ADD), I have had to work harder than every one else as among the challenges of my condition are poor memory retention, impulsivity, and short attention span. I therefore have to take extra effort to complete tasks, which makes work more difficult and oftentimes discouraging.

Visualizing that I am able to complete these tasks by setting both short and long-term goals for myself therefore provides me with the willpower and courage to confront the challenges brought about by ADD. Being optimistic, on the other hand, means that I have to concentrate on the positive aspects of my life and on the areas that I can improve instead of wallowing in self-pity or on the problems that my condition creates in terms of work and other responsibilities.

A constant source of inspiration for me to to strive to live a normal life as possible is my husband, who suffers from Multiple Schlerosis. Although we know that current medical technology is unable to provide a cure for this condition, we both continue to believe that the future holds numerous possibilities for advances and breakthroughs that could prevent this condition from permanently debilitating my husband. Likewise, he constantly shows that the presence of a disability should not deter an individual from pursuing his development by enhancing his inherent strengths and capacities.

Thus, I can say that visualizing success and optimism are the most effective in helping inviduals maintain hope in the face of adversity. I therefore plan to continue using these strategies by focusing and deriving a positive view of the future especially on my career, relationships and family. Noting how we collectively endure in the face of difficulties makes me believe that I can be successful in life despite my husband’s and my own condition.

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