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When the ‘Da Vinci Code’ came out in 2003, it immediately created a stir in the masses due to its controversial text and its portrayals of Christian beliefs. I managed to read the book an year after its publication and even by then its hype hadn’t reduced. Infact, while I was reading the book, there were a lot of protests going on and I was afraid that people who were reading the book would have to return the book as it might be banned. Thankfully that didn’t happen as I found the book extremely gripping and exhilarating.

The book talks about so many Christian beliefs, relics, and artifacts of history and it is so amazing how Dan Brown connected all these pieces of history together. I have had heard about the Holy Grail but only to the limit of considering it a mystery. After reading the book, I actually was intimidated to go online and research on the subject. There were so many references on the issue that I could not find which account to believe so I’m still in a state of confusion what actually is true. Since the book is a fictitious novel, text written in it is hardly reliable.

But what I really loved about the book was the suspense and the drama the author created. And finally he left the ending of the book a little vague on purpose for the readers to figure out. In comparison, the movie was horrible. It went from fast to even faster and being in it hardly showed the essence of the novel in it. I think people who would have seen the movie without reading the book would have found it horrible and even hard to understand. The book was a thousand times better and I believe it is definitely a book worth reading which will keep the reader on his/her toes with heart pumping fast with exhilaration.

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