Forms of Media Table Essay

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Forms of Media Table

There are many kinds of media available for use in a presentation. However, each type of media has benefits and drawbacks. After reviewing this week’s reading, complete the table related to various forms of media used in public speaking.


Using objects can show off great techniques and examples of what you’re talking about. They can also be used to have live demonstrations for your topic It can be distracting if it is too large and unable to show off successfully to the audience.


Can be used to demonstrate things to the audience without the presenter the speaker being distracted trying to do it themselves. Models can be distracting especially if they are not familiar with what they are supposed to be doing.


They can help provide an exact depiction
They can be harder to enlarge
You can highlight exact areas and add labels to the drawing to point out specific parts and their names
They can have inaccuracies depending on the skill level of the drawer.
Great for showing large amounts of statistical data
Can be confusing if the wrong type of graph is used for a specific amount of data
Used to show the relation of percentages and proportions
Charts can get easily confusing for audiences if they are not large enough or they are too busy
These can be lit up and brought up on the screen to use as references for a speech presentation
They are old school. It requires the correct equipment and can be hard to read at times if there isn’t room to make larger and legible.

These are useful whenever it will show a better example than other forms of multimedia to present the point to the listeners When they are unclear, hard to see, or hard to understand it will work against your presentation and can muddy water
Multimedia presentations

They work great to hold the attention of the listeners as long as it is well mended and unified It can be especially distracting if your media is all over the place and confuses the audience during the presentation

Can be a great visual aid for actions and movements
It can be distracting
It can be useful to use other sources besides electronic ones. Such as marker boards, flip charts, and printed photographs or handouts. This will draw your audience’s attention by attracting different senses. This is a drawback if your presentation is too busy and has too many things going on. Ensure the presentation mends well and remove anything that sticks out and does not fit well with the rest of the material.

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