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Morrie is a firm believer that aging is growth and not decay. To Morrie aging has as much to do with the spiritual aspect of life as it does the physical; he is more concerned with how a person grows older in wisdom than how his body decays with the years. As Morrie says, growing in wisdom is cumulative- the older you get the more wisdom you accumulate. From Morrie’s viewpoint, life is a spiritual exercise, and is so much better when it can be lived with the understanding that comes with age.

Originally, I never thought that aging is growth and not decay. While I read Tuesdays with Morrie, my perspective changed. As Morrie explains why he believes that aging is growth, I suddenly began to think about why that is true. While we are young, we always try to battle getting older. As I read in the book, Morrie tells Mitch that if you try to battle getting older, you will always be unhappy.

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Now that I think about what Morrie says, it is true that aging is growth because as you grow, you get wiser. If we stay young, we lack knowledge because we haven’t experienced as many lessons as the older people do. Being young is way more fun than being old, but when it comes to having helpful knowledge, that is what we, young people, lack. Considering that we are talking about how getting older is a part of growth, many people do not want to age because they fear death.

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Hopefully, we all know that someday we will all die.

Morrie has a point. Wouldn’t we all want to have knowledge instead of lacking it? When Morrie and Mitch discuss the common fear of aging, Morrie tells mitch that fighting aging and death is inevitable and is a natural part of the life cycle. Once we accept that we are all going to die, we will be able to appreciate what life on earth has for us. As we grow up, we don’t realize that our time on earth is short. In that case, we need to appreciate and value what we only get to have for a limited amount of time. As Morrie speaks words of advice in almost every other sentence, the conversations about culture and aging is what got my attention the most. Morrie always gave the best advice to anyone that came into his office or visited him at home. Morrie’s conversations about aging and culture fit along perfectly.

Growing up in a culture that always made you feel like you had to “fit in”, is one of the reasons why a lot of people are unhappy. If we grow up in a culture that gives you the mentality of always having to be skinny or rich, we will never understand the true meaning of life. Todays culture is portrayed as a brainwashing machine, making younger people become selfish and ignorant. Our culture has a huge impact on why some people lack knowledge. Living in today’s culture could influence you into doing things you know are not right. “As you grow, you learn more”, says Morrie as he speaks these words of advice to Morrie during their seventh Tuesday. As you continue to age, you start to catch on to things that come along with growing up and maturing. For example, trusting people, starting new relationships, and doing things that make you happy. All these things are a part of aging and maturing. If we stay young, we will never get to experience heartbreaks, relationship fails, or even having successful relationships and friendships

. I agree with Morrie wholeheartedly, because how can we grow and fully understand the meaning of life if we stay at the age fifteen. Growing up gives us the opportunity to meet new people, start new friendships, try new things, and to find out who you really are. Although culture gets in the way, as Morrie states in the book, he encourages us that we need to embrace aging, or we will get wrapped up in what the culture tells us we need to do. Reading Tuesdays with Morrie has freed my mind on whether I should think about going back to my prime, or to continue to be excited about the future. Morrie has encouraged me to believe that aging is growth, and not decay because often, I continue to see myself wishing I could go back in time. Now that I believe that it is more important to age than to wish I could rewind time, I have learned that aging is very important. As you age, you are allowed the opportunity to mature as a person and to make new friendships/relationships. Although death and aging has its pros and cons, it is exciting to see yourself grow up and live a perfect life you deserve.

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