Forgiveness: My Personal Experience

In the process of doing this assignment, I have learned that forgiveness is very important in our human life and you cannot force people to forgive you and also you cannot force yourself to forgive others. Once in my life I had felt that to forgive a people is hard and yet it like wise can be exceptionally simple. Every time when I recalling my memory while I am doing part-time job after my SPM, it is a journey that full of happiness, gratitude, sadness, and the most important is forgiveness.

 I still remember that night I was working at the bakery and a couple came in. They walk to me and show me a bread which they brought it in that morning is moldy. I was curious at that moment because it is impossible to have a moldy bread sell in the bakery because the bread is fresh making every day and we do not left over the unsold bread but we throw away them.

So how is that possible of this couple bought a moldy bread in our store? With this curious I took the bread from them and have a closeer look, but after the checking I was shock because the bread really looks like it is moldy. So to double confirm I show the bread to the colleague that with the same shift with me and they also think that this bread looks like moldy. As a junior I cannot solve the problem by my self so I called my manager and tell him the situation.

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After a series of twists and turns, he solve the problem and make compensation with the couple.

I thought it was the end of the incident but it is not. After the incident, the manager’s attitude towards me had changed a lot. Whenever he sees me, he will show me his negative emotion, and he have this emotion only towards me. One of the supervisor told me that because of that moldy bread incident the manager been called by the boss for a meeting and this may be the reason why the manager feel like hate me so much whenever he saw me. But in my side, me as a junior you cannot expect me to settle the case like a supervisor I do not have any experience to settle those situation. I feel baffling and angry with my manager, few time I wanted to ask him why he is showing me this attitude and I think his attitude towards me could not be forgive. So, with this thinking I texted him with What’s app asking him that why he do this to me and he told me that because of me he been scold by the boss, he felt like I am the one that make him scold by the boss but after he think repeatedly he felt very sorry and asking my forgiveness to him because he show this kind of emotion towards me he really admit the mistake that he have done to me. After that conversation, I told him that I have learned a lot and I forgive him because he has apologise to the mistake he has done.

After going thought this incident, I found that forgiving others is not hard. As I though the attitude of my manager could not be forgive but after he realise his mistake and he apologise to me I felt the anger and hate in me disappear at that moment. Sometimes people accidently show some negative or do some things wrong but as they realise their mistake and willing to apologise they can have a chance to be forgive. The society has to put more attention in forgiving others or try to understand the people that make the mistake and give them a chance to apologise. Sometime I saw the news about argument in the public and some individual did not even give others a chance to apologise then straight away scold them. Forgiving others will make the existence increasingly simpler however despise and outrange will make the life tuffer. In the future, if I done a wrong to other I will admit the mistake and seek the forgiveness form them. I will tell my younger sister and brother try to forgive others that do wrong to them and give others a chance to change, and if they do wrong to others they must apologise to others. Other than that, I will volunteer myself to the voluntary program and go to the orphanage be there to teach the children about the beauty of forgiving others and loving others. Hope that they will grow up in the environment that less hate and full of love and forgiveness, this may allow them to well build their personality.

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