Forget Hell Essay

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Forget Hell

The Civil War was one of the most remembered part of the history, not only for the countries who participated in it, but also for the rest of the world. Civil War, also known as the “War Between the States,” is highly commemorated due to the great number of lives lost within the same grounds of their mother country. The conflict between the Northerners and the Southerners based on their principles became and larger and grew more distinct which eventually has led to the war.

The American Civil War was fought between the Northerners who opposed slavery and the Southerners who formed the Confederate States of America (Confederacy), who supported slavery. The Northerners who were loyal to the ideals of democracy felt that slavery should be refuted in any state. On the other hand, Southerners have long believed that they have belonged to slavery and thus, opposition to such beliefs renders them insubordination and unfaithful to their state. The article written by Charles Joyner entitled “Forget Hell” is an account of the sentiments and emotions that grew strong at the war’s aftermath.

The effects of the war is always at the greatest height after all the deaths have been recounted, and the families who lost loved ones and properties have mourned over their losses. Their pain is even more painful at the thought that they have all given their best, and they have hoped for a victory but were rather disappointed. But the most excruciating pain lies in some of them realizing that they have lost the battle, they have lost their loved ones for a reason which they are now doubtful for.

Nonetheless, behind the sorrow caused by the losses and the pain of realizing that they fought for a reason that is now more contented than being celebrated, there are lessons to be learned and mistakes that are yet to be corrected. The issue of slavery became pronounced more than ever during this era. America has been divided between those who stand for it and those who opposed it. And this antagonism ignited a fire between the two opposing sides. For the Northerners, it was important that the bonds of slavery to untangle their fellow Americans.

They believed that the Southerners lost the battle because they fought only with bravery but without honor or pity. On the other hand, for the Southerners they have believed that they have been chained towards slavery and to refute this idea is a treachery against their nation. The American Civil War was fought due to the differences between beliefs. Indeed, every war fought in the rest of the world was caused by antagonisms and differences in the culture and beliefs of people from different places. Wars have occurred because people have failed to compromise and sort out their differences.

The governments of involved states have opted to engage in war to solve the conflict rather than to peacefully negotiate. Despite the occurrences of wars that have ended disastrously, people are still continuing to commit the same mistakes. People must learn and understand that differences always occur between two different states. And struggling to make each state recognize these differences while imposing other people to adjust to suit one’s culture and beliefs shall allow more wars to take place.

It matter less if people belong from different states or different countries, what matters is that people should acknowledge such differences and make amends to avoid having conflicts. All the soldiers of these battles have fought valiantly in the name of their principle and their motherland, but fighting for absurd reasons and rendering the same mistakes have wasted the lives of brave heroes who sacrifices themselves. Courage, honor and loyalty to one’s country are important, but reason and rationality are equally necessary in any

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