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Forestry Essay Examples

Essay on Forestry

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Threats To Forests. A conifer forest in the Swiss Alps

The natural formations and processes have not been affected by humans with a frequency or intensity to change the natural structure and components of the habitat. Secondary forest contains significant elements of species which were originally from other regions or habitats. Smaller areas of woodland in cities may be managed as Urban forestry, sometimes within public parks. These are often created ...

The Forest - Creative Writing Essay For English

Hours later I was tied up with MY climbing ropes, in MY tent. Luka had re-killed Julian; something about an unintelligent lower level scum. I had no idea what happened to Dustin and Micah, but I had a feeling their luck ran dry and they were now in the same situation as Luka. Katherine’s body was still on the ground when we were walked back into camp. Because we are pure, girl’s bodies are una...

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Tree Plantations

Overall, tree plantations have shown to be beneficial to our community by providing us with clean air and soil. But they have also shown to have a disadvantage in our community such as the monoculture tree plantation, which can lead to plant pathogens and diseases. Although they have a disadvantage to our community, but the overall benefits indeed, outweigh the disadvantages and will be great valu...

Nature - Man Destruction

Green forestland of the Earth can be compared to the lungs of human. How healthy you are if their lungs are trespassed. I am sure that you will get more difficult with aspiration; as a result your health will be affect badly. From this example, we can infer that how serious problem our Earth has to face with. I wonder how long it can endure. In conclusion, the human beings harm the Earth. Human be...

Cause, effect, solution to deforestation

As we know, trees play an important role in controlling climate balance and global warming. They release water vapor in the air, give shades so that soil is kept moist and is prevented from erosion and utilize the greenhouse gases. They also protect some areas from floods as trees absorb and store large amount of water with their roots. In addition, the falling of trees can cause wildlife extincti...

"A Place at Forest Lawn" by Luke Yankee and James Bontempo

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Tropical Rainforest as a Biosystem

9. What is an introduced species? Explain why it is considered a threat to biodiversity? Give at least 5 examples of this kind of species in our country An introduced species (also known as an exotic species) is an organism that is not native to the place or area where it is considered introduced and instead has been accidentally or deliberately transported to the new location by human activity. A...

Deforestation Paragraph

Without trees, more carbon and greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere. As a result of deforestation, trees no longer evaporate groundwater, which can cause the local climate to be much drier. Deforestation accelerates rates of soil erosion, by increasing runoff and reducing the protection of the soil from tree litter. Millions of people rely directly on forests, through small-scale agriculture, hu...

The Emerald Forest

Humans are naturally weak, unskilled, vulnerable and incapable of manipulating their surroundings; therefore their strength comes from their unity within society. Opinions vary, but from my viewpoint I can never live as an Invisible Persons style of living. Their kind of conduct needs extreme courage, strength and fortitude. On the other hand a person like Karl Marx would definitely want to live w...

Biodiversity Lab

-Ecosystem processes such as soil nitrogen levels, water use, plant productivity, and pest and disease cycles may become more variable as diversity declines” (Chapin, Costanza, Ehrlich, Golley, Hooper, Lawton, & Tilman, 1999, para. 11). In the end, if action is not taken soon, the devastation created through our industrialization, over population in countries across the world, etc. can lead ...

Biomes of the earth

The chaparral biome is dominated by dense thickets of mostly small-leafed evergreen shrubs. It is characterized by hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters. This biome can be found in the foothills of California and Mediterranean climate regions. Chaparral plants have adapted to the frequent fires that result from lightning and dry conditions. The chaparral shrublands of California, with mixed commu...

Speech on the rain forest

Reduce your own wood and paper use. Use both sides of each piece of paper, use cloth napkins instead of paper towels, avoid disposable paper plates and cups. When purchasing paper products, choose products with the highest percentage of recycled content. Choose tree-free paper alternatives if possible, that is argricultural products like waste straw, kenaf, and hemp, so not a single tree is cut d...

Forest and Virtual Nature Walk

In my opinion this forest was falling apart and wasn’t enjoyable (I even remember screaming from going through a spider web). One recreational activity I would want to do in a forest is go camping. One way I can protect the forests health while camping is clean the area. When I walked through the forest I found garbage on the trail and that is extremely harmful to the ecosystem. I would actually...

Deforestation Extinction Of Species Conclusion

The Tecopa pupfish (Cyprinodon nevadensis calidae) was native to the Mojave desert in California and could survive in waters as warm as 108 degrees Fahrenheit (Gerken, 2013). Human development around the Tecopa Hot Springs in the mid-20th century and the channelling of two springs together left the habitat unsuitable for the small fish. The Tecopa pupfish became extinct by 1970 or soon after (Gerk...

Discuss the Relationship Between Court and Forest in as You Like It

Touchstone explains that without court ‘thou never sawest good manners’ (III. ii. 39), referring more to behaviour from a moral standpoint than to actual manners, as he describes those without these ‘manners’ as ‘wicked’ (III. ii. 40). Corin protests with a relativist argument, pointing out how what’s seen as good behaviour in the court appears ridiculous in the forest, and vice ver...

Comparison Between Comercial Arable Farming in Canada and Guyana

To address these challenges plants need to be sprayed to keep away bugs and pests. Weather should be monitored carefully daily. New machinery should be used in convenience and sufficiently. As shown in the above data, Canada and Guyana are completely different when talking about arable farming. They have different products but the same concept. Meaning that they sell the raw material and it is pro...

Haze: Causality and Forest Fires

As the haze causes so much inconvenience to everyone, measures must be taken to overcome it and prevent it from happening in the future. One would be to aid the country where forest fires are common. Sending essential equipment to help fight the fire can do this. Another way to prevent it from recurring would be to have a stringent international law that prohibits a country from polluting the envi...

Reducing Deforestation

Conclusion. This essay has discussed deforestation as a global problem and as it turned out, not the easiest one to find solution for. However, if indigenous people in every corner of the Earth will care about our environment and push the government to control it, how they did in Brazil, it will become much more easier and with the time passed, slowly and slowly could recover the nature and in som...

Case Treetop Forest Products

With these simple changes to the company, Treetop could have quite easily changed the atmosphere and effectiveness of the packaging department to better the profits and trust gained from Westboard. If Treetop were to dedicate an individual supervisor based on performance and authoritative qualities within the department instead of having an external employee take on the responsibility of turning t...

Functionalist Perspective of Colin Turnbull’s The Forest People

By offering their sacrifices, they used to bind themselves with their God and could thus not do anything that could hurt the supernatural (Barnard, & Spencer, 1996). References Barnard, A. ; & Spencer, J. (1996). Encyclopedia of social and cultural anthropology. new york: Taylor & Francis. Turnbull, C. M. (1968). The forest people. London: Simon & Schuster. American Anthropological...


The G7 group isn't the only group against the proposed development, scientists and environmentalists are also against the proposed developments and feel that the deforestation rate should be reduced from the already high rate it occupies. Many people are worried about the greenhouse gas emissions rising from the loss of trees and also the burning of trees, but these groups are also worried about t...

Tree Plantation

Proper Time for planting: June and July are the proper time for planting trees. Planting week must not be observed in towns only. In village tree will be planted by every family. Trees will be planted on the banks of ponds on both sides of highways, on the banks of dams, by the side of frail lines. More planting trees will not do only. They are to be taken care of by giving fences, pulling out wee...

Forest School/Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia approach benefits children as they are given a range of opportunities to express their ideas, thoughts and feeling in a variety of expressive art inspired ways, for example: if children watched a film and observed dinosaurs and then decided to draw them they would also be encouraged to find out more about dinosaurs, interact with others about dinosaurs, move like dinosaurs, sound...

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Biologist." Animal Careers. About, N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2013. "Wildlife Biologist, (discontinued)." OCCinfo. Allis Alberta, Feb. 03. Web. 18 Jan. 2013. "Wildlife Biologist." Welcome! N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2013. “Wildlife in Black and White.” Africa is a Country. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Jan. 2013 Wilson, Ellen. "How To: Become a Wildlife Biologist." Mata...

Social Forestry

           http://www.brighthub.com/environment/science-environmental/articles/91133.aspx http://www.buzzle.com/articles/deforestation-solutions.html http://environment.nationalgeographic.co.in/environment/global-warming/deforestationoverview/ http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/help-stop-deforestation-in-india/ http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/forests/s...

The Treasure in the Forest

But in some seconds I couldn’t see him. I was worried. Then we saw some metallic tubes which later became a bridge for us. There were some dead fishes. Some people caught them and took the caviar for personal needs and then throw it into the river. While we were crossing the river my friend turned and saw behind me that man. She did not show that she was scared and suggested playing catch-up (п...

Truce in the Forest

After the meal, both sides feel relaxed with each other and their suspicions were slowly fading. Just before midnight, they all stood up outside looking to the star of Bethlehem except for Harry who was sleeping. It was a moment of silence; the war was a distant, almost forgotten thing. Next morning, Harry drank an invigorating drink from the corporal’s wine, sugar and an egg, and everyone else ...

Human Activities and the Loss of Natural Resources

Human activities (such as illegal logging, farmers’ lack of knowledge, land clearing, and hunting) are the major causes of the losses of soil resource, forest resource, and biodiversity. People should pay more attention to these problems. They can learn more information about the soil to prevent the loss of soil resource. When they cut down trees, they should not forget to reforest for avoiding ...

Illegal logging and the international trade

One way to tackle illegal logging is for consumer countries to crack down on the trade. Recently, some countries have taken positive steps to reduce demand. Most notably, the US Lacey Act was amended in 2008 to make the import or trade in illegally produced timber a criminal offence in the US. Though not as strict as the US law, the EU also recently passed its own legislation, requiring the initia...

Into the Wild: Christopher McCandless

The ironies multiply in this, the book's penultimate chapter. The basket that Krakauer and his companions discover at the U.S.G.S. station has been secured by hunters to the side of the river on which McCandless camped so as to make crossing the Teklanika harder for outsiders. "If he'd known about it," the author writes, "crossing the Teklanika to safety would have been a trivial matter. Because h...

Loss of Forest

We should recycle all the things that are made of trees for example paper bags and furniture because it leads to the less cutting of trees and also the products of trees will be used wisely. After cutting down a tree we should plant too. As a result there will be a balance of ecosystems and the rate of deforestation will diminish. We need forests more than ever to protect the world’s remaining p...

Effects of Illegal Logging

Illegal logging is the harvesting, transporting, processing, buying or selling of timber in violation of national laws. This definition also applies to harvesting wood from protected areas, exporting threatened plant/tree species, and falsifying official documents. It also includes breaking license agreements, tax evasion, corrupting government officials and interfering with access and rights to f...

Save Our Wildlife and Forest for Our Future Generations

In my opinion, vegetarians at least help to conserve and preserve wild animals. Cultivate the interest of eating vegetables in stead of meats in order to maintain our health. Also, we should also avoid buying things which are made of the fur and leather of animals. We can find a lot of bags and wallets that are made of the fur and leather of animals everywhere. Those activities cost animals life....

Treetop Forest Products

Company leader’s short term goals may include hosting a meeting or assembly between all departments to make them feel interrelated and important to the company. This could motivate employees to work harder, quicker, and more efficiently. In the long term, group evaluations could be necessary to measure the group’s performance and to see if the actions taken are resolving the problems, by study...

Deforestation in Thailand

org/PDF_Files/PREM%20REPORT%20060415. pdf>. "How to Plant a Forest : The Principles and Practice of Restoring Tropical Forest". 2006. Forrest Restoration Research Unit. June 27 2008. <http://www. forru. org/FORRUEng_Website/Pages/engpublications. htm>. Pakkad, G. , et al. "Forest Reforestation Planting in Northern Thailand". 2001. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. J...

Environmentalism and Deforestation Activities

We can join the environmental group to prevent deforestation and and protect our environment. When we join the group, we can make some notice boards about the serious of deforestation. For example, we can write the ‘Please save our earth!’, ‘Stop cutting the trees!’ and the others. The notice board can placed at the college, school, or the road side to remaining people that our earth was d...

Terrestrial Biomes

This biome has a very limited distribution and is found mainly in Mexico, Central America, and on the islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Haiti where low levels of precipitation and moderate temperature variability occurs. The needle-leaf form of these trees is an adaptation to drought. This biome shares some of the plant and animal species common to tropical and subtropical savanna, dry broa...

Van Mahotsav - Festival in India

In India it was started as a crusade to save mother earth. The name Van Mahotsava means "the festival of trees". It began in July 1947 after a flourishing tree planting drive was undertaken in Delhi, in which national leaders like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru participated. The festival was simultaneously celebrated in a number of states in India. Since then, thousands of saplings of div...

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