Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines

The Philippines as an agricultural country means that it is rich in terms of production. It has various resources that are bound to fulfill not only our basic necessities but also our luxuries. This may be the reason why many nations including Spain, America, and Japan had colonized the Philippines. As time goes by, modernization has slowly been taking place in the field of economics. Demands have constantly increased since then. So in order to satisfy the economy, factories have doubled and tripled their productions which requires more raw materials than usual.

This is fine as long as the manufacturers are capable of replacing their resources and the consumers are disposing of their trash to proper waste, but that is not the case here in the Philippines. Instead of protecting and nurturing our environment, people have been abusing it by means of nature-destroying activities that will lead us to these environmental issues.

Environmental issues are issues that concern the situation of our surroundings(nature to be specific).

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It threatens life here on Earth because of its harmful effects on both living and non-living things. These issues reflect on how disciplined the citizens of a community are. It shows how much a person actually cares about their environment.

However, environmental issues are being treated lightly by people because they assure themselves that whatever they do, there will always be someone who will be willing to do their responsibilities for them. As a result of this toxic attitude, the Philippines are now very prone to floods due to blocked drainage that is caused by plastics, paper, styro, rubber, etc.

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Another example of an environmental issue is deforestation. Back with being said that the Philippines is rich in agricultural landforms which is true. Trees are our primary source of raw material since the Filipinos are very good at woodcraft. As this kind of activity continues, we did not notice that the population of trees is slightly decreasing because of the wood-cutting activities plus some accidental forest fire. The lessening numbers of trees will lead us to another issue which is global warming. It is the sudden rise of temperature on Earth. As a consequence of cutting trees without fully replanting it, the world became hotter and many things happened like the melting of icebergs, rising sea levels, expansion of deserts, and climate change.

Humans are currently in a state of calamity but only a few people seem to care. People just kept doing what they are doing from the start even though they are aware of what is happening to our planet. Despite these kinds of people, there are still some that really want to change for the better. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources or also known as DENR has set a course to preserve and protect our environment and all of our natural resources. An example of their actions is the R.A. 9729 (Climate Change Act of 2009). However, no matter how much effort they are managing to give to support our country. Nothing will change until we, the people of our society take full responsibility and take part in the solution.

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Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines

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