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Forensic Scientists in Law Enforcement Essay

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With the advancement in information technology, the complexity of criminal cases has also increased. This has led to rising incidences of highly sophisticated crimes that require a well grounded evidence that can help prosecutors to proof an individual guilty before a court of law. This can be done successfully by use of forensic science. Due to this it can be fully agreed that more forensic scientists should be employed in endeavor to deal with the rising cases of crime whose justification in court following due process is a challenge (Fridell, 2006, p.

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If more forensic scientists are deployed, they will assist in the investigation of numerous cases on downfall of key financial and non-financial organizations that has been due to mismanagement of funds by misappropriation ,embezzlement and corruption. Here, the forensic accountants will play a critical role in gathering, analyzing interpretation and examination to search for accounting evidence that can be used for the successful prosecution of the offenders (Barnie, 2007, p. 11).

The surveillance of crime by the security institutions currently utilizes digital technology for tracking crimes using CCTV cameras. This means more digital forensics are required to retrieve the digital images, reconstruct and interpret them so as obtain evidence that prosecute a person in accordance with the law of land. Therefore, the employment of more forensic scientists will make digital forensics more available. Currently, crimes related to documentations such as forgery of signature and certificates are common.

If more forensic specialists are employed at an increasing rate, they will help in forensic examinations of these documents by analyzing and interpreting the results using handwriting and printmaking techniques for gathering evidence that is sufficient for enforcement of the law. Another area where forensic specialists can assist is in the field of economics for obtaining evidence required for assessing economic damages which include replacement of labor, loss of benefits and allowances, future medical expenses and costs and business proceeds (Moore, 2001, p.

14). More forensic scientists will make it easier to study engineering failures of buildings and machines. By utilizing engineering forensic science, the police and legal practitioners will be able to discover the source of the failures and who are responsible for them. This kind of evidence will form a firm ground for enforcement of the law through prosecution of the identified victims. More forensic specialist if employed will help in resolving cases that are related to mental problems.

The forensic psychologists and psychiatrists will study, assess and identify illnesses associated with mental disorders and human way of living in order to acquire sufficient evidence for the court’ s benefit which may be predisposing factors towards criminal activities (Fridell, 2006, p. 35. Another area which will benefit from employment of more forensic scientist is the field of criminology.

This would be through the use of combination in evidence from impressions like foot wears and finger print, control materials and remains evidence which are used for the examination of the validity held in the criminal evidence. Forensic biology also stand to benefit through employment of more forensic scientists who be used in conducting serological and DNA analysis of samples of obtained from body fluids and parts.

The information obtained from this sample can be used for identification of suspect individuals who are at the scene of crime for trial in the courts of law. Sometimes, people die and get buried secretly thus making it difficulty to identify them due to lack of specialists who have knowledge and skills for relating human remains. Employment of forensic entomologists will assist in shading more light in such ambiguous situations where the courts require evidence of details like time and location of the death.

More such experts will assist in using pathology knowledge in providing evidence for inquiry commissions investigating unknown possible causes of death (Ben, 2001, p. 21). The modern world is characterized with perpetual cases of chemical pollutions which are toxic to all living organisms. These pollutants cause numerous cases of deaths that go unidentified due to lack of specialists with technical skills and knowledge for studying , analyzing and relating the toxic effects of the pollutants to the organisms hence the producers of this pollutants go scout free.

If more forensic toxicologist are employed, there will be sufficient evidence for prosecuting the polluter in a court of law where they can compensate those affected by the circumstance (Ben, 2001, p. 19). Employment of more forensic experts will focus weather conditions in specific areas been examined. This will be helpful in searching for evidence for causes of many aeronautical accidents that remain unresolved due to lack of tangible proof of their root causes.

Such situations have led to failure of compensation by insurance companies to the airline companies. The same has been the benchmark towards various aviation related crimes which can then be adequately addressed through forensic science (Fridell, 2006, p. 43). It is also important to employ more forensic specialists since they will provide specialized and highly demanded interpretation skills of different languages that are necessary for legal evidence. This will assist a lot in areas that are multi-linguistic diverse.

In conclusion therefore, employment of more forensic scientists accrues more benefits and will boost the judicial system in its principal objective of providing justice equitably to all. Reference Barnie Adrian (2007) Fundamentals of Forensic Science. Security Management, Vol. 51, pp. 11 Ben Rothke (2001) Digital Evidence and Computer Crime: Forensic Science, Computers and Internet. Security Management, Vol. 45, pp. 21, 29 Fridell Ron (2006) Forensic Science. London, Routledge, pp. 27, 35, 43 Moore Grace (2001) Detective Fiction and the Rise of Forensic Science. Critical Survey, Vol. 13, pp. 14

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