Foreign Policy in the US Essay

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Foreign Policy in the US

The United States is about to go voting in November this year. Key among the presidential candidates is Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. The three presidential candidates have outlined their visions and priorities late in November last year immediately they enter the white house. Amongst the priorities the three presidential candidates outlined was that, they opposed the war in Iraq and the outright suffering of the citizens of the United states of America decent during and after the terrorist attacks of the 9/11.

Hillary and Obama have the same view over the Iraq war and what they will do in their first day in office. Hillary promised to end the war in Iraq and help in recalling the soldiers who went to war. She says that President Bush misused the opportunity, respect and confidence from the other nations of the world by refusing to listen to their suggestion not to wage war on Iraq. She blames the whole bad example the Bush administration has brought to the world by using the unilateral approach as opposed to multilateral approach in the execution of the United States foreign policy.

These same views are expressed by the Obama is categorical that the United States should not put aside their allies, partners and the framework of the international community because however small, this countries and friends play a bigger role to the well being of the Americans in general. He wants America to cooperate with the world to foster good relations and strive to make a better world not by going it alone but rather by listening to other friends or countries. But he is more specific and speaks eloquently with style and the vigor and the vitality of someone born to lead.

He says that more of the innocent Americans are suffering for being Americans and that the best way to end the war is not to provide the military solution to civil problems like the war in Iraq and the Abu Grhaib. To him this can only end if America engages other countries in dialogue. He believes in working with partners and uses the more philosophical way of ‘come let’s do it together’ way as opposed to Hillary who believes in working it alone policy. John McCain is non committal, he is opposed to leaving Iraq and is like he doesn’t see the need of the American soldiers to leave Iraq.

He is a conservative and conservatives are hard to change their initial plan which they argue must be concluded as planned earlier on before they switch to another alternative if there is any. To matters of leaving Iraq he doesn’t seem to think of it as necessary for the United States to do so. And this to conservatives is a plus to them; it’s their ideology and fact. Though the Democrats (Hillary and Obama) think it is logical for the United States to leave Iraq, the Conservatives don’t think so.

But Obama’s argument seems to favor the involvement of all the stakeholders in the fight to maintain law and order in the whole world. He comes out with the best argument about the dialogue and the need to listen to the other sides and see what they can offer. But Clinton has her own reservations on the way to listen to collaborate with other countries infact; she is so passive to this issue as noted by State Department (2007) He instead says that the present and foremost important aspect any leader can do is to ensure that terrorists are pursued and arrested at all costs.

These are their main differences. Obama was too categorical when he said that there should be no bullying whatsoever to other countries but rather his style is they engage in talks. The second point is the Military; the military spends thousands of dollars every year in budgets. Clinton is very passive on the military; she doesn’t outline how she intends to rebuild the military and development of the broader arsenal off tools in the fight against terrorism. This is all she says about the well being of the military.

She doesn’t mention about their remuneration or anything else and this is a bite in the military’s eyes. While MacCain, is in support of the Obama sentiments of the providing job opportunists to the majority of the United States people. He says he will enlarge the United States army and the Marine Corps and ensure that more jobs are created within the army though he says that this might not happen overnight but will take time for its implementation. Obama too is in support of McCain’s reasoning of increasing the army and the marines.

He Plans to recruit the best only and equip them and make them fully twenty-first century compliant, with the latest equipments and the support needed for the provision of good security at home and in the whole world. Clinton says she will use the multilateral and sometimes unilateral policy in administering to Americans. She endeavors to protect Americans at all costs. This policy is also shared between her and another democratic candidate Barrack Obama. Obama will also use the multilateral policy and unilateral policy in implementing the United States foreign policies.

He wants to set up the regional and international diplomatic policies to help make diplomacy work well with the Americans and to protect the Americans interests in the whole world. He says that people look to America to provide lasting peace and solutions to warring factions like the Israelis and the Paletinians. He says that we cannot just use diplomacy without pressure and succeed but rather than using the diplomacy of threats and sanctions to end the rising Iran and Syria’s nuclear war, we must use diplomacy with political, economical and military attached to it to help end the war.

To him, he thinks that what we need is a fair view and eagerness to help the warring countries and to help them in all other ways be they economical, military and political support. There is one thing with candidate Obama priorities, he also aside from the fact that he will help end the Iraq war, he has mercy for the innocent Iraqis who are harassed and bombed everyday of their lives. So far he is the only Presidential candidate who thinks of Iraq positively as opposed to Hillary and McCain.

They both promise to use force if needed in protecting the well being of the Americans. Clinton, wants to use diplomacy and make international institutions like the United Nations and the International Monetary fund together with the World Bank work by allowing and giving them the opportunity to do so. Obama is also the same, though he is more categorical again and promises to use dialogue more than diplomacy nor on top of diplomacy. MacCain promises to use diplomacy too but he doesn’t elaborate why and how this will be done.

Clinton promises to respect international institutions by listening to them and following their advice. She promises to deliver on democracy in order to help the hunger, poverty and absence of economical prospects by listening to them. She is very particular with the issue of terrorists. She says that the United States can not afford to negotiate with the terrorists. But rather she will institute ways and mechanisms to clean the whole of America and the whole world at large off terrorists.

While Obama insists on putting all the security measures to the American soil to help the Americans protected in their own country. He says we need to put thorough security mechanisms at the airports and all around the United States to defend the United States soil. This is another score because what American need is not mere talk on how to rid it off terrorists but rather ways in which to rid terrorists of their soil. Whereas Clinton proposes to clean the United States off terrorists, Obama beats her by offering ways in which to protect Americans interests.

Obama wants to isolate cases who love conflicts and those who love peace. This he says will help in evaluating those who love conflict. His style is rather good, because if you are asked to choose peace and conflict and given the opportunity to do so, it shows the level of maturity of the United States has to other countries. Hence it becomes so easy to choose peace and have the willingness to change to peace loving countries. Security Obama thinks that to protect America and the world, we need to put nuclear weapons to a forgotten grave.

He proposes that his priority will be to confront the development of nuclear weapons, materials and the technology of nuclear development. He feels scared if the terrorists find out the development of the nuclear bombs and materials together with its technology, they could bring catastrophe in the whole world by destroying everybody on the face of the earth and anything found in the earth’s surface. He therefore puts it as a priority and vows to discuss and dialogue with Iran and other nuclear developing countries in order to help bring them down to an agreement and withdrawal.

He says he will secure, destroy and stop the spread of this nuclear weapons and materials hence bringing the peace in the world that is needed in the whole world. This enhances chances of building a better world for us all. If the nuclear development is dismantled then the world can be safer and a better place for all of us. If all the countries having nuclear weapons and materials in the world are suppressed and not allowed to spread to other countries and proper mechanism are put in place to secure their spread, then the world is bound to be secure.

This should be a priority to all candidates. While to Clinton this is not her priority number one but rather some thing that needs to be done. She reasons that Iran is growing but is it not her priority to rid this menace, though she says it’s important to disarm Iran and the North Korea because they are the building blocks in the development of the nuclear weapons and materials that can be used to destroy the world at the shortest time.

She says, she will help initiate dialogue with those countries especially Iran and the North Korea to dismantle the nuclear weapons and the materials. McCain argues that what the United States needs to finish the war, the United States should start by fighting the Taliban as well as keeping an eye to Iraq and remove the mistakes the United States has made in Iraq like. He thinks that if we have to fight Iraq we need to start by ensuring that all is well in Afghanistan. This is because to him, the war to terrorism is put forward by the Taliban.

And the United States therefore must fight Taliban movement with speed necessary to help stop the Taliban from allowing the Afghanistan to return to their terrorist status. He says that the United States must use the NATO forces to increase its presence in the Afghanistan. The United states need to remove the restrictions and on when and how the forces can fight. This to him will remove the restrictions. Him, McCain concentrates on ensuring that the Iraqis are fought and put to check but doesn’t put much emphasis on the need to remove the world’s growing nuclear producers.

He doesn’t respect the international institutions like the United Nations. This is because he says that if the United Nations has failed in ensuring sanctions are put on Iran, the United States should ask like minded states to come together for the sole purpose of removing the said weapons and materials in the countries or states that have refused to do so. This shows his tough nature and the unwilling to end the construction of the weapons of mass destruction and the presence of the materials that can be used to end life on earth.

He is bound to return the country back to the bullying of which the democratic presidents have utterly refused and committed to consulting the respective countries. Here Obama scores highly because of his willingness to put a stop to wan tom destruction of the world’s peace by offering a very agreeable and lasting solution coupled together with the understanding and the very debate state of his mind and the use of diplomacy to achieve the desired results .Obama here again said he shall develop an international coalition and prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear weapons and the nuclear materials.

This is very appropriate statement coming from one of the candidates, the need to involve the whole international community in helping to arrive to peace and thus bringing the whole nuclear developing countries to a halt. Use of Diplomacy McCain wants to link up all the countries with good democracies that will help the United Nations whenever the United Nations has failed to provide directions and the lasting solution like is the case in the Darfur region and the sub-Saharan Africa and the HIV state in those countries.

The United States need to provide a direction with this Worldwide League of Democracies any anytime. He wants to slightly change his diplomacy within the United States and make a country of reaching for solutions in group rather than single handedly. While Clinton is clear on what she wants for the United States, she wants the United States to change their various ways in which they view other country and their own problems. She says they need to avoid choices made driven by ideology and rather make sound judgment by verifying the facts and the truth of the matter.

She says to gain the respect of the other nations; we need to harness our might by following principles and not mere rumors. She argues that soldiers are a not the answer to every problem. And therefore using them to kill the undemocratic society might not help anyone but rather will cause major destruction. She again says she will use international institutions to work her plans because; she views international institutions as a tool rather than a trap for their immense development and survival.

She is very particular when it comes to Iraq and says she will talk to countries surrounding the Iraq and help come to the complete solution by ensuring that all friendly countries adhere to laid down rules for safer and worthwhile living. Clinton says she will replace the army with the diplomacy and help bring the image of the United States to near perfection. She says to develop good relations, the United States need to offer humanitarian aid to many countries and help stem their problems. She views this a way to make use mend fences with the world.

Also she promises to help the Iraqis restore back to normally by helping them economically, materially and psychologically by assisting them with aid supplies. She says that when international institutions work well, they help influence the work of the United States. This in turn produces better results and enhances development agendas between the United States and other countries. Obama view on the diplomacy include: Strengthening the rebuilding of the alliances and establishing new allies especially the China and the North Korea.

This helps in checking their growth and ensuring a balanced and effective economical growth and in the end this brings the United States home to other countries and strengthens their ties with other states and countries. He says that to rebuilt allies, they need to focus on the collaboration and cooperation with other states. He also wants the effective collaboration on pressing other global issues. He outlines the inclusion of the Nigeria and South Africa to the list of their global states. McCain says he will pursue for international action and that this will help bring the acceptance of the United States as the leader of the world.

The other nations worldwide see the need of living in a just society. This helps restore the allies and other nations to America hence mending the bad example brought about by the former presidents and their administration. The bad precedent as made by our leaders earlier on of portraying United States as a nation that doesn’t listen or act as is the case should thus be reversed and right mechanisms put in place to help change the image the United States has shown. He wants the United States to revive the democratic solidarity shown during the cold war.

He wants to listen to our allies and partners of the United States. In these sense therefore, all their argument bring some sense. The fact that they all want to listen to their allies and partners, is a big plus and good gesture and therefore this enables any country to work well and live in peace and harmony. But Obama argument brings more sense by saying that they need to cooperate with others in order to restore lost good. This he says will enable the United States to make worthy decisions that has met all international backing and is therefore good for the nation.

He said including Nigeria and South Africa to global states will be a good and timely measure because these will enable the African continent too to have been represented at the global states meetings. This ensures good diplomacy and is score for Obama. This is because, Africans want support and the support they want is guaranteed by a one Obama who has his African ancestry too. This is why he a true statesman. Hillary Clinton too has a plus and she is a good candidate but only she lacks the vitality and the vigor to capture her supporters by being passive in her various points she puts across.

She and McCain need to tell us the ‘hows’ they will do it but rather not leaving it to mere speculation. Conclusions Finally, Obama says that America should be seen as a powerful nation by example but not a powerful nation because of its military strength. It should be a listening nation and ready to make choices based on a variety of ideas. He wants a new America in which the foreign affairs must be understood by the American people and they feel part of it. He wants to invest in security and protect the American’s before going out of the way to protect their allies and partners.

This is the way Americans would want. All Americans would want to be involved in the drafting of foreign policies. While Clinton stresses to listen to their allies and to be attentive to their values. She wants to engage with their adversaries and make them see the need for stopping and evaluating the root cause of the problem at hand. She is so particular and in fact says she will talk to Iran rather push Iran. Though disagreements are inevitable, they should establish traditional relation with our allies.

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