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Essay on Foreign Policy

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Politics of Herbert Hoover vs Franklin Roosevelt

In conclusion, President Herbert C. Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt are two president who lived on different sides of the political spectrum. President Hoover was a hands off type of president and was not big on large reform and radical change but rather little government involvement in the affairs of the American people whereas president Roosevelt had more of a direct approach. President Rooseve...

Reaganomics and Foreign Policy of USA

At the end of the Cold War and with the soviets not threatening the U.S anymore the U.S Government decided to focus on other conflicts that were threatening world peace. One of them being the conflicts between Iraq and Iran, this conflict had been going on all through Reagan’s term in office. During this time the United States had given information and weapons to Iraq. This aid to Iraq helped th...

Foreign Policy of Elizabeth I

In conclusion, Elizabeth's goal was that of a stable, peaceful nation with a strong government free from the influence of foreign powers, whether in matters of church or state. She needed to create a stable united country, somewhere where her people would support her, unlike how the county has acted in the past. As Elizabeth said, she had no desire to 'create windows in men's souls' she was just c...

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Fall of the Soviet Union After Cold War

There was increased media freedom and equitable distribution of resources. The communist system was almost turning USSR into a monarchy or dictatorship Union. The rise to power of Yeltsin was too late and could not save the Union from collapse and most States had declared their sovereginity. Yeltsin made several attempts to initiate reforms by issuing several decrees to aid in the radical economic...

The US-Iranian relations

Overall, the US, as one of the most important actors on the international stage, and as the state that has both the political and practical capacity to influence the Iranian state, must follow a course of action that would help improve both bilateral relations with Iran and this country’s international position in regard to the world. In doing so, the US must adopt the tactics of sticks and carr...

Mussolini's Domestic and Foreign Policies During 1930's

Expansionism and, more broadly, the struggle of the Italian people (pictured in both the Battle for births and grain), form part of a single ingredient of Mussolini's propaganda machinery since, as we have seen, they do not constitute an ideology or doctrine themselves at the level at we may talk of fascism being a doctrine. Furthermore we have seen that fascism does not even form itself a concret...

Harry Truman's Foreign Policy Towards Korea

President Truman's actions were more justifiable because He knew when the battle was over. He did not want to keep pushing against the enemy. The push that MacArthur made on China caused them to lose the battle and be attacked in a surprise. Would the outcome of the Korean War have been different had General MacArthur not been fired? Why or why not? Support your claim with evidence from the lesson...

Malaysia Strategic Foreign Policy Towards PRC

Unlike the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, debt from PRC is in the form of long-term collateral and involves a strategic natural asset. This is because OBOR is also a way in which PRC ensures the continued supply of energy for the country to continue to grow rapidly enabling the country as world power and the world's largest producer. The evolution of PRC's economic strategy ...

Elizabeth's Intervention in Scotland Between 1559-1560

Thus the motives of the intervention were fulfilled as shown by the impact of events. Fears of French domination of Scotland, and England, subsided with the removal of French troops and the Protestant cause was greatly strengthened in Scotland. All the motives played a part in causing Elizabeth to act, the main one being the imminent threat to her crown. However her involvement would bring further...

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