Foreign Languages Learning

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The purpose of the study is the process of foreign languages learning. The topic of the study is the use of stories and songs and their influence to the aquiring of English. To confirm this hypothesis we take following aims:

  1. to review and analyze the required literature on the research problem;
  2. to define the essence of the central concepts;
  3. to distinguish the conditions and techniques of English learning activities;
  4. to check the effect of English stories and songs in remembering the words.

  5. The following research methods were used: observation, questionnaire, conversation with students and the examination of modern pupil’s books.
  6. The theoretical meaning of the work is that pupils studied different kinds of literature pieces and songs on this issue, recognized and explained key concepts, discovered specific features of foreign language acquisition with the assistance of stories and songs.
  7. The workable meaning is that we selected the diagnostic methods and conducted researching work to spot the role of stories and songs within the English language’s learning.

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