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Foreign Language Instruction

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Did you know that foreign language instruction should begin in Kindergarten? maybe most people disagree with this because they think it is too early to teach children foreign languages. But, I believe that it is important for children to be taught with a second language as early as Kindergarten. Nikolov said, ‘Social interaction are very important especially in the modern world. If children learn a foreign language in Kindergarten, they enter a broader cultural world. This will enable children to make friends, sympathize and identify others who speak the additional language’.

So, I will attempt to share with you the reasons of foreign language instruction should begin in Kindergarten.

The first reason is brain capacity. Through the process of reading, writing, listening and speaking makes children learn foreign languages easily. They have a greater ability to understand the language without confusion. In the early stages of brain development, they are equipped with the skills to communicate with others and the special ability to understand the language acquired.

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Over time this special ability will decrease because they need to develop other skills to survive. They have fewer obstacles when learning a language, so they can learn one, two or three laguage. Beside that, children in this stage also have the ability to imitate and copy new sounds correctly. Thus, accepting and applying a new language is easier for young children because they have unlimited brain capacity.

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